Day 14 – Game Over!

After 3 weeks of continuous weekend sarging, I was basically throbbing with sexual energy. Despite my recent flu, I was too horny. Watching porn, I thought I could just satisfy the visual stimuli and my cravings. Wrong answer 😐

So at Day 14 my trial ends. Pretty good run. Lessons I have learned:

1. Orgasms are better when you wait for them in anticipation.

2. Ejaculation is separate from orgasm – M. Chia and Douglas Abram were right. I was not able to recreate multiple orgasms without ejaculation, but I understand now that this is a possibility, having been aroused mentally in this period without actually ejaculating.

3. You generally have more energy when you don’t masturbate. When you ejaculate, it is inevitable that you lose some of your vital energy.

4. I am going to continue to trial, without masturbation. The only ejaculation allowed, as set by previous rules, was to sleep with a HB8+. If I make it past day 10, I’ll post a “trial 2”.

Cheers, thanks for reading!

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