Is Tinder Racist? Statistical Analysis and Tricks to Win The Tinder Game

So the question of the week is: Is Tinder Racist?

I won’t tease you with this one. We already know that minorities receive less replies via OKCupid’s analysis and probably the rest of the online dating world. The short answer is “yes”.

*Note, some people in the comments have noted that its just preference and not racism. So what we can say is that based on this experiment, Tinder results are heavily race-influenced (to a statistically significant degree). So is online dating. So is society. But the data may surprise you as far as how much race influences really are vs. what we expect.

Luckily for us, I’m Asian and super smart so I devised a super cool way to test Tinder’s racism HAHA


For those of you that don’t know, Tinder is a fast growing app that allows users to “like” or “reject” a profile based on that person’s picture. If both users “like” each other, a match is made and you can then message the person. People praise it for weeding out the “creepy” factor because girls get to choose which guys they prefer based on their Tinder pictures. Other people complain that it is based on superficial factors like one’s photo and physical attributes.

tinder ui

Hypothesis: Tinder is racist*

*Fix: Tinder results are significant influenced by race (statistically significant <5% deviation)

Methodology to test hypothesis:

  1. I created 6 profiles of different types of people
  2. I ran a hacked automated tool that likes everyone in your area on Tinder
  3. Each profile had multiple pics and distinct tag lines, and I only included below the primary profile pics
  4. We recorded the number of return likes in 24 hours, and the number of messages each profile received

So, without further ado here are our contestants:

Profile #1: King Booth

King is relatively normal white guy who we consider good looking. He does’t have the coolest picture, just pics with his friends hanging out


Profile #2: Prince Caspian

You may recognize Cas from the PUA community – we needed his pic to test out the “girls like guys with muscle” theory. I have another friend who’s latino and has a lot of success with a shirtless pic on Tinder. Not all of Cas’s pics are muscle pics, only his primary photo.



Profile #3: AlphaWolf

You’ll have to believe me when I say I’m a 8.5. I’m Asian too. Instead of the muscle route, we went with the “high class” business photo:


Profile #4: Vince Lin

One of our cherished Asian model / actors, Vince Lin was supposed to represent the epitomize of Asian looks and an “Asian 10”. You may argue that his pic is less friendly and the black and white distills emotions a bit more than colored ones, so this is worth another test with a different Asian model who’s working full-time in America. We should also test half Asian models like Daniel Henney.

vince lin

Profile #5:  Harry Goodwins

One of the top rising male models of our time, Harry is the traditional good looking all American model with a European bone structure. We picked him to contrast out model vs. mortal data and also to compare him to Vince Lin, our Asian model counterpart.



Profile #6: Esmeralda HB9

As a control, we setup a pretty hot  girl Tinder profile, to see what type of responses we would get. We wanted a solid 9 girl but not a perfect 10 because most women, if they take care of themselves can reach this level of physical attractiveness.

Holly R

Holly R4


tinder racist general results

Yes, all search conditions being equal, white guys performed better than Asians, with the exception of the Asian model vs. normal white guy.

When we arrange the data to reflect top conversions:

tinder top conversions

1. You will notice like all online dating, girls get a disproportionate amount of attention from guys. EVERYONE wants to meet her.

2. Our male model got the highest conversion rate, but even then, it is only 10% of what the HB9 girl got! Women just have much more streaming inbox messages than men. This is an important mindset. At all levels of the game, women get bombarded with interest. If they ignore you, it is usually not because what you said was wrong, but rather, you didn’t stand out among the hundreds of guys messaging / liking her.

3. With normal guys me and Cas competing with King, King got a slightly higher percentage conversion than we did, but not as much as we expected.

Let’s arrange the data by race only:

tinder asian vs. non asian

If you look at the difference between 0.39 (me) vs. King Booth 0.52, the difference is only 0.13%. In the grand scheme of 1000+ likes, this is not that big of a deal. However, it is 34% higher than me (14 vs 13), but I had a larger like pool of 3335 vs. his 2684. Given that King’s picture is just an everyday facebook pic, and mine was properly taken with photographers and all, his profile pic still outperformed mine. Basically, at the “normal guys” level, being white gives you a slightly higher likelihood of being “liked”. So we confirmed what we already knew for a long time: Asian, black,etc, minorities have to stand out an compete more fiercely with their white counterparts to get the same results.

Also, I was surprised that Cas did not receive more likes. I’m not sure why, and another profile pic is worth a test.

