I get it now. Male-Female Relations and Social Conditioning

January 18, 2014 by Vince Lin  
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I get it now.

This came to me through a series of piercing the social veil, and the last call P told me about his training with J. Dick (yep real name) and I get it now.

Men are dominant, and want to control women. Women, by nature are submissive and have a deep desire to be dominated and owned. So in success with women, one of the keys is to NOT ask for permission, and not care what she thinks. Simply dominate. Don’t reason, don’t logically change her mind. Just subcommunicate dominance and that you are a man. You will take her and own her regardless of what she thinks, because you understand as a man that by her very nature, she wants you to own her.

Social conditioning rules prevent this from happening. First, women have equal legal rights. Lots of positives. One of the negatives is that we start treating women like men. We wanted equality, what we got was “sameness” – Zan. But we are not the same.

If every man realized the truth, there would be pillaging and rape like we had throughout history. In fact, in 3rd world countries, although women have less legal rights in some, the male-women dynamic is preserved, unlike in more Westernized nations.

I don’t condone real rape, bullying or any type of abuse and unfortunately this happens. But in the game of pickup, I realized that you need do dominate her mentally. Sometimes you need to be physical and hold her down, lead her. Show her the truth of her nature as a woman and you as a man. This means not taking some excuse for an answer, and going for the close.

We are constantly reminded by social conditioning via movies, school, romantic tv shows, that we are supposed to be a gentleman and the woman needs to logically CHOOSE you. This is bullshit. Yes, you can play that game, but it is rigged. You’re either rich and provider. Even then, you’re not fulfilling her deepest sexual needs as a female. The only truth perhaps in pop culture lies in women’s romance novels. 50 Shades of Grey. Every romance novel has some type of male character that understands this underlying M-F nature, and knows that secretly she wants him to take her and own her. This is the tension that is created and why romance novels continues to be a billion-dollar industry mostly read by women.

Understanding this concept affects ALL areas of your life. People want to be lead. People want to be dominated and told what to do. You’re doing her / them a favor. They will perceive it as a favor. Other OGs or real men will not want that, and game will recognize game. But, for the majority of the population, this is true. Even the most powerful woman, on some level, wants a man strong enough to own her completely, mentally and physically.

Dope video

January 17, 2014 by Vince Lin  
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Courtesy of RSD.

“Its not win-lose. It’s win-learn”

FR 1/16/2014 Stripper Game

January 17, 2014 by Vince Lin  
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Almost pulled a stripper and her friend today.

There were many sets that went very well and banter was good, got 1-2 numbers but the crowed tonight was scarce and clicky.

I was going home on my own and I decide to hit one more bar. I run into stripper girl, and her friend. Immediately the vibe was on, so we hit it off. I played it cool and danced with them and we hung out. Stripper girl has ADD, and also emotional mood swings. She dances with me and uses her stripper moves. Interesting. Then I said, “sorry I don’t have any dollar bills” and she responds badly and goes to talk to a black guy. Yes it was a controversial thing to say but I think she mood swings anyway that’s how her mind works. Later on she hates him, then loves him again. Mystery mentioned the emotional seesaw of strippers in his field reports of the past, I just remained calm and eventually we walkout out, stripper, slightly fat blonde (with cute face) and me. I madeout with the blonde earlier she sort of kissed me. She liked the stripper too though so it was a threeway.

We bounced thank God to Bub’s that was still open, and they goto the bathroom for a long time. I talk to 2 other girls. They come back, we hang out for a long time.

At this point I am in new territory and learning every second. It is exciting and exhilarating.

Stripper: Ok we’re cool

Me: Shake on it Read more

Frame of Reference: How To Get A Hot Girl To Like You

January 16, 2014 by Vince Lin  
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There are some dumbass threads on Yahoo! Answers where clueless chodes answer the question: How Do You Get A Hot Girl To Like You? Fucking lame. Then I saw RSD’s post by Matt281 and suddenly he articulated a concept I’ve been thinking about for a long time: Frame of Reference.


“[Girl’s name], you are cute as fuck. We should probably hang out :)”

Say two different guys send the following text to a girl they recently met.

One guy is a fun, happy, unpredictable and playfully sexual dude who has his life together and goes on dates every week.

The other is depressed, angry, shy and needy, and hasn’t been on a date in months.

Do you think that, these two guys, sending the exact same text, will have the same response from the girl?

