The Rise of AlphaWolf

Online Monikers: AlphaWolf, Alpha, AW, Vince | Name: Vince Lin
Location: San Diego, California | Email: alphawolf (at)

CHAPTER I: The Rise of AlphaWolf

Imagine, if you will, graduating from college at 20 and still being a virgin. This is how my movie script begins.

I was the studious Asian kid who followed all the rules. Private college tuition was expensive, and I knew that I needed to get good grades and get a job to repay my dad for all the money he’s invested into me. While I have no regrets about my father’s love, both emotionally and financially, I did have many regrets about girls and how no one, even my dad, ever taught me how to attract women.

I’ve always loved girls. Ever since I was little in kindergarten, I would rather go play with the girls at recess in their little cube than the boys and they loved me. As a kid around ages 7-8 I once convinced a poor neighborhood girl (poor as in, I’m sorry!) to ride around in a bicycle naked with me. Somewhere around age 9, I lost this charm when discipline and rigidity was beat into me by my dad when I pulled a girl’s pants down as a joke and word got around to my dad’s office that I was a “trouble maker”! (Yes, Asian parents hit their kids. I think its a good thing when you frame is correct and punishment is consistent with previous set rules. I see some American kids out of control and its ridiculous)

So when I graduated from college, I was socially adept at making friends (from my diplomatic background – one learns how to make friends quickly when you have to move to a new country every 4 years), however I was terrible with women. I was paralyzed by fear and I used pride and ego to hide my insecurities. This meme exemplifies me at 20 on my graduation day:


The Story of Fat Ben Affleck

Fast forward 1 year after my graudation, I was working at a management consulting firm full of young guns from top universities but the work hours were tough, making it difficult to have a full social life outside of office coworkers. Also, I had no idea where to start. Enter Fat Ben Affleck, a friend of my roommate who occasionally crashes at our place. I was a hater back then. He was a cool dude. When I called him Fat Ben Affleck he just laughed and thought I was funny. I was take aback and surprised at his reaction.

(I wasn’t ready in my evolution to see him for the cool guy that he was, and I was still a hater back then)

Long story short, one day Fat Ben pulled stunner girl, a 9.5 brunette into our house. She played video games with us and hung out. I was still trying out the “be cool James Bond” thing I had going on for me in college with the guys, of course leading to zero results. She was cool, funny, and stylish. I thought she was a good girl and would never fall for these guys. Eventually she’ll realize I’m the one with the awesome personality, I thought. (lol)

Night time came and they went out – I decided to stay in and play Warcraft 3 online. Heh. So funny thinking back on it now.

I heard them get on the air mattress, and then had sex.


This happened in my living room… and then…

She was a screamer but she tried to keep quiet, which made it even more titillating and seductive. After they were done, I couldn’t sleep so I just masturbated to the image of her I had so neatly stored in my memory bank earlier in the evening. I still remember the black top with the spaghetti straps she was wearing that night.

Basically, this is what happened as I tried to go to sleep:

my world destroyed

My ego and pride and world of excuses was no longer valid. It had been blown out of the water. I decided that night that I would throw away any preconceptions I had about women and how they think, and learn from the source. Luckily, I did not travel down the darker path of some sadder stories. I was furious for about 1-2 days. “How could a good girl like that sleep with a guy like that so quickly?”, “Why don’t girls realize how good I am? There must be something wrong with the world!”. Thoughts like these would pop into my head.

Through providence or luck, I was able to defeat my dark side ego and advance towards learning about women. If I understood how the world of women worked, I could then grow to be a leader in that world. Since I was little, I have always believed that this is a definite solution to any problem. Part of this stems from my parents and how they raised me, so I am thankful of this. My dad is always positive, and sees the little humorous things in life. My mom never doubted for a second that I would be born to do great things. Just my survival was a miracle – she had lost her first son due an illness, and I was the second son that was born to her but the first older brother.

