FR Pulling, In Bed, Almost 100% Close and Lessons

Last night I went out again as part of my training with Psych.

I have been getting tips from the guys at Efficient Pickup. They are onto something.

Anyway, I went out with a few of the guys. A lot of emotions since we’re running pull game, there’s a lot of ups and downs and I’m just learning how to deal with it effectively.

I did a few sets nothing really solid. Hit up analog there were cute girls there, did a few number closes but I don’t think those numbers are 100% solid. Alex and I were amogging each other and I think I pissed him off ha. Well he hit on my girl first!

I end up going back to Ivy rooftop, and manage to pull at Hb6/7. She had a great body my type skinny and tall but her face was just ok. I end up back at my place. I was very casual and seeded carefully. However I missed out on comfort. She said she liked Asian guys but I don’t know that much about her. Works here lives in the city and is a vegetarian. I got her home and played movie and we laid on my bed. At this point we were watching to movie I got lazy. I just physically got on top of her and hugged, and she freaked. Usually I would pre-load that with, “hey, its just a hug I want to see if our bodies are compatible”. This time, I just did it.

Afterward she backed off

I calibrated right away, “sorry, I just wanted to see if our bodies are compatible”.

HB: “yes we already know it is. I’m sorry, I have to go”

I try to be cool about it, but ask her why

She sits down and tells me, “I never done this before, go home with a guy like that”

Its like the spell was broke nor something.

I learned today from another MILF HB that sometimes you have to be cool and let things go when you lose the girl. If fucking sucks because you’re expecting to get laid but then it doesn’t happen, and any guy who has been in that situation knows what it feels like. I just walked her to the elevator and try to do damage repair. I said, “It’s cool, I didn’t mean to freak you out. Call you next time and maybe we can hangout for real”

She said ok but I think that number might flake, we’ll see.

After that, it was 12:30pm and I thought, I can load up internet porn and call it a night, or, I could go back. For some strange reason I decided to go back. So I went to the Ivy and texted some of my wings, they were still there.

We hit up a few sets. There was a group of super hot girls about 5-6 from the same college group, and they were dead-ends. All of them were flirting with their guy friends and none of them were pull-able. They also got a kick out of rejecting guys’ advances because of the social clique. It was interesting to watch because although they were the hottest girls there, you would be lucky to even get a number. I realized the 2nd time I was there and I approached one of the girls, those are baits that waste your time. There’s just no way to break into that social circle and get that hottest girl. Maybe… if I HAD to do it, I would hook 2 other hotties first, then merge groups. However it was difficult to do. Anyway I avoided them for the rest of the night the second round. The first round I befriended a few of the guys and it took time and wasn’t worth it. The girls were super defensive, even when I was introduced by one of their guys. They were just playing hard to get and enjoying it. No need to feed the beast who won’t give back.

I had one set where I matched the girl’s energy and she was down, but her friend blocked and said she had a boyfriend. I looked at her like, “for real?” She nodded and seemed sad. After that a few more sets didn’t go anywhere then I saw 2 girls walk in.

As soon as I open, “hey, you guys look badass” it was on. The bitchy glasses girl was on me. “What did you say? blah blah blah”. The other Texas girl hot 8.5/9 was on me, “oh thank you! You look cute”. I knew it was on. I was super nice but firm with the bitchy girl and Texas girl was already kinoing me. In this situation I don’t usually buy girls drinks, but bitchy girl said, “let’s get a drink”. It was the only way to move them from the door, so I grab both girls by the hand and lead to the bar. At the bar I get water. Bitchy girl wants a drink so I pay for her. We chat. Things are going well.

HB Houston: IOI, IOI, IOI

Me: Cool. Banter Banter

HB: IOD. That was a weird thing to say

I don’t remember what I said but I knew instinctively that it was nothing, and she chose to interpret that as a test.

I just look at her like I don’t care because I really didn’t.

Anyway at this point, another guy she met earlier swoops in.

I was a little upset but I remember Tyler’s videos and realized that the only way to get her back was to not care so I scanned around for other girls.

I also remembered from reading previous field reports years back, that logistcs was key. There was a story someone told me where they befriended the Hot girls best friend, and ended up closing.

