Day 2 Logistics

December 3, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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I had 3-4 dates and no lays for the last 2 weeks, which is a bit frustrating. I would think that its not a big deal, but then circumstances change the it is hard to get the girls out again! Yes, the dates themselves were ok not “love of my life” situation, but I should have closed anyway. It is a HUGE waste of time, money, if a date ends up being nothing.

I used to have salsa class with the girls and it goes extremely well, however I have been avoiding the salsa scene due to my ex, and have been taking girls out for dinner/drinks. This is getting expensive and boring. Time to change it up.

Todd hit on all the things I was thinking about on my last 3 dates

FR 11/30/2013

December 2, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Going out Sat night I was on a date annoying bay area girl

She’s super annoying. I should have ditched her, however I learned to have a icy face and IOD a lot. She’s super sarcastic and negative. Next time, I will just leave to pick up a new girl.

I learned to stay icy and be unreactive to her comments because if I laughed or showed my real self, she’ll play this sarcastic game like she’s always in control. Bay area girls do that yes it is a stereotype. What I got out of it was to learn to stay calm under pressure, and that even on dates or drinks girls can give you a hard time, its all part of the game until you mentally “defeat” her and she genuinely feels attraction and falls for you. If the girl was worth it… that is what I would do and endure to get her.

Before I meet the date girl HB8 I get a HOT blonde’s number but the interaction was short and I should have qualified a bit more, and texted with her on the spot. Also I ran up to her to hide her tag too much commitment, should have said, “you’re welcome cutie” instead of “hey I love you” eyes.

After she drops me off I walk back for another 3 sets on the street that turns into 5.

I really enjoyed it!

  1. 1st set hot blonde with part Asian girl, went every well. They wanted me to stay and talk, however they both had boyfriends so I just FB close.
  2. 2nd set girlfriend took her away but super hot blonde was nice. Would not give number said she can’t and she has to leave.
  3. 3rd set didn’t go anywhere but it was funny trying to run down sets going home at 1:45am

FR 11/29/2013

December 2, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Set 1 – banter on the street

I opened a young girl as a warm up set, she’s 19 and we chatted for a big .She has a boyfriend of 3 years. Cute. I gave her a hug. I hugged another blonde and we stopped them at the light for a  bit, then I lost them when I said something, her friend pulled her away. I lost the friend I should listen to the audio again to see what I said (*AUDIO NOTE)

Set 2 – group set, asshole nice guy, annoying girls, hot but stupid drunk blondes

I opened a girl who gave me a rose. I held the rose and for the rest of the night got opened by girls about it. Great prop. We talk to some dumb blondes who were exactly my type, super skinny and hot faces. The guy they were with was annoying, he would jump in and interrupt and pretend to be nice, but actually was passively aggressive. I asked him who his girlfriend was and he pointed. The 2 hot blondes were obviously drunk, they had these dead eyes and couldn’t even speak properly. I end up gaming the less attractive brunette, but the guy was just being really annoying and interrupting. Y winged me for a bit, which kept him busy, but they soon got confrontational, and I decided it wasn’t worth it. I was getting annoyed the group wasn’t that interesting and both the blondes had serious boyfriends. I did learn though that sometimes overzealous guys will try to cockblock you, if you want the girl, you have to go for it. Read more

FR at Typhoon Taco Tuesday

November 27, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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In the beginning, I was afraid. The scene at Typhoon was chill and there were a lot of social circles. The guys only came in later without girls. Around 9:30 at night the sound amps up and things get moving. Girls are dancing, drinks are filled, etc. I again spent $5 on cover and gas as my expenses.

You can get over the fear by relying on your social circle and friends, or you can figure out how to always depend on yourself and have confidence in your own presence and move forward in life. I chose the latter. Some of the guys that came later went super hard and we were able to do some damage.

My first set was super cool, 5 girls 4 from Sweden. One of the blondes is perfectly my type. I hooked, Jesse came in, and we had a good time. I knew I couldn’t break them it was too early in the night so I left on a high note.

We will re-engage the girls later on in the night and I get the brunettes number. However, the blonde I meet again and I kiss her gently. She’s down. But I remembered she had a boyfriend, and I said goodbye. I regretted this. I should have gotten her number and hung out with her today or tomorrow, before she left on Friday. She was wearing very little clothing and was hot, and she had those big anime eyes when she looked at me. The pain of kicking myself in the foot will remind me of this lesson. Go for the close.

In the beginning we had a group of guys and it was too chill, more group vibe. And we only had 1 girl. Still, a group of guys can chill but our overall energy was low. Read more

Field Report from Sat 11/23/2013

November 25, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Last Saturday I went out and recorded 4 hours of in-field footage. This was 4/4 days I went out this week, and I was tired. I was out all week and also during the day, and its raining a bit, and here I am at it again.

As I was walking to the bar I was thinking that “maybe this isn’t worth it?”

But then I realized, it has only been a week and I’ve been here before. I have been avoiding the analysis of my audio because I was afraid of the things I would find, may be too hard for my ego. I banished those thoughts aside and marched on.

I was feeling tired and a bit burned out and realized that this happens when I am not getting the results I want. But it has only been 1 week and I need to re-assess what works and what doesn’t. I have been doing this long enough to know that this is a scientific 20 mile march and the winner is the one that follows the process and records and measures his success and failures.

I do want to have some social events need to balance out cold approach pick up, simply because I am feeling a bit lonely and disconnected from cold approaches. I am going to plan some events this week for social circle and just getting back in touch with my friends. I also need to continue to train my body as well as my mind, staying healthy and working out regularly.

Remember that I am not going to the kill, this is not a results-oriented march, I am after the skill-set. When the skill set is installed, the results will happen automatically.

Re-scheduled call with Psyche for Tuesday, I will follow-up with him and review all my FRs and audios.

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