FR in Scottsdale AZ 1/25/2014

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Last night was pretty epic as we hit up Mill Ave down near ASU in Phoenix, AZ. Like everyone said, there is a disproportionate amount of females to men here, and a lot of the girls are pretty on point with their bodies and style. In short, there are tons of hotties in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Sometime after dinner I took a personal break and realized my sticking points. They were the same as before. It is amazing how we go about life with blind spots about how to do something effectively. But when you throw in the measurement tools, you start seeing patterns from actual scientific data. I was talking too fast. I can see girls eyes and that little twinkle when I first approach, and then have it slowly die off as I talk. So, slow down your speech, take your time. Be PRESENT in the moment and take your time when meeting new people, and experience everything.

There were a few amazing sets after that, and I realized what I was doing wrong the whole time.

Game is game, like anywhere else. Hotter girls are generally going to have a little more value and your margin of error will be a little lower, as always.

If you find yourself stuck after approaching 20+ sets, something you are doing is turning them off. Either get a voice recorder, have a friend video tape, or ask a coach. 99% of the time, it is something you are doing that you are not aware of that’s turning the girl off.

FR 1/19/2014

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Too tired, was at a fashion show then downtown out “gaming”, super tired. Was sick today but decided to go out anyway, I feel ok now.

Lots of sets. Just remember tall blonde who was stunning, got her number should have escalated more or qualified more. HB 9 brunette super stupid and annoying, tried to game. Worked when I got another hot girl to come into set with me and it went pretty well, got a number but she was probably the most stupid girl I’ve talked to in a while, still hot though so B and I just wanted to see how hard and far we could push it.

Still not getting 9s and 10s who don’t show me 100% interest. Ideally its DHV and value up the roof, and from there its a3 qualification onto comfort, but it doesn’t always work that way. MM also assumes 7+ hours, whereas sometimes we want to pull same night, which means we need girls who are already “Down” and in that mode, sometimes you need to look for bars that have that… its not longer the Ivy so we need to re-think our strategy.


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”A master PUA always appreciates beauty, but is never distracted by it” – Mystery

I get it now. Male-Female Relations and Social Conditioning

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I get it now.

This came to me through a series of piercing the social veil, and the last call P told me about his training with J. Dick (yep real name) and I get it now.

Men are dominant, and want to control women. Women, by nature are submissive and have a deep desire to be dominated and owned. So in success with women, one of the keys is to NOT ask for permission, and not care what she thinks. Simply dominate. Don’t reason, don’t logically change her mind. Just subcommunicate dominance and that you are a man. You will take her and own her regardless of what she thinks, because you understand as a man that by her very nature, she wants you to own her.

Social conditioning rules prevent this from happening. First, women have equal legal rights. Lots of positives. One of the negatives is that we start treating women like men. We wanted equality, what we got was “sameness” – Zan. But we are not the same.

If every man realized the truth, there would be pillaging and rape like we had throughout history. In fact, in 3rd world countries, although women have less legal rights in some, the male-women dynamic is preserved, unlike in more Westernized nations.

I don’t condone real rape, bullying or any type of abuse and unfortunately this happens. But in the game of pickup, I realized that you need do dominate her mentally. Sometimes you need to be physical and hold her down, lead her. Show her the truth of her nature as a woman and you as a man. This means not taking some excuse for an answer, and going for the close.

We are constantly reminded by social conditioning via movies, school, romantic tv shows, that we are supposed to be a gentleman and the woman needs to logically CHOOSE you. This is bullshit. Yes, you can play that game, but it is rigged. You’re either rich and provider. Even then, you’re not fulfilling her deepest sexual needs as a female. The only truth perhaps in pop culture lies in women’s romance novels. 50 Shades of Grey. Every romance novel has some type of male character that understands this underlying M-F nature, and knows that secretly she wants him to take her and own her. This is the tension that is created and why romance novels continues to be a billion-dollar industry mostly read by women.

Understanding this concept affects ALL areas of your life. People want to be lead. People want to be dominated and told what to do. You’re doing her / them a favor. They will perceive it as a favor. Other OGs or real men will not want that, and game will recognize game. But, for the majority of the population, this is true. Even the most powerful woman, on some level, wants a man strong enough to own her completely, mentally and physically.

Dope video

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Courtesy of RSD.

“Its not win-lose. It’s win-learn”