So I talked to HB Bitchy. She was warming up to me. I gave her the respect she so craved.

HB Friend: “Let me buy you a drink. Come on I have to return the favor”

Me: “I’m good I don’t drink that much”

HB: “no, no, we’re celebrating”

Me: “Ok. A mojito if they make that, if not, a coke and rum is good”. (I struggled with the coke and rum I haven’t drank in years in-field)

HB gets me a drink. I’m impressed.

I talk to her about logistics and their relationship while bantering. She’s pretty much on cheer leader now

HB Friend: “we’re visiting from Houston. She’s single, I’m married. That guy she’s talking met her earlier, she’s a bit drunk don’t worry it’ll be fine we’ll totally go home together later”

About 5-10 min into it I am getting buzzed, fuck. I’m a light weight and I realize I am actually trying harder to think clearly. I focus and get some water, and things stop buzzing and clarity sinks in.

HB Friend literally AMOGS for me. She goes to talk to HB Houston and stops the guy completely in his tracks. I come and pull HB Houston away, she complies. She’s a bit tipsy and says, “hey I didn’t forget about you”

I qualify, “oh yeah L. What’s my name”

She stumbles and feels embarrassed, “tell me again!” and qualifies

The guy is persistent though we move to the dancefloor. He loses her for a bit. I realized that most guys give up too easily. I also learned that in order for me to win, someone has to lose, and if I want to be a winner, I have to become a man who’s ok with that. We bounce whole group to the dancefloor, we meet another Indian guy an his posse of French girls and what looks like international students. HB Houston dances with me and I make sure HB Friend is always included in on the phone. A couple of times she pulls away. I don’t chase like a chode. I talk to the other girls. Because HB Houston is the hottest girl there right now around 1:30, other girls start to notice me. French girl Anika pulls me away, “you’re really cool!”.

Me: “Thanks”. I am polite and banter like I would with a fan. Then I get back to HB Houston.

She gets pulled away by some other guys. I noticed from their body language that they were mostly chodes. If I had met a real player, it would have been a tough fight, because she was flirty and really going about it. At every point though when she’s talking to another guy, I would  lightly touch her back and grab her hand from behind her back, while she’s talking to the guy. She always comes back to me. At one point she said, “oh hey Rich! I didn’t forget about you”. Some of the guys were more persistent than others, but they never really hooked her. Their intentions were not strong enough and their body language exhibited this. I got to see things from the alpha’s perspective. She would bounce around for energy, and I always remained fun, cool, light-hearted and “not a big deal” sort of vibe (thanks Julien and Owen from RSD). She says, “you’re not like the other guys”. I reply, “I know. It’s cool”

At one point, the old dude who originally pulled her away from me came back. He tried one last time, “hey, I’m leaving”. I see him coming. At this point I hovered close to her but pretended not to care too much as I was dancing. I overheard, “do you want to come back with me?” She laughs and says no, “My friend is here! I can’t leave them!” He didn’t respond properly to the objection, just kept saying, “but I’m leaving you. Are you sure? Are you sure? yeah? So you’ve decided?”. I realized the mistake he was making, change her mood, not her mind. At this point I sensed weakness in his game. I grab her hand and lightly but firmly lead away from him towards the other side of the dancefloor. There was 1-2 seconds of tension he was holding her other hand. But I wasn’t letting go, and I picked exactly the time she said, “no, I can’t” after the 3rd time he asked. So timing was good and I lead her away. The moment her hand left his, I knew it was over. In a way I enjoyed it but I also saw the flaw in his game. I did not say hi to the guys tonight or give them value, I used to befriend them, but nothing would come out of it. They never return my calls and they are just there for the girl. So I’ve learned to train myself to be the winner of these situations.

Two 2 guys try to game her. At this point at 1:45 the lights are on and she’s the hottest girl there. I let her have her space, but now she’s coming back to me on her own, with IOIs, “you’re cool, I like you”

I engage her, the new friends, and HB Friend.

HB Friend meets an Indian guy who has a table. He’s trying to game both of them an befriends me. I’m cool and nice to him. Oh. Before this, I started seeding the fact that I live downtown, and that I’ll be her tourguide and walk her back to her hotel like a gentleman. HB Houston laughed and said, “ok”. I also told HB Friend, the gatekeeper, “Hey, I’m going to walk your friend home. Do you want to come with us?”

