FR 11/30/2013

Going out Sat night I was on a date annoying bay area girl

She’s super annoying. I should have ditched her, however I learned to have a icy face and IOD a lot. She’s super sarcastic and negative. Next time, I will just leave to pick up a new girl.

I learned to stay icy and be unreactive to her comments because if I laughed or showed my real self, she’ll play this sarcastic game like she’s always in control. Bay area girls do that yes it is a stereotype. What I got out of it was to learn to stay calm under pressure, and that even on dates or drinks girls can give you a hard time, its all part of the game until you mentally “defeat” her and she genuinely feels attraction and falls for you. If the girl was worth it… that is what I would do and endure to get her.

Before I meet the date girl HB8 I get a HOT blonde’s number but the interaction was short and I should have qualified a bit more, and texted with her on the spot. Also I ran up to her to hide her tag too much commitment, should have said, “you’re welcome cutie” instead of “hey I love you” eyes.

After she drops me off I walk back for another 3 sets on the street that turns into 5.

I really enjoyed it!

  1. 1st set hot blonde with part Asian girl, went every well. They wanted me to stay and talk, however they both had boyfriends so I just FB close.
  2. 2nd set girlfriend took her away but super hot blonde was nice. Would not give number said she can’t and she has to leave.
  3. 3rd set didn’t go anywhere but it was funny trying to run down sets going home at 1:45am
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