Conan totally AMOGs ‘Google’

“It is in this moment of deep personal struggle that one finds their secret self” – Napolean Hill. Conan is definitely ‘flowing’ at his best, commanding the stage in front of the often tough and “arrogant” Google audience. This is a great lesson on controlling the stage and controlling frame, even though the other audience or person may have more perceived power at first.

Conan @ Google:. @11:00, he is able to articulate what most non-Google people are thinking, WHILE owning the audience through comedy. What powerful influence!

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    11 Responses to “Conan totally AMOGs ‘Google’”
    1. Thanks Rabbit for the comment. I will try to be more insightful in my future posts :)

    1. So what you're saying is that Conan O'Brien Kills onstage rather than Dying. No offense, bro, but that's pretty fucking obvious.

    1. CONAN ROCKS! Interestingly enough, he caters to a younger audience... When he took over the stage with, I thought this guy has got skills. Comedians are such ladies men.


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