What are your Dreams?

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If there was one thing that you could achieve in this lifetime that would make you feel like life was worth living, what would it be? If you died tomorrow, what would be the one thing that regretted not being able to do?

This is an important question to answer for any man who chooses to travel in a path of his own choosing. As I started asking my friends this question, I realized that most people haven’t really even thought about it.


In this post I will share my dreams with you. Read more

November 2011 Income Report

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November Total Profit= $517.57

ACP Business 50% Ownership= $450.00

  • Direct ad revenue, CPC and affiliate sales from PUA Lingo
Honeyplex Business= $567.57
  • $154.91 ebook sales
  • $272.75 ebook sales
Expenses= $500
  • Linkbuilding
  • Outsourcing video production of sales page
inDinero Account
  1. There this new service called “inDinero”. Pretty cool – auto links to Paypal and your bank accounts, and automatically does accounting for you based on your revenue and expenses. However it isn’t as smart as your accountant – it counts returns in Paypal twice, and on e-lance, there are many projects that need to be re-edited and each time I do it, it counts the total $$$ amount again as costs. In reality, my profit this month in Nov was about $1200 and expenses just over $500.
  2. My expenses have gone up significantly because of my recent investments in linkbuilding and product creation for SWS 2.0. These are one-time costs as we prepare for launch. Normally your online business expenses are minimal, 10% if that.
  3. I still think we are WAY under-utilizing PUA Lingo, given its immense traffic count. However, this is a business that is shared with my business partners and I simply don’t have time to focus on it while I grow SWS and the Honeyplex business.

You and you alone are responsible for your own success

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Text Message between me and DJ Fuji

Me: (With the greatest humility I can summon up) I am the best PUA I know. (Exceptions: DJ Fuji and Arash)

(A few hours later)

DJ Fuji: ?

Me: Just venting.

Me: No one I know is better than me. I have come to realize that getting good at game is my responsibility and mine only.

DJ Fuji: It was, is, and always will be. Read more

3 Common Mistakes Newbies Make

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How many of us actually get to meet a friend who we are in constant awe of, and yet share an amazing friendship with? We’d be lucky if such a person were to come into our lives, and that we can continue to be the best of ourselves.

When Allen Shore first Met Denny Crane (The Practice):

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