My New Gauntlet Goals for Sep 2013

September 8, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Goals in September

  1. Finish the ebook (text and all content)
  2. Finish optimizing the whole channel of all my seduction sites
  3. Throw a big summer party and invite everyone you’ve met so far. No value taking, only value giving. Get 1:1 girl guy ratio at least
  4. Talk to 1 person that has offended you and that you’ve frozen out and be at peace with them. If they are still hostile at least try to understand them
  5. Create the new web design site with a full value proposition for Honeyplex Studios
  6. Create or find one process or social connection that provides access to hot, high quality girls consistently
  7. Create massage sessions or get them scheduled to keep RSI under control when working
  8. Spend at least 2 days (weekend) with guys from the mission and do non “pick-up” stuff

How To Fall Out of Love

August 29, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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This book saved my life and I wanted to share it with you.

how to fall out of loveBuy Now Button

They say that time heals all things, but the truth I have come to realize is that you can proactively change your thinking patterns to achieve your goal in life. Controlling your emotions, instead of letting your emotions control you. I found the interview with Michael Jordan pretty amazing. Look at how he thinks when dealing with his father’s murder on Oprah.

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Gauntlet Day 23-25

Scott is in Hawaii, called him last night and chatted for next steps.

Lesson 1: when alone in field don’t respond and give single strangers power to define your state. You’re going to have great sets and bad sets, some people will love you, others will not like you. Same in salsa scene, unless you have social proof with friends.

Lesson 2: When done correctly, a lot can happen very quickly. You just have to find the right formula. Traditional thinking believes that

  1. you need time to heal
  2. take time to make friends

The truth is, there are behavioral techniques that can accelerate your results in all areas. Take a look at Tony Robbin’s breakthrough series, I thought those were great at identifying what needs to change in each person’s life and their scenario.

Lesson 3: Need fun added into work. I am not looking to change the world, despite my admiration for Steve Jobs and Woz. My goal is happiness on all levels – this require a strong path of work and also sharing what I can with my friends and family and lover.

Having fun in between tough working sessions feels right. Sitting in front of a computer a lot and working a lot does not feel right. Need breaks of fun time.

Gauntlet Day 22

August 26, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Today I went to the gym, spent all day cooking and doing calls and responding to emails. I got a bit lost in the clutter and only now at 9pm am I sitting down and writing my ebook.

Gauntlet Day 15-21

August 25, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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The last week has been cray.

I quit my job. Well, I gave notice to quit starting 1/1/2014. There’s no going back on this one. So my job now is the cut costs where possible, and spend money on 1-2 key projects that I know will pay off. All the BS is gone, and now it is clear precision and focus.

This is a good time too since I am still in love with my Ex, and channeling my energy into my work helps me focus and forget about her. I am also not in the mood to be intimate with other girls.

I also got to volunteer for fashion week San Diego, which I believe will be an awesome event.

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