Day 13,14,15

Current run rate:

  1. Feb thus far ($600.50) – $20.02/day divided by 2 = $10.01 per day (enough for lunch!)
  2. Goal: $100 / day

I just returned from Vancouver after visiting my little brother. He’s got a lot of growing to do, but I do love him and wish him the best. I did everything I could and also we fought sometimes about stupid things, but that’s what brothers do.

On the way back I was reading Tony Robin’s Awaken the Giant Within and Ayn Rand’s The Virtues of Selfishness. The titles of these books don’t do them justice as the subject matter of both are much, much deeper. In the virtues of selfishness Ann discusses that idea that perhaps real selfishness is not having “self interest”, in always following a religion or behaving in a certain way that is not in adherence to our own code of conduct or personal morals. Instead, she argues that selfishness is a healthy thing. The pursuit of happiness is a worthwhile life goal and it is subsequently up to the individual to determine their own code, so long as this code is constructive and not destructive (criminals, taking another life, taking by force, taking the creation of others as opposed to creating something yourself).

Plan to get to $100 a day for myself: I’m thinking about this right now. I have 25 days left. Will reveal my plan soon. If I can’t do this in 25 days, I might as well not do it at all.

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