Day 25

Sorry guys. I was supposed to keep this updated, but I have lagged out for about 2 weeks. Recently I realized that I needed to get a full time job. The reasons for this are many, some of which I cannot share with you although I have deliberately kept this blog a bit personal.

I will continue with day 25, knowing that perhaps in 40 days we may not hit the $100 a day goal. Nonetheless, you can see my progress and I will continue to be working on my side business. In addition to this, I may do a marathon race for another 30-60 days in the future for a similar goal.

Right now, our rate for March is low. $800 for the month. We are expecting more money to come in, and I will provide a full income report when March ends.

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    4 Responses to “Day 25”
    1. Sure. If you can share post it on the comments or email me via the 'about me page' contacts

    1. do you mind if i ask some questions? to see if you have any tips for what im going through.

    1. Thanks K. Hang in there. I am glad I was able to help you a little bit. -AW

    1. Suffering from work place abuse.... Thank you for your input and advise. I really hate work at this point and you gave me some goals to put in motion to get out of this funk i am in. Just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!

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