At the model level, Harry got over 162% more likes than Vince Lin. 69 vs 14. This requires further testing. First, his picture was in color, and he had more pics. Vince only had 2-3 pics. Nonetheless, Harry was bombarded with messages mostly from fat girls and medium-looking white girls. The really hot white girls still did not message him initially.

Difference 8.5 0.13% 34%
Difference Models 1.63% 162%



1. Yes, Tinder is racist. Normal Asian guys need to break stereotype quickly and stand out to compete for white girls

2. Most ok-looking white girls are down, the real hotties never message first, and are usually on Tinder for vanity and will occasionally go out with a hunk of their choice at their time of choosing. Most of them get overwhelmed with likes and messages on other sites, so Tinder’s app allows them to really distill based on looks

3. Fatties and black girls are more down to message all guys of any group
A normal looking white guy can outperform a muscle Asian guy or Asian guy in a suit

4. Even at guy model level, response rates were around 2.6% vs. HB9’s 20%. Girls just don’t ‘like’ everybody

5. If you are a minority, you can compete at a high level with most normal guys in society by working out and having an edge. However, anyone who thinks that everything is fair and that racism doesn’t exist is ignoring reality.

6.Overall, the percentages were not as high as I thought they would be for racism. It is more likely that girls are overwhelmed online, and also with Tinder, they are more selective about the types of guys they like. The whole demand-supply issue is more of a factor than race.

7. My other white friends have reported getting no matches and quitting, so it is possible that the picture has a huge factor to do with results.
In Scottsdale AZ, I ran Tinder auto app and got tons of likes from pretty hot girls @ about 5%. It all depends on the male-female ratio and hotness level of girls in your city.

Game on player: yes America is still a little racist. We’ve come a long way. There’s nothing stopping you from getting yours, just maybe a wall or two to jump over.

Further Testing

1. Tinder seems to have some issues on their servers and sometimes a bunch of likes come in at once, it is possible our data was corrupted by some of their scaling issues. Most tests needed over a longer period of time, perhaps 1 week.

2. We can test response rate on Tinder by sending messages and see how down the girl is. I didn’t do this because it was too deceiving and I didn’t want to lead anyone on.

3. If you put a white guy in a suit vs. Asian guy in a suit, will percentages change?

4. Have a variety of male models with different “looks” emo. vs. classy vs. hunk and see which ones perform better. Have white and Asian models

5. Test Asian girls vs. black and white girls. Do they have an “Asian fetish” advantage, or does racism apply to Asian girls too?

Update: here’s the post, step by step, on how to make Tinder auto-like all matches.

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    77 Responses to “Is Tinder Racist? Statistical Analysis and Tricks to Win The Tinder Game”
    1. I stumbled across this article after having googled "where are all the Asian guys on tinder?" That's right, i have a very strong preference if you will- and I can't find my Asian hottie no matter how many boring ass who ties I right swipe. Also, I'm a white girl who "takes care of herself".

    1. Wow, this was super depressing. Any girl who "takes care of herself" can be white, 110 lbs, and short? I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Unless plastic surgery becomes involved in "taking care of myself" I can pretty much assume that I will still be brown, 36 years old, and 5'10" at the end of the day. If that girl is a 9, then every girl I know is like, a negative 1000. Realistically, girls don't get more serious attention on dating sites. Every guy from age 18 to 78 is online looking to meet a white girl age 18-25, who weighs less than 120 lbs, and they are more than happy to tell you to what extent you are none of those things. Hell, even a guy who was just doing a study to figure out if Tinder discriminates against HIM published this article stating that "any girl who takes care of herself can look like this girl". It wasn't exactly empirical, but I asked some friends why they swipe right on white more than other races. One of them is just a racist beyotch who admitted that she wouldn't want to bring any "other" race home to her racist parents. The rest said that white guys tend to be less judgemental than other races about what their body looks like. I'm not white, and this has definitely been my experience. I've dated Asian, Indian, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, and other Middle Eastern Races, and white. I pretty much just listed them in order from most to least judgemental of my body, from most to least likely to think that what MY body looks like should be THEIR decision. Since this article isn't for me, it's for teaching guys how to get a "perfect girl", I'm going to ignore it. And tinder, since girls like me apparently don't belong there or anywhere. Since eating right, working out five days a week, working 16 hours a day and being accomplished in my career are not considered "taking care of myself" Typical dating site advice double standard.... Dating sites are super racist and sexist....what's wrong with those skinny white girls we all want? Puh-leez.

