The Road Blocks to Mastery

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So much has happened recently, that it is hard to put everything into one post. However, I will try:

1. When things are going well, you need to be pushing your limits still…
…and have the running shoes still around your neck – those who have read “Who Moved My Cheese” will get my reference. I always thought I was pretty good at game. Lately, however, several incidents happened that made me doubt myself.

2. When you fall, how do you get up?
I actually do not want to write about this in detail, but over the past few weeks, a couple of AMOG events, couple of comments from my own female friends, some comments from other girl’s I’ve met – it was a reoccuring cycle of my reality breaking down. For example, I will think I am good looking and that gaming one of these girls is easy, and before I know it, the girl turns around and says, “Um, why are you talking to us?”. The other aspect of it is my own coming to realization that my mental image of myself does not match the reality of myself. This is hard to explain, but you know those nights where you wonder, “do I really have game?”. Perhaps this is just me, but I haven’t found myself in this position in a while. You question your loyalty to the game, and your faith in the religion. Alright. What to do now?

3. When in doubt, back to science.
How many lays have I had in the past year? numbers? escalation? I looked at my successes and failures in a quantitative perspective. Those who know me have noticed the improvement in my body language and style. The most interesting learning came from watching a recorded video of myself during a sales presentation at work – I realized that although my attire, style and overall confidence improved, there were still many holes in my presentation of my “Best self”. Don’t slouch. Voice projection and articulation. Slower movement. Head movement and eye gaze control and frequency. Escalation in voice and movement. All of these were really interesting learnings.

4. I started texting girls back and plough-ing.
Before, if I called 1-2 times I would give up. Now, I put them on rotation, even the less pretty ones and I see where I go with it. At the very least, it is good practice. Serum gave me good advice yesterday – use this as networking, just like a business. You don’t have to be romantically involved with every girl, you can build your social network and make friends.

5. Is it ok to be angry at women?
I think so, in some cases. I feel like “women” alone are not to blame – some “humans” or “people” are just mean individuals. And this applies to bitchy girls who think they are really hot because the male-to-female ratio is off in San Jose. Ironically, the meanest girls and hardest blow outs for me have always come from HB5-HB8s, usually the 9s and 10s are quite nice. I need to approach more 9s and 10s to find out for sure.

5. Back to basics
I have been working on natural game with direct openers, and honestly it just does not work for me. Back to the drawing board. I am in the process of seeking out wings who are better than me who can see me in action and help me realize my sticking points.

Do you ever get that feeling after losing a set or even a basketball game, you knew you messed up, but you are not sure what it was? This feeling is what motivates and drives us to find out what the real problem was. Likewise, sometimes when you have a great night, you shrug it off – it is equally important to realize what truly contributed to your success so that you do longer rely and “chance” and “luck” in your game.

6. The lack of success in f-closing can get to you.
It is frustrating. And to be very honest, my 40 days and 40 nights project isn’t helping. I don’t want to write negative posts, however I really want to honestly document what my mind if going through right now. I think that, usually when you go through a dark period in trying to improve yourself, the hardest times also push you the most in achieving great success. Either that, or it breaks you as you give up and move onto something else.


OneTaste on Relationships

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Over the past weekend we got the pleasure of meeting some of the women (and men) of OneTaste . I should have done more research on their organization beforehand, but what ensued was an interesting dialog of understanding women and relationships in general. We had many differences in thought. Mainly, the PU community is mostly men, and despite the natural game Gurus ( Zan and Juggler), much of our study and revolved around the technique of the pickup leading the seduction, leading to sex.

There are many of these “intimacy” and relationship based organizations out there, and they have been around for some time. I think OneTaste does a good job in helping men (and women) understand what connection is and how to manage a relationship. Some of their approach towards PU is also useful. For example, we role played with some of women on the “tests” (AKA Shit Tests) that women play and how to negate or go around them. Below are the notes form our meeting:

1. Don’t be played by the game, become a player.

2. Women can tell when a man has been talking to women. Relates a lot of Zan’s idea of “seducer’s aura”. (I found that quite interesting.)

3. Be genuine and real with who you are and the attraction will be real.

4. Body language and pausing when asking questions, giving her some space to response

5. Women consciously or unconsciously test men -it is just who they are – you must be able to deal with these tests on your quest to become the alpha male.

6. If you are turned on, she will be turned on

Now, we realized something during this also – that they are not technique based. A lot of this is based on philosophy and more so “way of living”. Thus, I think these groups are useful for those who have more natural game styles or are in a higher level of PU where by they are already dealing with serious relationship issues. Because let’s face it – beyond the PU and the lay, it is a relationship between 2 people and and in and of itself is one of the most complex things in life.

I still believe in technique, and there are many that teach this, including TMM, RSD, AM, PUATraining (London), among others. What’s important is that the community today has become a free and growing marketplace, where one can choose to learn from whomever they want.

Going back to the nature of women – Maybe picking up a girl is easy, compared to the task of understanding women.

The Creative Class / Singles Ratio in the US

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Recently, Richard Florida visited us at work. I was not able to make it to meet him in person, but he was here to talk about and promote his book, “Who’s in Your City”. The underlying philosophy is interesting.

His hook is this: “How the Creative Economy is Making the Place Where You Live the Most Important Decision of Your Life.” He argues that the location we choose to live has “powerful influence over the jobs and careers we have access to, the people meet and our “mating markets” and our ability to lead happy and fulfilled lives.”

I also found this graph interesting. Why are all the high women to men ratio on the east coast? One hypothesis I have is that, historically, more men migrated west (since colonies first settled in the east) and women’s power for migration (income, social status) was less, thus contributing to this contrast. I could be wrong, though.

Day 4: Round 2

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I feel an wired itch, but this time it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I simply turned it off. That, and the fact that my schedule has been quite busy that I haven’t really had time to think about masturbating. This is good…

Day 1: Round 2

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Let’s try this again. For real this time.

Either the energy gets overwhelming, or I figure out a way to transfer sexual energy into something thing. Whether it is production, spiritual, or energy that’s in another form.