Dictating vs. Being Fed a Reality

All my life I followed other people’s rules. I went to a good school. I got a good job. I got a nice car. But these things only work… until they don’t. The story that was “fed” to me wasn’t working. Being James Bond, or being “cool” didn’t do me any good anymore. I didn’t want to give up my luxury of a fine-tuned script.

At some point, you have to decide to unplug from groupthink, and start thinking for yourself. This was the beginning of me dictating my own reality.

This began my journey to learn about “game”. I didn’t know what it was called back then, I just knew I wanted to be good with women, to be able to attract and get women. That was all that was on my mind.

I was ready to go!

shaq ready

On My Anonymity

Since 2007 I have written GodofStyle with my pen name, AlphaWolf and Vince Lin. I do this because I knew that I would make mistakes that they would be embarrassing. So I started with “AlphaWolf”. It also represented my traits that I wanted to embody – being a leader and being a wolf who knows how to be alone and also lead a pack.

One of my goals was to work for Google. In my mind, nothing was going to stop me from getting into Google. Or, I thought, I would work for their competitor Yahoo! or Microsoft. I was young and optimistic and I sort of just assumed that this is a goal and there is absolutely NO reason why I cannot accomplish this feat. So I knew early on in my game career this this sort of PUA-ness will not fly in white-collar corporate world, even in the wild west of Silicon Valley.

Having a pen name also gives me the freedom to write however I want and write freely. I treasure this greatly, and hope that the additional insight from this freedom adds to your value as a reader of my blog.


Kenny dons the Mysterion outfit to save his friends in South Park

The Beginning of My Journey in San Francisco Bay Area

Me: “Hi. I think you’re very beautiful. What is your name?” (ignoring her girl friend)
Her: “Hi, I’m Megan. I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend”
Me: “Oh, ok. Well. If that’s true, it was nice meeting you”
Her: “Bye”

As I walked away my heart was racing and though I felt nervous and scared I also felt a sign of relief that I actually walked up to the hottest girl in the club and said something for once. Looking back 8 years I realized that I was pretty much eye stalking her for the last hour and her friend and her knew it. There was no way that set was going to go well. The girls knew I was new to the club scene and they were being polite.


It started here at ‘Holy Cow’. My first bold approach in San Francisco

It was a summer night in San Francisco (still fucking cold though, Mark Twain was right) and I was out with my Cousin and 3 of our female Asian friends. All night, the Asian girls danced with us and I felt more empowered to make an approach towards a girl I actually liked.

For the last year, all my cousin and I did was goto all Asian parties in the bay area, and I was growing restless of the same routine. I wanted to go after other types of girls. Though I had no success even with Asian girls (I was still a virgin at 22), I wanted something more than the status quo. It seems annoying to me that Asian guys only hangout with other Asians.

It was that night, or another night that week when I met Bob, who told me about a book called “The Game”. I didn’t think much of it, and ordered it a few weeks later on Amazon. The exact content of The Game didn’t change much of how I behaved day-to-day at first, but it propelled me down the rabbit hole of the seduction community. Thankfully, I came into it unscathed and 99% of my experience in the PUA world was positive.

SF Streets

On the SF Streets, Bob came out for a breather and told me about his experience with girls, and a book that changed my life, The Game.

Starting Out

When The Game arrived in my mailbox I didn’t think much of it. I purchased many books from Amazon and read them for pleasure. However, this time, I couldn’t put the book down. I read late into the night until 3am, then finished the book the 2nd day. The next day, I went on the only forum that was around in 2007 – The Mystery Method (now renamed Attraction Forums) Forums (headed by Savoy and Mystery). I quickly found a thread dedicated to SF wings, and after a few calls and texts, found my first wing: Mobius. Mobius is a financial analyst from an east coast ivy league school. He has a Jew fro and talked. A lot. I liked him. Although his technique was poor like mine (because we were both starting out) he was always proactive, and despite sloppy technique just by taking action, he was able to get results. A kiss here. A number there. I quickly followed suit and did my own version of “Mystery Method”. A1, A2, A3, and even memorized the cube. Thinking back it was pretty rigid but I was so into it that I had no doubts this thing worked.