HB Friend says, “no, I’m good. Nice work!”

I realized from this set how important it is to have the gatekeeper on your side. She may be the most annoying, unreasonable person in the world, but she has power and in order to get access to her friend you have to go through her. The other guys did not realize this.

HB Houston asked HB Friend to come with us 5 times, the friend was really hitting it off with the Indian guy and said she’s staying. I let the girls talk it out for a few minutes. Finally I stepped in when, “Hey, will you get home safely?” HB Friend: “YES!” Me to HB Houston: “She’s good. Let’s go”. I pull again. I sense slightly token resistance, but after about a second she moves. We’re in the elevator she’s holding onto me.

On the way to the hotel I get to banter and know a bit about her, and she’s saying “we’re NOT having sex tonight. Only cuddling”

Me “OK”

HB: “SERIOUSLY. No sex. I don’t even know you”

This goes on for the next hour in bed

She’s wearing a shirt and shorts and I’m in my boxer and wife beater. I try to escalate. Got pretty far a few times. But she would always stop me. I kept going until she said, “Seriously, you have to stop or leave”

I stop and initiate a few times throughout the night. She keeps saying shes’ tired, has to get up at 7:30, and doesn’t continue. Now, I have been in these situations before. The girl in Miami I just went to sleep and escalated middle of the night and she was down.

With this girl, EVERY time I did that, she would enjoy it but eventually stop me. I rubbed her pussy and she was moaning, and then she will again stop me with her hands and say, “seriously, STOP”. Maybe I misinterpreted, and honestly if I pushed it all the way until I got kicked out, I would have known where the boundary is. Maybe I should have done that. But overall, in all truth I pushed as far as I could until I sensed that she was serious about “stop” and her tonality has a slight change from light laughter to logical seriousness of “stop”.

She noted “I’m tired and I only have a few hours to sleep!” and I knew this was true due to the conference. She also said she’s a good girl so I transitioned to just talking to her. She’s 1 of 5 kids, parents divorced, and grew up in Houston. Good all-American girl. Believes in a higher power. Studies biology and works in clinical research. Very smart girl has notes like an Asian student in her text book of Chemistry which I busted her on relentlessly.

In the morning I negged her a bit and talked about Karma. She’s getting ready for her conference.

I try a different angle. “I do like you. If you lived her we would have done this correct and gone out to dinner”

HB: “Aw. I would like that”

Me: “Monday, lets”

HB: “ok!”

I anchor and time bridge Monday @6 at her hotel lobby, she’s down.

As I leave I get her number and text myself: “I love you, hot Asian guy”

I reply while I’m walking home, “I know’

HB8.5: “haha. Funny. Hot Asian guy”

HB 8.5: “Looking forward to Monday 6pm. I will be well rested”

I wait until I’m almost home, “sounds good”

Honestly I think if I didn’t care, I could have pushed it more. But I think eventually it would have stopped. If I was one of the EP dudes I probably would have just jerked off over her I got her shirt off, her breasts all over my hands, and my hand down her panties. Could have easily masturbated over her and called it a day. But I think this is the right way to run game and want to see how it goes.

Oh, at one point I tried Owen’s line, “I’m good just masturbated in the bathroom you don’t turn me on anymore”. And the response was, “no way you’re lying!”. She seemed surprisingly shocked. That is a good line to use to take power away from her. I wonder what would happen if that was actually true.

Overall, I learned a lot from the Efficient Pickup guys and Alex. Their method of going directly for the pull forces you to conquer your fears and focus on only pulling. Usually you don’t want to do this in social situations, but with more experience you can calibrate more carefully before escalating fully without FEAR. In the meantime, pick a venue that’s public and you don’t know that many people.

Oh. I made a note to write down everyone’s name that works at the door at a club. The doorman tapped me on the shoulder on the way out and gave me my umbrella. It helps to notice people and remember their names and their jobs. People appreciate that you appreciate them.

Thanks to Alex E for winging, Jason for putting up with my ego, Beryl for lecturing me on his philosophy, Jonas for introducing me to this type of game.

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