Model Game: Part 1

Over the past few weeks. I’ve had the privilege of working as a male model in some minor fashion shows in San Diego. This last weekend was a lucky break in an editorial and I got to really hangout with the models at a hotel overnight and see the other side of the matrix. I want to share some of my insights into the world of modeling and how it relates to life, social dynamics, and success with women.


Modeling Cities

San Diego is a small town at 1.3 million compared to LA’s 8-9 million people. The $$$ and the industry is in LA (or Miami, or NYC). Because of our proximity we do get some coverage and events, but for the most part San Diego is a small chill beach town compared to LA and NYC’s hustle and grind. To really understand the agency world, I would have to be in NY, LA or a distant 3rd, Miami.

Type of Models

1. Professional, seasoned: these guys and gals have worked full-time for a few years and know the deal. They have grown accustomed to the attention, and are finely tuned to who their MUA (make up artist), hair stylist, and who the decisions makers are on set. Usually, they are very present, calm. Nothing is a big deal they have seen it all. The professional guy models can range from being super cool, to complete womanizers. The level of misogyny depends on that mode’s personal morals and life experience. Obviously, his ability to get and date girl models will amplify whatever his views on woman are to a higher level. In other words, if he’s the faithful kind who enjoys relationships, he will become more calm as he gets accustomed to being around extremely beautiful women all the time. If he’s the type of guy or in a phase of his life where he enjoys being single or playing around, he’s going to have a lot more temptation with the hottest girls. In most fashion shows, the girls outnumber the guys. Read more

Online Dating Data: What To Send Girls For Maximum Results

Hypothesis: Online dating response rates can be improved if I write the correct things in the initial message sent.


  • I wanted to test out the most effective messages to send when doing online dating.
  • I scoured the pick up dating forums for suggestions from others that worked.
  • I had to keep track of all the data over a 2 week period to see if the girl responded to my original message
  • The responses were 90% positive, although 10% of them were negative. This is not reflected in the data. PUAs say that any response is an IOI, but some of the response led nowhere
  • I hired a remote assistant to send out 100 messages, totaling 787 messages over a 6 week period.
  • Use free sites only
  • Cost: $35 a week x 6 weeks = $210
  • I also created a fake hot babe account who was gorgeous to get a sense of what type of messages she received, this was my competition. She got over 200 messages in 2 days.

So officially, my instructions were:

1. Heidi, I want you to send 5 messages over the next week to 100 girls

2. Use your judgement as to the type of girl and adapt accordingly

3. Age range should be 18-49, no Asian girls or black girls, unless they are exceptionally beautiful

4. Let me know if you have any questions, here are my logins

My 5 Messages and instructions to my “dating strategist” assistant: Read more

Field Report and Realizations in The Game

I was out tonight on a light date and then out with a few of the guys. They all wanted to go out hardcore and pick up, I was more interested in walking around and hanging out. As I was walking home I did a few sets. I had a couple of epiphanies.

1. PU industry is over saturated with products that are repetitive.

There are only a few books you should read to get really good knowledge. The rest of it lies in your ability to systematically practice your social interactions on a consistent basis. If I was advising a newbie, I would recommend:

  • The original Mystery Method handbook
  • The Game, a unbiased account of Style’s journey in the community
  • RSD’s Blueprint Decoded
  • Attend one of RSD’s hotseat events and see in-field footage for yourself. Do this after you have had at least 3-6 months of consistent in-field experience
  • I don’t recommend bootcamps, in fact I think they are over-priced and adrenaline boosting, but you can learn more from hanging out with naturals, or befriend instructions and offer them a lower price but longer period of time training with them. You then start picking up their mindset and way of thinking much faster than if you would on a bootcamp or on your own.

2. RSD is pushing the envelop, but that’s it. Every other pick up company is just here for marketing and here for the short term. I am disappointed at Mystery for his business-sense is lacking. After his initial breakthrough he wasn’t able to ride the wave towards more innovation and build a sustainable organisation. Perhaps his fate is to be the mad scientist or magician.

3. Normal life vs. pick up life… Read more

Langkah enteng buat Bertaruh tidak dengan didapati Bandarqq Judi

Langkah enteng buat Bertaruh tidak dengan didapati Bandarqq Judi. Perjudian, kepada dasarnya, ialah trick yg penuh risiko utk isi kala kamu atau bahkan buat cobalah & membuahkan duit. namun, dikala dilakukan bersama bijaksana, itu pula dapat jadi penambahan yg menyenangkan & menarik utk melihat olahraga.
Ini seluruhnya berkaitan menemukan nilai paling baik utk duit. Baik itu harga yg pas, pasar yg pas atau bahkan dikala paling baik utk memasang taruhan kamu yg tidak dengan ketahuan bandarqq, ikuti pedoman ini dari karyawan toko seken taruhan & lihat apakah kamu bisa menggunakan pengalaman judi kamu sebaik-baiknya.
Kenali olahraga kamu dari dalam ke luar
Ini bukan cuma berkaitan tim sepak bola mana yg sudah memenangkan enam kontes terakhir mereka, namun seberapa baik mereka memang lah main-main ofensif & bersi kukuh. Apakah mereka pandai mempertahankan kepemilikan atau beruntung.
Pemain tenis mana yg bertengkar dgn pelatih mereka? Pegolf itu barangkali sudah memenangkan dua trayek masa ini, tapi berapa tidak sedikit pengalaman yg ia punya di kursus tautan. Ini ialah tipe rincian yg bakal menginformasikan taruhan kamu & bakal lebih mempersiapkan kamu buat menyaksikan pasar berharga baik itu.
favorite tak senantiasa menang
Ini tampaknya terang buat ditunjukkan namun susah bagi pemain mana pun buat mengabaikan harga yg diberikan bandar judi. Di permukaan, ini masuk akal.
janganlah cuma berpegang kepada satu taruhan berkeliling
Ada penekanan agung kepada loyalitas merk dalam business taruhan ini. sebab ini yaitu bagian yg kompetitif, perusahaan dapat coba & membujuk kamu buat bertaruh bersama mereka & cuma mereka.
Apakah ini lewat beraneka ragam skema loyalitas atau tawaran husus di dalam toko, tujuannya terus sama. janganlah biarkan mereka menciptakan kamu berpikir kamu tak mesti berbelanja. utk menonton taruhan manakah yg mempunyai harga paling baik utk pasar yg kamu inginkan.
memeriksa tawaran yg sedia utk taruhan tertentu. Pasar pencetak gol mula-mula yakni salah satu taruhan paling ternama dalam sepak bola & juga sebagai akhirnya, bandar judi mempunyai putaran masing-masing.
Apa Saja Langkah Bertaruh tidak dengan Bandarqq Judi?
makin sedikit pilihan, makin baik
Ini yaitu sesuatu yg, biarpun nampak seperti akal sehat, penumpang lupa sepanjang diwaktu. makin sedikit pilihan yg kamu sertakan dalam taruhan kamu, makin agung kesempatan kamu buat menang. kalau kamu bertaruh utk membuahkan duit berpikirlah mungil, tak gede. Satu tim atau seleksi kalau kamu mampu mempertaruhkan pass banyak.
Hindari godaan harga odds-on
bila kamu memang lah mengharapkan taruhan jangka panjang terhadap Sabtu sore, janganlah padamkan akumulator kamu bersama pilihan odds-on. kamu mengurangi kesempatan kamu buat menang tidak dengan penambahan duit tunai.
Ini amat gampang dilakukan di tenis. Ini merupakan pekan pembukaan Grand Slam & kamu menonton para pemain unggul seluruhnya ditarik melawan relatif tak dikenal. Tampaknya konsep keren utk menghimpun semuanya dalam beberapa utk coba & memenangkan duit enteng. namun ini dapat jadi kesalahan.
Tenis ternama sebab menawari harga yg mengerikan kepada taruhan kompetisi & menjadi kamu mampu menempatkan elit dunia dalam sepuluh kali lipat & masihlah cuma sukses mengikis pengembalian.
perhitungkan pasar yg kurang jelas
Sekali lagi, sesudah kamu laksanakan riset yg lumayan, kamu mesti tahu bahwa kamu pass olahraga utk menemukan nilai lebih baik di beberapa ratus pasar lain yg ditawarkan bandarqq judi. Ini dapat dibilang kiat bagi bandar judi cuma buat berikan kamu lebih tidak sedikit kiat buat kehilangan tapi kamu sanggup menemukan harga yg baik bila kamu tampak lumayan keras.

FR Sting and Bang Bang 2/2/2014

So tired to write FRs after everything. 2 sets I remember the most:

1) Girl walking away with 2 other girls.

Me: “Hey, I like your face”

HB: haha

Me: Whats your name

HB ____

I stick with them, say hi to the friends. Other guys are on them but eventually drop off

Me: You have to give me your number, we’ll hang out. Quick.

I got her number.


2) Girl eyes me at club. I recognize it and open. Set goes very well, I physically escalate until she pushes me lightly away from in between her legs. Logistics are not good, she’s with 2 friends who all came together.

We decided to let them go and realized that was a good call, other guys dropped off like flies.


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