FR 12/3/2013 in Typhoon PB

Incahoots for a birthday party. Met an Egyptian girl gaming me, I flash gamed her since she was right next to the stage, so I got some nice social proof. There are some hotties here with old country guys. I didn’t get a chance to game too many girls, but we eventually left and she got my number. I got a chance to see what it was like to be gamed. I should have qualified and A3’d her more (male to female interest) so we’ll see how that number pans out.


First set group of German girls went ok, didn’t go anywhere but it was a good warm up set. I am getting better at my interactions at being the prize and being entertaining.

Friends of roommate one really hot Brazilian girl, but I got no traction. She wasn’t feeling me and I could tell, so I let it go. She was a certified Brazilian hottie though.

10 sets go

I open a group of european girls 4-5 set it goes ok until girls pull them away. This always happens in big groups when you don’t properly hook at least one of them.

2 set went very well, got 2 numbers from 2 German girls, pretty hot.

Another 2 set went ok, got pulled away by a friend.

3 set, with Shannon, the brown haired German girl > She’s a real downer, negative Nancy. Some people just have that energy to stay away, it drags you down.

1 set on the dancefloor went ok, she didn’t hear me and I said, “I’m not hitting on you” Went ok until she heard wrong when I said “I’m not hitting on you” She looked liked a bitch but turned out quite nice, “thank you for the compliment but I’m not ready right now”

I met another Group Brad’s girl, annoying blonde (some people are just not going to like you) so I checked her a bit but she’s super aggressive so I let that one go.

Group racism – always one out-spoken in the group, the rest of the group sort of retracts, but doesn’t back off.  I met a group of prostitutes, one of them invites me to go with them, another one pushes me out “you’re not invited” then makes the small Asian eyes. I look at her and laugh, half amused. Low class people doing low class things. Normally this gets me upset but nowadays nothing really bothers me. I know I’m in the club environment to build my social skill set and once that goal was set, none of these distractions really bother me that much anymore.


Imagine you are an angel forced to walk the earth as a human. Tyrael in Diablo 3. Or, Hugh Hefner, young again with nothing. How would you go about this world to get what’s yours? Ignorant people are also the ones that will let you own them eventually, they will not stand in your path because they’re not that smart. Remember that once you have your real goals, most people do not, and will not have your constitution to have their own goals or stand in your way.

The next time you meet stupid people, imagine that you are the prince, in the pauper’s position. Because you know your way and your destiny and your skill in artfully dealing with less open minded people will assist you in the future.

Diablo 3 spoiler alert: Tyrael’s fall from Heaven:

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