April 2012 Income Report

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April Total Profit= $1328

AlphaCasual Productions
50% Ownership Revenue= $ 3476.57 / 2 = $1738
Expenses = $175
Net profit = $1563

Honeyplex Revenue = $238.06
Expenses= $472.66
Net profit = -$234.60

1. Costs are now controlled for Honeyplex business expansions
2. For a while I was mad at others around me, and then I realized I was really mad at myself – for becoming one of the employees and not guarding my mind against influences that may be negative to accomplishing my goal
3. The idiocy and craziness of the people around me should not be affecting me that much, unless I myself was involved with their problems in some way. As long as I am making the moves I need to make in my time, the rest of really up to me. Emile was able to help me see this.

Failed Pick Up Lines

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  1. Guys. So what are you doing later, besides giving me your phone number?
  2. Excuse me. I just shit in my pants, do you want to give me your phone number?
  3. Excuse me. Ladies. On a scale of one to ten…. what’s your phone number?
  4. Excuse me. I only have 6 months to live, and I want to spend the next 6 months with you
  5. My dad used to beat me, can I have your number?
  6. Hey. So, should we have sex now, or do I have to buy you dinner first?
  7. Hey, are you ladies free tonight?… or is it going to cost me?
  8. Want to meet date-Mike? He’s a lot of fun!
  9. How much does a polar bear weight? Enough to break the ice. So do you want to have sex now?
  10. Which one of the spice girl are you?
  11. Nice shoes. Would you like to have sex?
  12. Excuse me. Do you mind if I take a picture with you? Because I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas Read more

Hugh Hefner on Reinventing Yourself

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Excerpt from Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead by Neil Strauss

In the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, Hugh Hefner, age seventy-two, sat in the library in his second skin: a red smoking jacket and black silk pajamas…

How would you feel if Kimberly (former wife) started dating twin brothers?

Hefner: We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But, actually, I think the fact that I am seeing there ladies rather than one probably does make it easier for her. If I were seeing only one person continually, then it would be a much closer comparison to the marriage and that would be, by its nature, more difficult.

What about plastic surgery? Do you think people have taken it too far?

Hefner: I think it’s like medicine. Anything that makes you feel better about yourself is perfectly appropriate. Why should one be required to stay in a box that was handed to them by either nature or by their parents or peers? Why not create yourself? Why not be the person you want to be? Read more

The Truth About Financial Freedom

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One of my favorite places for inspiration is the Internet Business Mastery podcast by Sterling and Jay. Their last podcast talks about the truth behind financial freedom.I found this podcast spot-on.A lot of times we get lost in the actual numerical value of money, instead of what they money represents to us. In thinking about this further, I realized that right now, the extra 2k a month is already giving me value that I did not have before.Last month (April), my partner and I made over 4k. That’s 2k of extra cash for me, minus expenses in accounting for business items. This extra money means to me, currently:

  1. I get to save time by eating out and having the money to do so
  2. I can buy bubble tea every night while writing/studying
  3. I save save at least 1k a month and invest it into the stock market
  4. After all my expenses, I save a lot of money still
  5. I don’t need my actual paycheck from work to survive
  6. I can treat my friends to lunch/dinner
  7. I always have some extra money around when needed
  8. I can buy stuff from amazon and read a lot of books
  9. I can reinvest this money into new projects and not be afraid if they fail
  10. I can buy cool domain names
  11. I can get massages at the local massage place for $40 an hour, knowing this money can be supplemented by my monthly income