The Incubation Period

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The term “incubation” comes from many different fields of study. In medicine, it is the period which a virus infects an organism and the time symptoms start occurring. Ouch. Sounds like an episode of Aliens. In psychology, incubation refers to the mind working its unconscious side to a problem when the conscious side is stumped or out of ideas. This is the phenomenon that is experienced when you’re working on something during the day, and run into a complex problem you cannot solve. Taking a break and then returning to the problem, you find new, interesting ways to solve it.

Our unconscious mind is a very powerful force. It influences our behavior, and its reaches are infinite. Our conscious mind is limited, but directs our free will, and power to control our desires. A great study on the unconscious mind and its influence over our business and entrepreneurial success is detailed in The Answer by John Assaraf. This is another topic for another day. Read more

How to Pickup Girls at Work: The Book?

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More than 50% of our waking moments are spent at our 9-5 job – should we be able to apply the principals of pickup to this scenario?

I have had many discussions regarding this with my PU buddies, and the overwhelming consensus is that this is not a good idea – don’t shit where you eat. You can always pickup outside of work. Without work you need to worry about survival and won’t be able to pickup. Without pickup, at least one can still survive and hope to mate and pass on his genes one day.

That being said, I can’t help but wonder – if one was financially secure and was merely working for the passion of that career, how would working pickups be different? Let us assume that the PUA has decided to PU at work. How does he go about it? Do the same rules apply?

There has not been a lot of research or work around this. A couple of discussion points:

1. TV dramas show flirting at work all the time: Grey’s Anatomy, Scrubs, Boston Legal, CSI, it is only natural when your coworkers are that hot, and spend that much time together being dramatic. Characters that seem to do well in attracting women at work:

James Spader in Boston Legal
Charlie Sheen in Spin City
That wierd quirky dude from Scrubs
Ari Gold, Entourage

2. PU is different depending on industry
I have heard of PUAs who have infiltrated the restaurant staff and f-closed most of the waitresses there because he was the manager. Ok. Fair. Movie theaters, shopping malls. The same story repeats itself on the forums. What I think happens is that these jobs are just jobs, they are not careers. The difference between a job and a career is upward mobility opportunity and a vision for the future. While the girls depend on the job for the money, everyone knows this is just a job to pay the bills.

White collar workers are a bit different. High tech companies, management consulting, the women in these fields are often well educated and can play the alpha female part, whether that is natural to their innate character or not. It is a lot harder to game these girls. There tends to be 2 types of girls, to generalize greatly, at a more service oriented tech company:

A. The girls just out of school, or the girls that just like to party. To them, the career is great, but their focus is more than that. They have a life outside of work. While they take their work seriously, they do flirt and occasionally go out with male coworkers. They try to keep a good reputation, but it is not their number 1 priority.

B. The girls who care about their careers – more careful, a lot more professional, making it harder to break the professional barrier, even at off sites outside of the office. They have developed a keen sense, some of them at least, of flirting, for sometimes that is required for not being labeled a “prude”, however, it is very calculated and not genuine. They probably have some friends outside of work, are married, or dating someone for the long term. Their social lives are important to them, but it is not their number 1 priority.

3. I think it is hard to develop this skill of PU at work, because the risk of mistakes are so high. Where as in the field, we can be blown out of a set, slapped or worse, the PUA generally will not have any additional consequences or see the girl after that. At work, the cost of failure, of creeping a girl out, or even of having a vengeful coworker who you have slept with file a HR compliant against you, etc. are just too high. As such, the rewards do not justify the risks.

4. In stark contrast the point 3 – we are all human beings. Attraction is not a choice. And since we spend so much time with people at work, there is bound to be sparks. Work on your inner game. Continue to improve your passive value. Over time, women will find you automatically attractive, regardless if it is at work or not.