March 2012 Income Report

April 4, 2012 by Vince Lin  
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March Total Profit= $225

AlphaCasual Productions
50% Ownership Revenue= $2000
Expenses = $200
Net profit = $1800

Honeyplex Revenue = $225
Expenses= $1800
Net profit = -$1575

1. As you guys can probably tell if you are an avid reader of mine I am rounding off a bit to avoid all the math and excel stuff which we DO keep on the other side of each business. For the purposes of this income report (general lessons and tracking my progress) I’ll round off to the closest digit.


2. Honeyplex is bleeding expenses for 2 reasons. One, we hosted a party for Resonance Social that cost $700+. Two, linkbuilding costs from last month carried over with $500+. These are the last link building expenses from a previous costly mistake. The error will be corrected this month as link building goes back down to about $30 per month. Resonance Social investment keeps us in the clear socially on the next frontier. I will be working on this fulltime post some other projects, as we make inroads into the social scene, which is what Honeyplex was designed to do from the very beginning.


3. Aside from that, ACP is making bank as PUA Lingo continues to deliver stellar results. Even at 50% equity, it is garnering enough revenue to pay for rent + food. We should follow its business model for another lucrative market.


4. Finding others like you takes time, however when you do, cherish them. When the money starts pouring in, that’s when it becomes difficult to see people’s true motives. Right now, while we are still struggling, is the time to seek out true intentions and true friends.

February 2012 Income Report

March 18, 2012 by Vince Lin  
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February Total Profit= $1190

AlphaCasual Productions
50% Ownership Revenue= $1700
Expenses = $500
Net profit = $1200

Honeyplex Revenue = $310
Expenses= $320
Net profit = -$10

  • I am using ACP revenue to fund my Honeyplex projects. However in doing so, I am taking some liberty with expenses. Need to be more careful with expenses as if I was only running Honeyplex myself and without a budget. When we started ACP, our budget for expenses was only 200-300 a month. Therefore if forced us to make good decisions on marketing and those decisions are still paying off to this day.

Social Platforms

March 17, 2012 by Vince Lin  
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Bill Gates coined the original concept of the “platform”. It was first used in technology to describe the idea that one channel of processes can control or serve as a base of operations for the rest of the technology. A nexus, if you will, that others must pass through in order to reach the user or source.

Gates was able to pioneer the PC (Personal Computer), and this became a technology platform. In his domination of the PC market, other software, hardware and service providers had to go through the Windows operating system. With Windows 95, Microsoft ware able to take over the world using technology.

The search platform was pioneered by Google, at a time when no one thought search was important! People disregarded it was a useless function until Larry and Sergey began experimenting on the Stanford campus. Now, Facebook and Twitter are starting to develop the first social platforms and even reaching (as in Facebook’s case) saturation. New social networks will not be able to compete with Facebook’s level of integration to real world identities and their connections.


So I got to thinking – what about social platforms and cultural memes? Are there platforms in social hierarchies that require anyone else to go though after a certain point?

For example, it used to be that if you went on Jay Leno, you were considered “made”. An author being mentioned on Oprah was ensured millions in sales. Are these social platforms still in play?

Are there local social platforms? That iconic club everyone goes go, and where you meet the influencers of the city?

As I start thinking about social platforms, I can’t help but wonder – is there a way for all hot girls who aspire to be super icons to go through us?

Hugh Hefner was able to do this with playboy. Model agencies attracts girls from all places. GQ, Hustler, Esquire – anyone worth anything wants to be on the cover, and if we can establish such a company and such cultural significance, the hot girls of the world will go through us. Perhaps these should be called Cultural platforms, as social platforms is so synonymous with technology that enables us to localize reach across the Internet.


Mr Smooth. AKA Vince Chase Game

February 15, 2012 by Vince Lin  
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I am in between writing my book, doing a photoshoot and enjoying some parties I previously was invited do.

Therefore I will leave some quick lessons for you as I take a quick break on my computer.

Lesson 1: Mr Smooth Game.

Frame: I don’t need your pussy I’m on my own dick. (Kanye West)

When I had a girlfriend and I was at salsa club, I never hit on girls, I simply wanted to dance. Ironically, more girls found me attractive. I wasn’t selling anything, and I wasn’t nervous talking to them.

Frame: Everyone else is trying to fuck. I am just here to dance.

I am not trying to get anything from you. Therefore our exchange can only be based on that of mutual respect and value.

Lesson 2: Getting laid automatically brings about this state. It is like women can sense it.

If you just gave a girl head, don’t wash your face and go out. You’ll notice a distinct difference when women are next to you. I don’t think the same thing works for girls. I.e. more guys give her attention because she just gave a guy a blow job. Someone should test this.

Lesson 3: Asshole confidence vs. Calm confidence

Frame: You can make other people feel good and still feel good about yourself

Still, knowing when to take a stand. Depends on threat assessment (real fights, insecure guys). Letting some things go from guys who have no power, who pose no threat to you. Understanding when to fight for a RESULT, versus fighting for your own EGO.

Some girls will still look at your weird, even IF you just got laid and are relaxed. You just think they are weird. Your frame is MUCH stronger and it becomes reality. You can’t control a stranger’s reaction to you all the time. You can, however, control your frame and gain domain over their reality as your reality becomes stronger and is reinforced by the social situation.

Example of Billy Walsh. He started out as Asshole confidence, and ended Entourage as a calm, confident guy. Notice the difference. The asshole is a more interesting character on TV to watch. But, as friends, people like the calmer Billy Walsh better:

Top 7 Epically Tragic Love Stories in Video Games. For Valentine’s Day 2012

February 13, 2012 by Vince Lin  
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“The happiest times of my life was when I was in love” – Hugh Hefner



Valentines Day is upon us, and this year I wanted to compile a list of characters and stories from my favorite video games. Video games get a lot of bad wrap and the common stereotype of a gamer is this:

south park make love not warcraft

The truth is, I played video games growing up, and every now and then, I still play a really great game once in a while. I enjoy it. And I can say that as a kid, playing RPGs, King’s Quest, and other adventure games helped me with my learning skills and intelligence. Remember King’s Quest 4, where you had to type in commands for the princess to do in order to advance in the game? What about the organization of Materia in Final Fantasy 7? Regardless, here are my top 10 favorite tragic love stories in video games: [Spoiler Alert!!! If you haven't played these games and want to, don't read ahead in the story sections] Read more

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