    1. @Euclid: Latina American in the house, and I would never go out of my way to date a white guy, sleep with one, you must have us confused with some other group but my mama taught me about morals and values. Besides that I dated one, a pretty attractive one as a matter of fact and was too damm obsessive, controlling and was literally breathing down my neck for an entire year. To he-ll with these white guys, to me they strike me as clingy psychos. Loads of them can be super nice (and thank you for that,no worries I like ya'll but in a friendly way) not to add I've never had any trouble attracting them, I guess they like my look, but atm I want an East Asian guy. I like my man to have some flare to him, something that stands out, that's different. I have swiped right(?) on Tinder for all the cute East Asian guys on Tinder, so no thanks to white guys atm they seem to be going through some obsession with women of color or ethnic women over all, not into that creppy sh-it. Btw East Asian women, well loads of them in the City adore white men, I see them going after white guys all the time. Latina women nope, haven't heard one bragging about white guys for a VERY long time, they got over that faze many are going for Asian or Arab men if they go outside their race.

    1. The point I am trying to make is that white girls preferring white guys over other races is not racist - but a conformance to societal norm (though that norm is changing). However filipino/latino/asian girls preferring white guys - that to me is racist.

    1. Dope Euclid thanks for the data

    1. I ran some test on online dating site as well - as a regular white guy and a hot-model-type white guy. My intention was not to test the response TO guys, but from response FROM girls based on race. White girls response to White guys the most Filipino girls are most desperate for a white guy - agreeing to sex on first date as a precondition to a date Latino girls match filipino girls in meeting a white guy. Asian girls (excluding Filipinos) are guarded but quite open to meeting a white guy. Indian and Black girls are reluctant to meet a white guy

    1. alphawolf says:

      Yes, it really helps to get a statistically significant score for your looks in the real world

    1. OP, thanks for the study. It affirmed some of my thoughts. I consider myself attractive, and my last girlfriend (7+ years) was white and also attractive. I met her in college and never quested my looks but now getting back into dating, going online has proved less successful than I hoped. Maybe I'm not as good looking as I thought, but this article does make sense of my experience so far. I'm thinking I'll have to focus on my face to face interactions.

    1. mountedczarina says:

      Women can burn in hell.

    1. The fact that a lot of women are more attracted to white guys than to asian guys is not racism. What you're attracted to and not is never racism. You can't help what you're attracted to.

    1. Another blogger who doesn't understand what the word, "racist" even means. If girls prefer white guys, then that's their preference, asshole.

    1. Ok, as a Black Male who grew up in a White Area I believe I can give you some decent feedback. Racism and Dating is a bit different. If a woman doesn't choose to date outside their race, it in no way makes them racist. It's just a habit they picked up. It is "biased", that's it. Tinder is not "racist"unless they design algorithms to do "racist" things (i.e. get less looks, etc). You're more so getting a snapshot of American Society. The General public is not as smart or open minded as they want you to believe. I received an message back from an Asian woman I was attracted to. It seemed, by her profile we matched up wonderfully. However, her reply was "I don't date Black guys" which I respect her directness and reply. Remember now, we are a perfect match but her automated biased system says "you don't date black guys". It's a subliminal response that was programmed into her from birth and reinforced by society. This nice young lady had almost every other race listed as compatible, which tells me that she sees how the media has portrayed African Americans and has bought into it. You can't blame her for that.

    1. So what's the study of 41 year old black women who don't look 41, In NYC. I have have decent experience, I actually didn't expect any responses at all.

    1. Marcus Aurelius says:

      "Women just have much more streaming inbox messages than men." So, Tinder is also SEXIST.

    1. Lol @Ariel above. She's just mad because she can't find a black guy to go out with her.

    1. So you just act like there aren't any black people on tinder and not do a test?

    1. this entire article and experiment is bullshit - firstly, your "data" has been disproved by people i know, as well as some of the users on this page. and more importantly, preference in what someone thinks is attractive (externally) is a PERSONAL OPINION - NOT A RACE ISSUE. if someone is attracted to a certain race, who the fuck cares. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    1. Women don't respond to your photo in the way you respond to theirs: Women are looking for social cues in a much subtler way than men do. So you can't just expect women to respond like robots: muscle=value or suit=value. She's assessing your physique through the filter of her inferences about your character, and racial stereotypes are just one of these filters. Your choice of photos play into the common racial stereotypes: You've got the happy-go-lucky, at ease, socially connected normal white guy who will be very relatable to a majority of American women. By contrast, you've got Asian guys with flawless features, huge muscles, fancy suit all alone. In each case, the first profile photo was taken by themselves or by someone hired to take the photo -- In other words, the Asians all look high-achieving, but socially disconnected. Women are ABSOLUTELY looking at your photos for signs of human relationship and connectedness, EVEN if they just want a one-nighter. Some dating site recently published interviews with their most popular male & female users, both straight & gay. That is, the 4 people who receive the most messages on their site. All four are 7s or 8s. None of them are super hot. So keep in mind also that people are realistic about who is out of their league, so most people will favor those who are over-average, but not stunning.

    1. How accessible is Tinder data more generally? If I were to test for this I'd try to pull as much data as I could and look and response times for different races. This would first give you a much better sense of Tinder activity in general and also allow you to look for more nuanced effects. I would expect a strong ingroup bias such that people spend a longer time considering members of their own race vs. Other races. Overall white preference may be being driven by a disproportionately high base rate of white Tinder users suggesting that everyone is biased towards their own race (and to people similar to them in general -- which is a pretty well established psychological effect) rather than "racism" per se

    1. LOL, so you're a self-hater? Be proud of that. That must suck for you, considering white guys are even less open minded than their women.

    1. Update - It's been about a week and I've had 74 matches (I am not a liberal right swiper btw). Again, I am a black woman. The matches have been all white males with a sprinkle of Arab and Latino men (I left swipe all black men). So much for your 'data'.

    1. I'm a black woman and I've had great success on Tinder, so I'm not sure about your 'data'. 90% of the time when I swipe right it's a mutual match. I just hate when they message me saying 'I've never _______ with a black girl before.' Conversation over.

    1. georgegeorge says:

      you shouldnt have put up a shirtless pic of Caspian. if you actually read the profiles of some women, they will explicitly say they won't respond to a guy with a shirtless pic.

    1. [... Yes, Tinder is racist. Normal Asian guys need to break stereotype quickly and stand out to compete for white girls ...] And other girls aren't good enough? IMHO you don't know what racist is, common among racists . peace.

    1. people are like cars. Asians will only buy and drive asians cars. Then you have the rare asians who are into fords and corvettes lol. It's the same for Americans. They like American or European cars but some will drive asian cars. I use the car analogy because cars are made in the likeness of its creator. You can always tell whether a car is jap or white. IF you see my pic I am what a perfect 10 asian would look like. I Don't look like a model but I have the average asian face. Google average faces of all races. They are beautiful people. Which btw are only born once in a century, I've had quite a few white model 10's looking girls interested in dating me but I don't find white women all that attractive. They were pretty but just not for me. I've noticed people will only date in their league, even if I wanted to date an ugly girl the ugly girl would actually reject me. Weird right? But anyways my point is that mojority of people date within their own race and league. So say out of ten white girls, 3-2 of them will actually prefer a different race rather then their own. It's up you to find out which one has a pref for whom.

    1. No one is telling you that you cannot have an opinion; that is something YOU perceive to have been said. People are attracted to certain races, and this experiment is very telling in the way it reveals the patterns of these racial attractions. People are NOT biologically hardwired to like their 'own' race or people that look like themselves. This so called 'imprinting' mechanism, biological in existence, is still very much determined by social factors. Also, you not liking black girls has NOTHING to do with them being inherently or objectively less attractive or feminine. It's the value judgement that you place onto race which makes them less attractive. All these simple minded people on here just show what is wrong with society.

    1. Or people are attracted to certain races. Being attractive is not a right, being given equal rights is a right. I don't think black girls are attractive, in the same way I don't think really tall girls or really fat girls are. We are allowed to have opinions.

