LatinStylez Interview with Arash Dibazar

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I am posting this on behalf of a friend. Checkout the newly posted Interview at For those of you behind the scenes, Latin was the first guy who contacted us years ago when we first launched PUA Lingo. Relationships count, especially when established early on!

Arash Interview on

arash dibazar


The 7 Deadly Sins of The Game

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Sin #1 – Fear


For most people, it begins with fear. We fear the unknown. We fear life itself. We fear the consequences of not doing “what we are told” and chasing after the outliers of society. And so, we stand in line like the rest of the masses, and follow the conventional wisdom.

Fear of women is often misunderstood by women. As men, we sometimes fear beautiful women. We fear their power over us, and we fear ourselves. Of what we might do in their presence, of the reflection in the mirror of our own self worth compared to her “perceived value”.

When newbies first start learning about game, something about this fear compels them to confront it. Not every hot girl is the devil, and not every one of them is mean spirited. We learn slowly that as men, we are entitled to find a girl we believe to be fully attractive and totally in love with, instead of settling for less.

Nonetheless, many do not get this opportunity, because they are plagued by the first sin in the game: FEAR. This sin takes away our time, our opportunities to meet people, and our precious mental strength just thinking about it! Our days go by unfulfilled. In order to conquer fear, one must name it. Then, face it. Over and over again. Approach Anxiety can be killed, and you can become very good at killing it.

My Verdict = Not Guilty

Sin #2 – Indifference. Sloth


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July 2011 Income Report

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July ($1070.86)
  • 7/24/11 – $10.00 – new affiliate test
  • 7/20/11 – $20.87 – clickbank
  • 7/20/11 – $129.74 –  SWS
  • 7/20/11 – $109.80 – Affiliate
  • 7/9/11 – $147.00 – Affiliate
  • 7/6/11 – $211.94 – SWS
  • 7/6/11 – $77.76 – clickbank
  • 7/6/11 – $363.75 – Affiliate
Lessons this month:
  • We only made about 1k this month, but a lot of the money came in during August 1-5 and we netted another 1k within 5 days. Sometimes your cash flow comes in later and you have to be ready to expect cash variances from month to month. As always, plan it out and make sure you have enough money to pay your expenses. Always have savings just in case.
  • The new affiliate product we tested wasn’t great, but we are getting record signups and building up a significant list.
  • This month I bought the Seduce With Style business, and going forward my main focus will be on growing that business, the sale of the ebook, and its subsequent upsell programs.

How to Kill AA (Approach Anxiety)

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One of the biggest challenges in game is getting over approach anxiety.We all feel it. A fear. An invisible wall that tells us, “it’s not right to talk to strangers”. Read more