Next Level Game

I’m walking along the boardwalk of Pacific Beach in San Diego, and enjoying the view. Guys or so called “PUAs” come out to greet me, and we go picking up girls together. Over the next few weeks, I notice that I’m the only one talking to and hooking 9s and 10s. While different guys have different tastes, these guys are approaching and talking to girls who were a bit fatter, or less attractive than I would like.

So I start hanging out with my natural friends. Sometimes they get tables at bars, and naturally have hot female friends. We have a good time, and I leave the table of “familiar friends” to approach random girls. I bring them to the party. Here, we have synergy. Whereas my guy friends are super cool, they do not possess the ability to chat up complete strangers. My ability to bring “new blood” to the table and the group accelerates my social currency I bring to the table. Instead of a bunch of PUAs fighting with each other, or trying to learn game, now we have a social value that is the highest in the room.

Over the last few months, I have been revisiting why I left the bay area, and also why at some point, I start building a bit of resentment towards my friends. Now, however, I do not resent them. When all the surface level tension is washed away, I realize that I myself need to face the fear of change – the next step. My new friends, who will travel along with me to the next level. This happened 2 years ago, and will continue to happen as long as I take the path less traveled.

Over the past 7 years, I have gone to a naive virgin to a guy who understands how to navigate throughout the world.

This section will be dedicated to my thoughts and revelations in my journey of “next level game”.