    1. YourHusband says:

      dunno about that, it's still pretty obvious that most white males you see in real life aren't that good looking; just take a walk around any public area in america and you'd be able to see for yourself. even in media, not every white actor is attractive. asian males who are masculine and non-ugly would be considered desirable as much of attraction is determined by human nature. if anything, they may do better than whites in some cases because they're seen as a novelty and not just another bland cookie cutter white male. this can also apply to latino or middle eastern men who do not fit the usual stereotypes

    1. Great ideas thanks Sean

    1. I notice two flaws in your experiment. These two flaws have been mentioned on past dating tip websites I've ran across. Candid vs Photoshopped Photo You took an obviously non-Photoshopped candid photo of a white guy then compared it to a very professionally shot, probably Photoshopped photos of the other guys. I would choose a non-Photoshopped candid photo of a 7/10 girl than one that is obviously Photoshopped to hell (doesn't even look like them anymore) 9/10 or 10/10 girl. Fun vs Planned Photo Tinder is for hookups. In terms of priorities the girls aren't choosing on who makes a lot of money, is successful, is a good father figure, etc. They are looking for fun. Which of the guys looks more fun? Which of the guys appear to be more approachable? I bet if you changed your photo to something of you in what looks like a fun scene with friends, your conversion rate will go up.

    1. Tinder isn't racist.... seriously? So you're saying "good looking" asian guys, all things being equal, will lose to "good looking" white guys. Great controls in the experiment too, because I don't see any black guys, hispanic guys, indian guys, etc. It's this kind of shit that people don't find attractive. Asian guys are typically petty. I live in Asia and it's interesting because the guys are petty but the girls are not (with some rare exceptions). Your website is called "God of Style". Zero irony? God. Of. Style. Dude, first, you're not the "god" of style. Second, if you were, you'd have a shred of modesty. It's this kind of petty, aloof, unfounded arrogance that is making asian dudes look worse and worse. It's totally base shit. Girls are attracted to tons of different traits other than looks. I'm a fucking fat dude and I get an insane amount of attention from girls. It's a vibe that Asians are generally not nailing. The only reason Asians do well with other Asians is probably due to racism. Why are you even writing this article by the way? Are you miffed because you think you should be getting more attention? This article is the reason why you aren't getting likes. "You’ll have to believe me when I say I’m [an] 8.5." Are you seriously that fucking delusional kid? Your photo makes you look like a contrived piece of shit. That's why girls aren't into it. If you're thinking, "Hey, I'm the bomb! Why aren't girls into me?" then you're already putting off a vibe that girls don't like. Wake the fuck up.

    1. "And don’t bring up the hair color preference here because in most cases,we are quite flexible on things like hair or eye color. We may have certain preferences, but they’re often not deal breakers. In contrast, race often stops everything before it can even begin." That is a VERY good point and I can't say I ever quite thought of it like that.

    1. You should come to France one of these days, Pepe. Shit is crazy over here: you better not have a surname that sounds too exotic or else you'll never get a proper apartment (and the whole Charlie Hebdo bsnss didn't really help the situation). Remember watching a documentary a few years ago a mayor from Spanish origins changing his first name from Domingo to Dominique because it was less 'embarassing'. *sigh* Interesting study, and that'd definitely be cool to see a 'girls' version of it. Oh and Vince Lin is freaking gorgeous

    1. I tried the experiment here in Manila, Philippines. I put an average looking white guy with lean physique and described him as an expat looking for NSA fun. He got over 100 matches in 48 hours. Mostly from locals and maybe a few tourists (white). I made another one but this time using an above average looking local but with no description. He got only about 30 is 48 hours. Conclusion: Go to Manila and say you are a tourist and get laid. Cheers!

    1. Thinkitthrough says:

      The same is true in Asian countries. The non-Asian males tend to be less successful than the Asian males. It's just a matter of upbringing and environment.

    1. To those who say that claiming that you're not attracted to a certain race is totally unracist. Think of what you're doing when you're making a statement like that. You're making a value judgment. When we say that we're not attracted to overweight people, we're making a value judgment that fit is more desirable thanfat. When we say we're not attracted to ignorant people, we're making a value judgment that informed is more desirable than dumb. When we say we're not attracted to rude people, we're making a value judgment that kind is more desirable than mean. And so forth. And don't bring up the hair color preference here because in most cases,we are quite flexible on things like hair or eye color. We may have certain preferences, but they're often not deal breakers. In contrast, race often stops everything before it can even begin. So what value judgment are you making with regards to race? A lot of people seem to be saying that same-race relationships are more desirable than interracial relationships. Okay, that's somewhat understandable because we do seek people with whom we can share particular experiences and cultures. But when it does come to race, it seems to be saying that White is more desirable than non-White, at least when it comes to men. It's awfully convenient that in a White male-dominated world, White men seem to get sexual privileges over other groups of men. Even many non-White women prefer White men! In contrast, White women show the lowest rates of interracial attraction out of all groups of women. This can't just be a coincidence. Much like how almost every other segment of society is tilted to favor White people, especially White males, so is dating.

