Fallacies of the Seduction Community #3: Hot Chicks are AWESOME!

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I used to think hot girls are awesome, worth more than anything I have in my life. This of course stems from 23 years of being a virgin and focusing only on my studies and business. I was 20 at the time, worked a management consulting gig most grads would be envious of, and lived in a nicely rented apartment in the New York city area. But I couldn’t get girls at all. So, of course, over 23 years of social conditioning I believed the 9s and 10s and hot girls were THE most important thing in life that I could attain or “possess”.

Up until very recently, I still believed that a true 9 or 10 in terms of physical looks is still the most valuable thing and I couldn’t get this thought out of my head. It started to really bother me, and unconsciously I started looking for solutions to my problem or discover my thoughts in more depth. As I am writing this I am also dating this beautiful blonde, east coast graduate from an ivy league school and knowing her personally gives me a greater understanding that just because a girl went to a good school and that she looks great, it doesn’t mean she’s socially calibrated or super interesting to be around. In fact, it could very well be the opposite.

The fact is, most people (male and female) haven’t really accomplished anything significant in life. For a lot of “club hot girls”, she hasn’t accomplished anything in life other than being hot. Because, just by being so, she is rewarded by chode guys who will spend a lot of energy and time trying to get her. In truth, though, she secretly desires the Mr. Big (Sex And The City) – a guy who is strong enough to give her the sense of security and deep attraction she needs as a woman. Here are some of the 9s and 10s that I number closed but couldn’t fully close. I sent them in an email to my coach Fuji:

hot girls alphawolf

So my  coach DJ Fuji writes back: Read more

Shout Out to RSD

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Watching RSD’s latest videos, and THEN going out, has helped me improve my game a lot. I’m getting consistent results now getting girls full closing. Still working on 9s and 10s.

For the LONGEST time – I always felt I’m “losing value! no!!” whenever I get rejected / interaction doesn’t go well. It was draining and takes the wind out of me. Harsh rejections make me make up my own excuses : fuck this focus on making money / fuck cold approach social circle is better… you guys know the deal.

I think I finally figured it out:
1. You go out, you put your real self out there
2. You control your own energy in a charismatic and empowering vibe
3. You see things realistically, recognize mistakes quickly, and correct them don’t dwell, just realize. Don’t amplify rejection or mistakes
4. See mistakes and rejection as they are – randomness. Have a laugh at extreme negative emotions of other people. If patterns occur, notice the patterns and calibrate and correct
5. Accept that you have no control over other people’s feelings. You can only control your cool vibe, add value to any environment, and let the chips fall where they may

Tyler on Intermediate pick up insights: