How to Kill AA (Approach Anxiety)

August 9, 2011 by Vince Lin  
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One of the biggest challenges in game is getting over approach anxiety.We all feel it. A fear. An invisible wall that tells us, “it’s not right to talk to strangers”. Read more

Gaming 9s and 10s Series – Part 3: Dealing with Rejection from 9s and 10s

July 26, 2011 by Vince Lin  
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I want to fuck hot chicks…

The truth came out. I can no longer deny my true feelings. Despite my success at the early age of 20, I was, for reasons I could not explain at the time, miserable. I had a very prestigious job at a very prestigious management consulting company, I lived in a comfortable luxury apartment, and I was young and naïve.

young hot couple

Even before I had read The Game I realized that something was missing. How can a guy like me, who followed all the rules, and did everything right, not attract girls? Something didn’t add up. The Game gave me the words to describe the feeling that I had, and this kick-started the long journey into discovering who I really was and how we truly behave as social beings.

Right now, I am still on my journey. Rejection is tough. Read more

Style and Beauty at the Workplace: Do Good Looking Men and Women Make More Money?

Question: Do good looking men have it better in the workplace?


Beauty is a big advantage in the bedroom, but it is also an advantage in the boardroom.

Although it does not approach racism or sexism in magnitude, lookism appears to be a form of discrimination in the workplace. And a silent one. No one thinks that has been offered a lower salary because he is short! Good-looking men are more likely to get hired at a higher salary, to be promoted faster than unattractive men – Nancy Etcoff

Despite physical limitations (height, facial features), style plays a big role in one’s stature at work. Of course, being lazy doesn’t help. Ultimately, a good work ethic and a mastery of your skill set will ensure proper and competitive employment at all times. All things being equal, the guy who looks the most masculine and in control gets the highest salary. Keep in mind that there are differences in company culture and we are speaking generally. At Google, for example, the geekiest engineer may control the higher salary.


Despite his jarring personality, Entourage agent Ari gold still commands a room with his tailor fit suits and dominant attitude

Question: What about for hot women at work (corporate white collar)? Read more

My Interview with Ryker Koh on Style, Dating White Girls, and Making Money

AlphaWolf Style Interview

Interviewer: Ryker Koh
Guest: AlphaWolf (Vince Lin)
Date: June 2011
Subject: Dating White Girls, Interracial Dating, Racism in the US, Style, Men’s Style, and Making Money Online!
References: White Girls With Asian Guys, Men’s Style Seducing With Style

harold and kumar with white girls

June 2011 Income Report

June Net Income: $810.64

June ($1770.27)
  • 6/22/11 – $150.35 – clickbank
  • 6/22/11 – $211.57 – product sell
  • 6/21/11 – $91.30 – affiliate
  • 6/20/11 – $33.95 – affiliate
  • 6/13/11 – $450 – direct ad
  • 6/8/11 – $42.18 – clickbank
  • 6/8/11 – $153.00 – product sell
  • 6/3/11 – $444.00 – affiliate
  • 6/2/11 – $160.00 – affiliate
  • 6/1/11 – $34.00 – affiliate Read more

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