My first 2 weeks out and first girlfriend

My job in tech afforded me a nice place in the city and a small budget to start changing up my style. My image was improving. Be it luck or my extreme confidence and optimism that creeps into anything I did in my early 20s, I knew that I would make the same work for me, it was a forgone conclusion.

Later that week or earlier in week 2, I went to a bar called The Matrix in the Marina. There, I met my first would-be girlfriend. She was with her brother. I approached, and said hi. I ran the routines on her. “What is your opinion on this?” “How do you guys know each other? Introduce me, don’t be rude”. It was her brother. I went onto other girls and then came back to her. I dragged her (moved her) away to the couch area in the next room. It was all textbook Mystery Method. I thought I was so cool. When I was running the Cube on her, I knew I had her. I went in for the kiss and we made out for 10 minutes. She had to go back to her brother, so I got her number and went on with my wing to another bar.

A Quick Note About Success and Failure

At one point I remember sliding my hands down her legs into her vagina area and she stopped me and said, “maybe next time, I want to appear a little classy”. I was so full of optimism and I wasn’t afraid back then. From virgin to fingering a girl in 2 weeks. Ha. After the initial euphoria there will be times when my faith in the game is SORELY tested… and even a time when I totally gave up… but for now… let us continue…

First Date and Losing Virginity

Our first date was sweet – dinner and then straight to sex. I was pushy because I thought what I read in the game was the bible. Interestingly, she was super cool. Her name is Charla, and she looks like the adult version of Dorothy and she’s also from Kansas. The first time, I couldn’t get it up. I was too anxious. I was too used to porn and not real sex. Luck may have it, she was open to a second date and I didn’t jerk off for 2 whole weeks and finally had sex! Condoms were a must of course – PSA.

Most PUAs boast about their game and their conquests, but I’m here to give it to you straight – yes sex was awesome. But the first time was just ok. It grew to become better and better over time. Also, I cried the next day. I had finally lost my innocence at 23. On one hand, it was about time and I was happy that I finally accomplished this. On the other, I realized that the time of innocence is now gone forever. I always had a boyish charm and optimism about me, and as I geared toward my mid-20s and into the real world, some of the optimism would be lost now and then as I experience in world in 50 shades of grey instead of black and white film.


An Adult-like Dorothy from Kansas

Such a sweet girl, though the relationship was doomed to fail. I was jealous, needy, and judged her for sleeping with 20+ guys. She was 28 and a hot girl. There was nothing wrong with that – I was just a 23 year old virgin! When other guys hit on her I would just make-out with her. This is insecure behavior. But I didn’t know better at the time.

They say that the type of girl you lose your virginity to becomes “your type”. I’m not sure if this is true, but ever since then I have been attracted to white girls moreso than Asian girls. Charla was cool, relaxed, and great in bed, and she taught me a great many things. After a year she ended the relationship, and I sort of knew I had messed up so I was only sad for about 1-2 days.

More importantly, this experience showed me that game works. Over the next 7 years, I would have various ups and downs in my game and my life, and I will try to document them here.

Present Time

These days I date with an abundance mentality and meet the girls that I truly want to meet. I date girls who are 9s and 10s both physically and in terms of personality. I love women, and I am honest, loyal and fun in all of my personal relationships. I have great relationships with women, friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances. I have the social dexterity to realize people’s true intentions, and to know how to come out ahead myself while also helping out my friends and those close to me.

Yet, there’s still another level being hinted at me that may lie in the modeling or entertainment world, or in a different country via my travels…

goku snake road heaven

This is the story of the rise of my journey in game. I hope you enjoy it, and that you can take heart that there are others like you who traveled this path. My hope is that you learn from my mistakes and make some new ones of your own.

Part II of my Rise is documented below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing.

-Vince, August 2014.

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