Absolutely not.

In fact, guy #2 probably won’t get a response. It’s not the text itself is so bad, it’s who it’s coming from and the intent behind it.

Let’s expand this to a bunch of other things.

If guy #1 gives a girl a compliment, she’s flattered and excited that he might like her. If guy #2 gives the same compliment, the girl thinks he’s needy and manipulative or “a creeper”

If guy #1 calls the day after, she’s excited that he took the time to call. If guy #2 calls, he’s needy and probably doesn’t have anything else going on in his life.

See the pattern?

Credit: http://www.rsdnation.com/matt281/blog/how-get-hot-girl-you

How fucked up is that? Or rather, isn’t that liberating? It is no longer your texts, but YOU. The same thing happens with online dating profiles. A guy model can say something like, “hey how’s it going” and get a response. Another less attractive guy can say, “hey how’s it going” and the girl thinks he’s a loser and a creeper.

The power of image is really important in life. She has to BELIEVE and perceive you to be, a man of high status, of value.

Before you go on calling women sluts or superficial bitches, we also do the same thing across the board. Scientific studies have shown that people like you and me, across demographic segments view more beautiful people are perceived as smarter and kinder. And, when have we not judged girls based on their looks? The truth is, no one knows what  she’s thinking or what she’s like. That’s why I approach 9s and 10s first in a bar. I’ve trained myself to not feel ANY hesitation walking into a bar and talking to the HOTTEST girl there. She’s just as likely to reject or like you as the next girl, so the percentages are the same. Why not get rejected or liked by a hotter girl over a less attractive one, if you don’t know any of them? Read more

FR Wed PB 1/16/2014

January 16, 2014 by Vince Lin  
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I arrived at 10pm to pacific beach and the scene was already happening. Tavern was good and the taco bars in between that and Garnett Ave has some cuties. I wandered to Shore Club and I saw lots of girls head in. I was right. I waited on the beach and meditated for a bit, thinking about what Angel said today. Was his view of the world right? Am I being too soft? Am I viewing a world that is unrealistic and more animalistic than we think?

After meditating at the beach I felt calm, unlike before, when my mind was cluttered. I walked into Shore Club and hung out. Some guy said “nice jacket”,  I said, thanks. Its nice to know that these kids are just young and not all of them are douchebags. Actually, I met some genuinely nice guys tonight, for the most part. I walk out and see Angel, when we walk in again,  I was ready and hitting sets.

First set was so-so, just said hi to warm up. Another set the girl rubbed moisturizer on my hands and I said, “you’re rubbing me the wrong way” (One of my soundbites from Psych’s homework). She laughs and immediately her eyes glow, asks for my name. 5 seconds later her boyfriend pulls her away.

3rd Set was a beautiful girl from NY. I didn’t think she was super hot at first, but later on I realized she was the hottest girl there. Beautiful, tall brunette, fashionable too. I chattered her up and her friends. She seemed friendly. I mentioned fashion, and she became more interested. Invited her to a fashion show, she’s in. Girls are vain in a way. I wasn’t lying either. “You have a good height, a good look. Style is not bad. But you gotta dress up though, there will be photographers and modeling people there”. This is an easy in and most girls who get validation through their looks are just more into it  because they want to be discovered. In any case, I end it well and I see her later and said hi.

A few other sets in between went ok, some of the girls reject harshly, ignoring you or shaking their head. You don’t get that downtown. PB girls are random, the ugliest girl can be the meanest, and yet the prettiest girls are sometimes nice. Sometimes, a super hot girl is a complete bitch too. You just never know until you talk to them, so because you can’t always judge a book by its cover, never take it too personally.

A beautiful girl with pink lipstick stood out. I said hi. She’s with 5 guys. I just bantered. I forgot what I said, something like, “wow you’re really popular, all these guys around you”. She confesses, one of them is her new roommate, she just moved here last week, and is new. I understood that all these guys are orbiters and trying to fuck her. They were giving me the evil eye. I just smiled and said “what’sup” and shook their hands. None of them had any game so no one amogged me. Turns out they are from MA too, and I chatted for a bit.

My girl is super down, and new in town, and willing to meet new friends. I seeded the fashion party. “I’m so down”, she says. She looks a bit tipsy so I qualify hard. “what’s my name?”

Me: “Say, ‘I’m Allie and im awesome” Read more

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