    1. There is one other conclusion I can draw from this. It is much better to grow a pair and hit on a woman face to face, the very fact you are using tinder means you are already emasculated to the point that you cannot talk to and ask women out on dates in real life, so if you have been using all those finapix myspace facebook tinder shiet trying to find a lady, you just screwed yourself.

    1. I'd also like to see the results like Adam above asked. Must be interesting to know. Great test BTW! I don't believe Tinder is racist though. ;)

    1. Please tell us also about the quality of the matches for all the types. If the asian model and white model both get x number of matches are the girls who swiped yes for the white guy hotter?

    1. You guys gotta gtfo of America and travel. American women are prudes. I recently spent about 8 days in Korea, and in that time I probably got twice as many matches in a 4 week period back home as I did in Korea. All of my matches were expats, mainly white and I matched up with very few of the locals. I guess it's true what they say about Korea- it being a homogenous society. After Korea I traveled to Hong Kong for about 4 days. Let me tell you something, the rate at which I was matching up with chicks there was Un-Godly. I had a total of 45 matches, got 6 numbers, and went on a date with at least 1 of them. I actually set up a date with another chick but went the first one because sounded she was more open and fun. It wasn't just the locals I was matching up with but also some of the expats there. At first it was exciting, to realize I was getting results I never got before this but at the same time depressing because it was all going to be shortlived. So I made the best of it and tried every tinderline there was known to man. It's amazing to see how much your mindset changes when you go from state of scarcity to a state of abundance. Sure enough when I got back home my results plummeted. I tried to analyze everything I did and even left the same pics and profile before and after I left. It wasn't that white chicks didn't like me, or I was unattractive or not good looking enough. The most logical conclusion I could come up with is that home grown American women- regardless of ethnicity are ethnocentric. In other words if you're not white you're almost as good as being a foreigner.

    1. You have no idea :). The US is paradise for minorities compared to Australia. The immigrants just stick to themselves and live in their own communities. Their prime minister said in a speech a few months ago that Jesus intended a place for everyone and everyone has their place. This from a country formed by convict immigrants :D

    1. It's not really Tinder itself that is racist but it's more of a reflection on our society and Western culture. Being white is strongly idealized in our society's media (look at films, TV shows, novels). The sexy, protagonist that serves as viewers' hearthrobs are almost always white. Western society also sees Easter society as feminine, weak and oriental versus the Western society's masculine, strong and traditional. Thus while asian females do get some screen time on shows and movies, and are seen as sexy and desirable, the asian male is seen as effeminate and weak. The stark lack of asian males in media (try finding one asian that's not there for comedy or kung-fu) in any role as a protagonist has had a profound effect on the way that they are viewed in Western society. Asian males should develop some coordinated system of advocacy that promotes a healthy representation of other cultures in the white-dominated media. In any case, I also just wanted to say congrats on outperforming Cas.

    1. i don't think most of you, definitely the author here, know what racism is. Look up the definition. It is about thinking one race is superior to another. It doesn't make someone a racist if they are not attracted to a certain race of people. People like what they like. It is ok not to be into a certain type of race, that doesn't make a person a racist. I won't argue the results or the experience of any social app user, but let's find a better word than racist. You are watering it down with your usage and its a slap in the face to anyone who has to deal with actual racism.

    1. Australians themselves are "immigrant" spawn of all of Europe's generates, criminals and really think they understand and are tolerant to something as complex as race?

    1. You do realize that Asian guys aren't the only minority, right? I can understand you're ethnocentric as all hell and consider yourself on the level trying to show the world you're better than White guys...but so are Black and Latino guys...truth is, that same OKCupid study found Asian women as the pickiest and Latinos in general as the most desired...could your ego not be able to take seeing some of these White and Asian girls wanting Black and Brown cock? Strive for more in life than being a banana.

    1. Interesting article, even here in Brazil most of people care about race, but here is basically about being black or not, in south is even more distinct.

    1. Sorry, but I find that hard to believe. No guy is going to get that percentage of girls interested in him, even in real life with someone who is a rich famous celebrity.

