The importance of “Play”

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When working towards a monetary goal or entrepreneurial project, it is always important to remember to play. For when we forget, we forget the very reason why we are working so hard.

I found it interesting in the professor’s studies that criminals and murderers have a history of less play at childhood, while creative genuises played more. Animals also play, as part of their development cycle when growing up, as well as developing skills that will help them later on, such as cubs play fighting in simulating a real hunt for food. Read more

When you start living like an entrepreneur…

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…you start developing habits that allow you to build the foundations of an entrepreneur’s mindset. That careful balance of preparation, skill, and opportunity. These behavior traits start to manifest themselves in subtle, yet important ways:

1. You start reading more about the subject. You look for role models who have made it Big. Donald Trump (The Art of the Deal). David Ogilvy (On Advertising). Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Stanford thesis on PageRank and how it works). Mark Cuban. Michael Dell. Warren Buffet. My list of heroes for entrepreneurs are two-fold – those in the valley (Tom Perkins, Larry and Sergey, the Twitter founders, my ex-CEO who sold his firm), and those in entertainment (Hugh Hefner, P.Diddy, Chris Angel). Most interesting is the story of Hefner. Borrowing against his furniture for $6000 at the age of 25, he launched the first issue of Playboy with the Marilyn Monroe cover. As his daughter Christie recalls, (Authors @ Google) “my dad never thought Playboy would become as global and as successful as it did. He just wanted to be good enough to not have to ‘get a real job’.” Read more

Authors @ Google

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If you are buying a house, Lawrence Roberts breaks down what happened, and how to stick to real business values when evaluating a real estate property:

The Truth About CADIE…

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CADIE (code named project Panda Bear internally) was supposed to be the upcoming release of AI control over properties to reduce headcount and maximize ad revenue, originally conceived by Dr. Peter Norvig and his team 5 years ago. Read more