February 2011 Income Report

March 6, 2011 by Vince Lin  
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February ($2304.26) – $76.81/day

$1152.13 a month for me

Affiliate Sales – $866.79
  • 2/21/11 – $123.20 – SGM
  • 2/10/11 – $70.00 – LS
  • 2/7/11 – $475.09 – GTS
  • 2/6/11 – $198.50 – CYC

Direct Ads – $200

  • 2/8/11 – $200.00

Product Sales – $836.97 + 100%

  • 2/18/11 – $215.93 – seduce with style
  • 2/5/11 – $621.04 – seduce with style

CPC Sales – $400.50

  • 2/3/11 – $400.50 – PUAT CPC

Expenses for February, 2011- $237 (syndicate meeting in LA = $200)

Net Profit = $1152.13 – $237 = $915.13

This month marks a new level of growth for us, breaking $2000 and $1000 each for me and my business partner. That covers my rent! If we can repeat this times 3, we will have $6000 a month and $3000 each. This is enough for my basic rent, food, and other miscellaneous payments.

The growth in revenue is due to a few things:

  • Hitting payout threshold for several affiliates. Other than luck, the affiliates have paid out to us finally as we hit over the $100 payout marks for some of their products running on rotation on PUA Lingo.com.
  • Product sales0 this added almost $1k to our bottom line. The Style ebook is doing well, but it could be doing so much better.
  • We did really well with GTS (not sure where the sales came from – must be from emails) and also from PUAT, CPC. Traffic is at an all time high as we continue to write content and do superior link building work for PUAlingo.com and Seducingwithstyle.com


  • We spent $1000+ on developing the ebook. This is a high quality book and I think it was worth it. However, the ebook sales can be MUCH higher. We are trying to figure out a way to revamp this whole system.
  • After optimizing the sales funnel, we will bring on JVs on board to sell SWS. This will be huge for us. Planning for this begins in March 2011.
  • I think we can do doing more, like launching a new site or building on an existing site in addition to the current tactics we are deploying.

small money change quarters


January 2011 Income Report

March 6, 2011 by Vince Lin  
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January ($973.85) – $32.46/day

$486 a month for me

  • 1/22/11 – $200.00 – Direct Ads
  • 1/20/11 – $155.10 – Affiliate sales
  • 1/13/11 – $50.00 – Ad space reservation
  • 1/4/11 – $368.75 – CPC Ads
  • 1/3/11 – $200.00 – Direct Ad 2

Expenses for January, 2011 – $118

Net Profit = $486 – $118 = $368

This month I made about $400 split 50-50 with my business partner. Not much, and not enough to cover food and expenses. We have been slowing down a bit as we are preparing for the Seduce With Style launch, and some of these product sales will come in next month.

Overall, I’d like to move away from depending on advertisers for money. It takes too much traffic and we are not negotiating the right deals. Our CPC ad can beat out $200 a month easily with our growth in traffic so we are actually losing money. No more selling direct ad space for less than $250 a month.

Our affiliate sales did ok this month, but the money came in through direct ad sales. As we move toward owning our own products the sales of these products will overshadow the advertising revenue we generate for PUA Lingo as we run our own ads.

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Days 22-23

March 6, 2011 by Vince Lin  
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For the past two days, I stayed mostly in my room working on the marketing plan for our current projects. We were working on implementing our learnings from the syndicate to our current business model. The biggest questions we had to answer were:

1) Create a test for your lead conversion page (squeeze, whatever it is) in Google Website optimizer. Even if you have no idea what to test, at least start some kind of test to get a % you can measure of current performance.

2) Work to optimize that as best you can. (We are optimizing via aweber forms and sign up rates)

3) Simultaneously, create a test for your current sales page. Start with the headline, intro paragraph, and offer. Those are the most important to test. (We are hiring someone to re-write our sales page)

4) Setup a test with your emails by sending them out as broadcasts through Aweber instead of automatically. This will allow you to test open rate and click-throughs. (We’ve setup new autoresponder sequences that we are tracking. Hopefully these will convert better)

At night, I will plan to go out and just practice game. My game has been getting better and now I am approaching 9s and 10s instead of semi-cute girls. More on this in a related post.

Days 19-21 Seduction Syndicate Learnings

This weekend Casual and I went to LA to visit the Masterminds behind the Seduction Syndicate (henceforth referred to as SS). The SS is a group started by one seduction marketer and now encompasses a large list of online marketers who own dating related websites.

Some of the folks we met this weekend are dating coaches, others are master marketers, SEO experts, content writers, lawyers, among others. We even had a few female coaches and even relationship and sex coaches. Everyone markets their business online in some way and specialize in Affiliate Marketing, Content Development, SEO and running successful and converting online websites.


Seduction Syndicate Meeting

Personal Thoughts

  • Maybe selling is helping and they are the same
  • 90% of people who buy books don’t make it past the first chapter (Tony Robbins) – people just feel good about buying a book because they think its a quick fix solution to the problem. Same is true for ebooks
  • Although these syndicate guys cut corners, they are just understanding and working the system. Is life a system of rules, or are they meant to be broken? Even so, they are doing it via marketing, which means that despite short-cuts, in the end a convincing argument must be made to the costumer to part with his money. Supply and demand are fundamental forces in a capitalistic society. This in itself is better than the survival of the fittest and men killing each other for property.
  • Co-competition can be friendly, people are friendly in general. Socially calibrated folks and high value people have a way of interacting that’s just very genuine, authentic and smooth, despite personality differences.

Day 18

February 24, 2011 by Vince Lin  
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Current run rate:

  1. ($2304.26) – $76.81/day, or 50% = $33.40 per day
I didn’t do any work for the business today other than check and maintain emails. For almost all day I was in interviews with companies as I pursued by intent of landing a full time job offer in the area. Tomorrow my business partner and I are heading to Los Angeles so I will be way from Days 19-21 until next Monday.
Something interesting I read in “Authentic Happiness” by the famous Dr. Martin Seligman on the patterns of positive emotions and negative, depressive periods of your life:
While you are coping with tantrums, pouts and whines, it is very easy to overlook the fact that your young children have a lot of positive emotion. Like puppies, little kids are (with exceptions) cute, playful, and sunny… positive emotion, we learned in Chapter 3 from Barbara Fredrickson’s work, has consequences that are broadening, building, and abiding. Unlike negative emotion, which narrows our repertoire to fight the immediate threat, positive emotion advertises growth. Positive emotion emanating from a child is a neon sign that identifies a winning situation for the child and the parent alike…
When a young organism (child, kitten or puppy) experiences negative emotion, it runs for cover – or, if there is no safe familiar location to hide, it freezes in place. Once it feels safe and secure again, it leaves its refuge and ventures out into the world. Evolution has seen to it that when young organisms are safe, they feel positive emotion, and they will reach outward and broaden their resources by exploring and playing.

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