    1. Freddie Wong says:

      Is Tinder racist? No. Is wanting to date someone of the same heritage as you racism? Would you fault a black girl for wanting to be with a black guy? Did you run your experiment using Tinder in Thailand or Singapore? What about in Africa? I think you'll find that an Asian is most likely to be popular in most Asian-majority countries, etc. White people who live abroad in excess of a year become *much* more attracted to people in the nation they are visiting. So what's going on here? Not racism. People are just psychologically proven to be attracted to those who they perceive as similar to them:

    1. I made a few videos on my Youtube expressing the topic on this. Was pointed to this video by a viewer. My only piece of advice for everyone reading this is simple: Taking the wrong thing out of this article will only hurt you and not benefit you. Also, this is not conclusive evidence. There are variables unaccounted for such as the group/friends effect. King booth had pictures with a bunch of friends while the asian pics were Loner pics. Finally, the difference of a fraction of a percentage cannot be stated as statistically significant until some mathematical statistics regarding p^2 were used to make sure.

    1. Sexual market value? White race value is real? White women going extinct? Sounds like a classic 1700s white supremacy argument to me. Totally valid, white power, let's preserve our superior heritage.

    1. My experience is pretty much on par with Mando's. I must have swiped 100 yes's for one measly woman who actually messaged me. I swiped about 20 yes's for her but turned her down thinking something better was coming down the pipe. I was wrong. I would swipe another 80 for zero new matches. It's rather depressing and emasculating. My eHarmony isn't doing much better either. P.S. I do work out and have more muscles than I did before. It does frustrate me to white guys with no game getting dates. And it frustrates me to no end to see Asian women dating white guys. I truly feel sorry for these self-hating bitches, but not as sorry as any boy children they have. Kids, your Mom's a witch.

    1. All this talk of 'racism' is absurd, as if you had some sort of right to date outside your race, that women of other groups had an obligation to make themselves available. Since most of that boils down to the degree which white women will date non-whites whats the problem there? Anyone? (It also tells us that white women have, on average the highest SMV, that means race is real, that means 'racism' is not) OK, there arent enough white women to go around, if every non-white feels they have some right to date (and mate?) with white women there will very soon be none at all will there, what with whites being only about 10% of the worlds population.

    1. Lol i think my tinder is broken I dont get nothing - i'm a black guy, consider myself about 7.5-8.0 out of 10. I have to swipe through about 50-60 white chicks before I get to a black chick, it's tiring - they need to give you an option to seperate it by race or something. My friends tell me "Just spam the like button, you haven't got time to go through each profile one by one"

    1. @Brady so you're at 2.35%, which city are you in? How long was the sample (how long did you wait until counting the 47?) I think Tinder has some lag issues when I conducted this experiment months ago

    1. This can't be right. I'm East Asian and nowhere near as good looking as those guys and I still got 47 matches after about 2000 swipes in 24hrs.

    1. Sup homie. Sorry shouldve asked your permission first ;) thanks for being cool

    1. Squattincassanova says:

      You called me Prince Caspian lol. Apparently the bodybuilding community found this blog post.

    1. JamalsBBCLife says:

      I'd like to see some analysis re: who those profiles matched with. I'd suspect that Vince Lin would get a lot of Asian matches, while Prince Caspian would get a lot more white/black matches. Some more further things of note: Prince Caspian (SquattinCassanova) has a great body, but he's really not a good looking guy at all. Vince Lin is very good looking but his picture kinda looks like a stock photo or an old-timey photograph (ie not authentic). Harry Goodwins is extremely good looking but he's also very skinny. I wonder what the results would be like if you found a good looking male white model that was also jacked.

    1. Cute= Hot = See the difference? ;)

    1. Lol Asians complaining about racism. Asian people are much more racist than white people.

    1. Could you please explain reason #3 more? I get your drift on the first part about more hot than cute, but what do you mean by "more feminine" not getting results? Did you mean "not feminine"? I checked out Gigi's Facebook profile. Yeah I suppose swimsuit pictures do help when it comes to being a female on Tinder.

    1. If you are an Asian girl, lots of my white friends like that. Asian fetish. Usually Asian girls do NOT get results for a few reasons: 1. The Asian girl is overweight 2. The Asian girl is too "Asian". Culturally there needs to be some overlap, like, she has pics with white friends not just Asian people 3. More "hot" than "cute" (Kawaii!) and more feminine. Checkout any of the Asian girl American market models and emulate them. Here's one of my friends:

    1. Lmao! By the way this article was really interesting, good data analysis and all that. My friend linked me to it because he we both decided to use Tinder for a week and see what it's like. These were my personal results: Nobody liked me. I liked 3 profiles (all white guys - because 98% of the profiles that popped up in my geographical area were white guys) and I got one response. I've resigned myself to not being likable on Tinder. Oh it's a hard life.

