Marilyn Monroe: Lessons in Fame and Fortune

In finishing The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, I couldn’t help but compare and contrast her life with another star of her era, Audrey Hepburn. There are many differences between the two stars, including finances, children, family and fashion. Perhaps most importantly are the parallels between what makes their stars “sparkle”. Marilyn always invoked a sex goddess, with a child-like vulnerability. Audrey, on the other hand, had a royal way about her boy-ish like features that made you adore her. Unlike Audrey, Marilyn’s legacy delivered confusion, pain and hurt. Audrey’s legacy was one of charity and giving back to the world.

Press or no press, the timing and death of Norma Jeane added to the mysteriousness of her long recorded addiction to sleeping pills. Another star of the Fox studio in the 1940s was Elizabeth Talor. When she died in March 23rd of this year, the press coverage was minimal. Seeing a once beautiful girl age and slowly grow old perhaps takes the idealization of the sex goddess away. But reality sets in, and one must wonder if living life is a lot harder than simply dying. My lesson from Marilyn’s biography was her ability to charm. Her oscillating contrast of superwoman and vulnerable girl, and her ability to smile for the cameras and light up a room. All this she did despite her ongoing clinical depression.

Marilyn Monroe_angel_devil

The Beautiful Yet Vulnerable Marilyn (Norma Jean)

Another issue is that of wealth. The estate of Marilyn Monroe only had $4000 in her name when she died. Her estate started making money from her work and in 1977, finally paid her mother Gladys the money she promised from her will, years after her death in 1962. Wealth is the ability to make money and create money, while having all that you need. Simply spending everything you earn does not make you rich. Rather, making more than enough money and maintaining this stability for your needs and to make you happy – that, to me, is wealth.

“This is the story of a girl named Norma Jeane Mortensen. She thrived despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles and almost impossible odds. She created and became a woman more fascinating than even she believed possible. And in the face of her own failinga mind, she battled to keep that creation alive – not for her, but for us.

Indeed, Marilyn Monroe did exist. Even through the woman insider her was at times doubtful of that fact, we knew it better than she did. She spent so much of her energy, her own will, projecting an image of impossible beauty and ultimate joy. Yet, as the end neared, her experience of who she truly was drifted farther and farther from that ideal – until she found it impossible to pretend anymore. Her choice, as awful as it may have been, was this: Admit to the world that Marilyn Monroe had become nothing more than smoke and mirrors, or die. On August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe gave the world all she had left to give – the knowledge that she was, and always would be… ours.” – J. Randy Taraborrelli

Iconic Styles: Audrey Hepburn

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My interest in biographies grew from two things. First, an exploration of what to do with my life, now at the age of 27 and secondly, what life was like for some of the most desirable men and women in the world. Audrey Hepburn’s biography (written by American biographer Donald Spoto) was one of style, class and giving back to the world.

With sharp contrast to Marilyn Monroe, Audrey grew stronger with each bout of hardship and tended to avoid and not trust the public and the media. In fact, it is her very nature to keep to herself and drew even more attention to her from the press. Marilyn, on the other hand, fell victim to depression, plagued by mental illnesses and getting lost in her fame and, despite her high earnings, was always in financial dire.


Audrey’s style perhaps reflects her persona, catapulting her to one of history’s most iconic styles. Even today, people still say, “that’s so Audrey!” Attempting to figure our what make sher stylish, historians and friends remark: Read more

Interview with Next Level Lifestyles

Are you curious about what it is like to quit your job and work on an online business fulltime? Ever wonder how we started making money online?

Well, Courtesy of Tony Ryan from Next Level Lifestyles, here is a well organized interview with me and my business partner Kesh on our financial side of things for PUALingo and Seduce With Style. (I am also known as “Rich” by business partners). You’ll learn about:

  1. Our experience building a new site from scratch
  2. How we used AdSenese and our experience making money (or not) with that
  3. How we got direct advertisers
  4. How we developed the concept for both sites (idea generation)
  5. Our partnership with other dating coaches and websites

The ending questions and lessons are really good! Skip to 40:00 minutes if you are short on time.

pualingo seduce with style logos

Sorry for the static on the line. Enjoy!

AlphaWolf and Casual Interview with Tony Ryan on game and business

April 2011 Income Report

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April Net Income: $769.79

Total Business Income: $1539.58

Revenue: + $1641.11

  • 4/27/11 – $267.76 – Product Sales
  • 4/21/11 – $72.80 – Affiliate Sales
  • 4/15/11 – $114.02 – Product Sale
  • 4/15/11 – $243.86 – Affiliate Sales
  • 4/13/11 – $250.00 – Direct Ad Revenue on
  • 4/4/11 – $411.00 – Ad Revenue on
  • 4/1/11 – $264.17 – Product Sales
  • 4/1/11 – $14.50 – Affiliate Sales Read more

Bruce Lee and Game

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My recent growth in personal development comes from reading biographies and autobiographies of people I admire and find interesting. This includes characters such as Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Audrey Hepburn. The stories of celebrities and movie stars are far more interesting, I find, than business individuals drumming on about the latest management theories and whatnot.

Of these came the stories of Bruce Lee. From Bruce Lee: The Celebrated Life of the Golden Dragon (John Little) struck a particular chord with me due to its exclusive pictures that were provided by Linda Lee Cadwell


A Bruce Lee Interview:

Here are some quotes from the story that I related to my own life. Bruce’s philosophy regarding how to train in martial arts also apply to learning pick up, and any skill, for that matter.

A really trained, good actor is a rarity nowadays – that demand the actor to be real, to be himself. The audiences are not dumb today, an actor is not simply demonstrating what one wants others to believe he is expressing. That is mere imitation or illustration – but it is not creating – even through this superficial demonstration can be “performed” with remarkable expertise.

Pickup Translation: A really trained, good seducer is a rarity nowadays – that demand the artist to be real, to be himself. The girls are not dumb today, an artist is not simply demonstrating what he wants her to believe he is expressing. That is mere imitation, but it is not relating, even through imitation can be performed exceptionally well. Read more

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