    1. Thanks Angela. If someone asked me if I eat dog I would be like "woof woof! Woops. I had too much puppy last night!"

    1. I agree with Con - Australia is worse. No doubt racism exists just about everywhere in the world, but in Australia being 'Australian' is tied up with Whiteness. Even though many non-white people are born in Australia, white Australians may not regard them as Australian enough. I'm Asian-Australian and when I was younger I would get asked a lot by (white) adults "What nationality" I am. When I said Australian they'd keep probing. "Where were you born?" and an assortment of questions you might get asked at an immigration and customs interview. Most people asked in a friendly tone, just wanting to make small talk, but after I revealed that I was 'Chinese' that's all they'd see. "Oh so you're Chinese. Do you eat dog?" and other stupid questions. John Oliver was right when he travelled to Australia and said that Australians are casually racist. It's very common to categorize people by race here. I find that older people (baby boomer or older) tend to be more racist. Younger generations born after 1975 were raised in a more multicultural society so I rarely encounter racist remarks or attitudes from younger people.

    1. I though Australia would be more open since its close to Asia and gets a lot of Southeast Asian immigrants?

    1. Australia is even worse and more backwards than any western country out there....

    1. Hey Chris thanks for the data 1. I did this in San Diego and Scotsdale, AZ. I noticed in late 2013 that Tinder app was slow and sometimes, matches that updated would take more than 24 hours. They would all come in at once. I think this problem has been fixed on Tinder's servers since. 2. The script is called Tinder Autoliker. Google Android marketplace banned it, so we've been transferring the data from phone to phone manually 3. For bigger cities I think people have stuff going on sometimes I don't check Tinder for 1-2 days and I only converse with girls 1-2 days later between messages. Some people are hardcore users, others less so.

    1. I've recently been running some Tinder experiments of my own like what you guys did above. I have a white guy that's definitely top 10% looks though not quite as modelesque as the guy Harry Goodwins you have above. He is more of the all-American former college athlete sort of look. The conversion rate he got was 23.5%. This was tested in a medium-sized city in the south after clicking yes on the first 2,000 girls that came up. I'm not sure why the guys you used got such low conversions. Maybe running it in different cities would've yielded vastly different results. I also tried the same thing with a very handsome black guy who is also top 10% in looks. He only got a 0.6% conversion ratio in the same city. The white guy got 37x the response of a comparably good-looking black guy. One other thing very importantly, where can I find that script that automates the right-swiping function? I want to try this experiment in different cities using different races/looks of guys to see how well they do in various markets. Having to click 2,000 girls manually by hand is tiring and time-consuming. One last thing, 24 hours is about all you need when waiting for matches. I've tried this experiment with my own photos multiple times and found that 95% of my response come in the first 24 hours. Even when I left it up and running for 4 days at a time. Beyond about one day, matches stop coming.

    1. @ Chris Keep in mind that some people don't check Tinder regularly and I did it on a 24 hour basis. She probably would have gotten more replies within 1 week timeframe. So 1/4 25% swiped yes on her within 24 hours.

    1. When I see the 26% conversion ratio of the girl my first thought was "what?? 3 our 4 guys swiped left on her???" I'd think her conversion ratio would be 100%. That girl is hot.

    1. @Pepe Sorry but I don't find that the British are that racist, compared to some other countries. Every County has its fair share of racists but for me personally, I have found that Turkey has been the worst.

    1. Just wondering what the results would be if u changed all the Asian profiles to white and change the white to Asian, but leave the profile pictures up.

    1. I would love to see how other races of men would do compared to a White male, say a visibly looking Latino or a Black male just to see if it is bad for all minority groups or some. You also ran the experiment in AZ which has a fairly liberal scene, why not in Texas and other areas to see if it makes a difference?

    1. Tinder isn't racist.. white people are. Actually white Americans aren't so bad.. its the British who're really very racist .. I mean literally every white British man, woman and child participates in institutionalised ritual race hate..... fully endorsed and encouraged by the British government and the media.

    1. In every country the minority race is always at odds you just have to work harder to stand out. Compared to 10 years ago we're much better off now than ever

    1. The UK is just as bad for men, especially for ethnics.

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