FR 1/11/2014

January 11, 2014 by Vince Lin  
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Per Psych’s instructions I am writing this FR before I goto sleep. It is late but the lessons are important and I see now why we need to write it right away instead of waiting even a day because memory won’t serve us as well.

I was invited out by a friend tonight. I wanted to stay in and work, but I put on my beanie and scarf and went out. We hit up a few sets on the way, nothing major. At Bang Bang, I opened a few girls and they were DTF. 1 was married, and the other was DTF. I seeded threesome (2 guys) as a joke, and she was actually in, which was interesting. My wing J was onto her right away. He liked her. He’s not used to night game so I left him have that one, even though I opened the set. I grabbed the married girl and gave them 15 min. Afterward she came back and I did too and we realized that they did not exchanged numbers so I closed her. But we failed her shit tests. She gave me her number and told me to call her later. I hugged and lifted her. I realized this only works with girls that already like you, if they don’t they find it annoying. Her reaction wasn’t great, so I left it at that. 2 texts are no reply. “its rich”. “afterparty, bassment”

Note: married girl had no game, was kind of annoying to talk to, until she dropped the act. Questions like “where are you from, do you come here often”. She sucked at flirting. After about 5 min when I was talking to the real her, it was a lot better, but most people don’t have anything interesting to say. Read more

Evolution Of the Wolf and the Truth about Wealth

“That’s it. I’ve done it. I’ve arrived.”

That’s what we used to think. In high-school I wanted to be older. In college, I wanted to get a cool job so I could get girls. At my first real job, I wanted to to “make it” and become an awesome employee. At Google, I wanted to be “awesome and Googley”. There’s always something else to aim for before we find happiness.

I think the human mind, and perhaps to a degree the media draw up this fantasy of the “get this and you will be happy” mentality. When in fact, the very idea of doing what you love is the fantasy itself. Coach Wooden saw this in his life (UCLA legend). Donald Trump also expressed the same sentiments in his book “How to Think Like A Billionaire”.

The truth lies more in what Ekhart Tolle called “being in the present moment” and enjoying the process itself. I think coach John Wooden really understood this. We are also the products of our parents. My mother, who is very pragmatic, and always knew how to save money. And my dad, who wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted. He taught me many a great deal about how to be diplomatic and kind to people, and how to be a man. I think one of the reasons my brother and I turned out to very rarely lie is because my dad rarely lied about anything. And that’s tough given his profession as a diplomat.

Owen and Julien talk about being the wolf, and how It is never “complete”.

The other thing I learned recently is that I feel free. I understand now what it takes to generate “wealth”, and I will never be poor again because I am mentally prepared to generate value in a capitalistic world. Despite his ego and public persona, Trump shares an insight he has learned about wealth: Read more

Path to Mastery in Pickup

December 18, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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7 years. That’s a long time to be doing cold approach pick up. While I still do it part time, I have been semi-serious about it, and I have improved a lot over the years. Training with Psych definitely helps and he is able to break down my game at a level that I cannot.

That said, I got a lot of rejections recently. Model girl stopped texting me back after the first date. 2 girls flaked on me with online dating. Got a lot of numbers who constantly flake on me, will text back every once in a while, but again feels like pulling teeth.  There’s always that feeling of “Resistance”, even when I let go and then reel in again. Furthermore, My Ex girlfriend send me an email that assumed me behaving badly and I was upset that she could think so lowly of me. The love haze is gone, and I still think highly of her but she never saw me for my potential. I was alone in my house, feeling bad about myself and complaining to my friends about my “misfortunes” and then sometime happened.

I started realizing how much of a big PUSSY I was.

I wasn’t always like this. I was better!?! I remember one night in SF I said, “Man, I can’t do this”, and one of the newbie wings, with glitter in his eyes said, “BUT, you’re fucking ALPHAWOLF!”.

That’s why it is so important to have a beginner’s mindset. In the expert’s mind there are few possibilities, in the beginner, there are infinite. We are always learning. I am always a student. For some reason I came to this important realization that I want to share with you here: NEVER GIVE ANYONE THE POWER TO DOUBT YOURSELF. Let me repeat that: NEVER GIVE ANYONE THE POWER TO DOUBT YOURSELF!

Here’s a scene that I was reminded of:

After that, the next day I went out during the day and got a few really solid numbers and have a few dates setup. I realized that I just needed to move past the bullshit. After that happened, I laughed at myself. Wow, I was letting some random girls I don’t even know make me doubt myself! Do you realize how fucked up that is?

People say that their parents fucked them up, or their girlfriend, sister, brother, etc. I think yes, parents have a HUGE influence on your unconscious mind and your mental health, but after a while your life is your own man. A real man doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t complain. He does that is needed.

When I started this training with Psych I wanted to get super good at cold approach pick up, night or day game. So, it is time to finish my training. My Goal: to have the sex life that I want, and to be able to same night pull and get a lto of numbers and potential opportunities to meet and get to know really hot girls.

Julien talks about how to get good, and how most guys fail when things get tough. A lot of half assed effort and I see it all the time. What doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get managed. It is amazing to me how many guys don’t somehow track their in field audio, video, or write down and actually have a process about improving their game:

FR 12/14/2013

December 14, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Out with 2 wings, A and J. I was tired, and only did a few sets. Remember bumping into a girl I was dating and she was doting off on another guy. I didn’t react too much but even when I said goodbye she looked aloof. That sucked. I was talking to her friend and she was DTF. However, I knew that I didn’t want to. I wasn’t clear on my thinking then, but I realized I don’t need validation from taking another girl’s number to justify to myself that I’m worth it. I think she messes around with different guys (cougar) and she’s just cool about that, so if we meet again just keep it light hearted and fun.

Another 2 set went well with au pairs but we could not pull, so just number closed instead. I’m not sure the numbers are solid.

I started thinking, if someone was naturally gifted they wouldn’t have to try to get girls. So the whole getting girls thing is just for guys who need it, right?

In other words, we have to be so good as to appear like we’re not even trying at all. This is a paradox.

I then remembered that some of the models I know actually started out as ugly ducklings. They worked hard for their looks and on their image, and eventually became top models. In a way we all have to work for it. So the game begins.

Fall Down? Get Back Up

December 12, 2013 by Vince Lin  
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Some girls you will really like, and they won’t like you back. Is it part game? Depends. If you were gaming, then yes. However, sometimes you’re just yourself and you meet people and they get a good sense of who you are, and still, they find you not desirable, or don’t like you the way you like them. That’s the game of love that we all play.

The question is, do you fold your cards, settle, or bluff? Or do you just keep on playing until you win the game?

I had a girl I really liked recently rebuff me. Just sort of went cold. Then I have a former girlfriend who wanted to get back together, and then changed her mind. I am reminded of Jay Gatsby. He so believed in Daisy, but his idealized version of her kept of being knocked back  by reality – in reality Daisy was superficial, not brave, and lacked integrity. Jay couldn’t see this through his romantic haze, and this was what had happened with my Ex. There were so many things now that became clear that she so let me down on, even during the relationship. I decided to look past all of that, despite the mounting evidence that pointed otherwise.

It is time to let her go, and move on. I had a good cry last week when we talked on the phone, and the journey to find a new purpose (without woman), a new girl, or new girls, is at hand.

Going back to “pick up” or the whole process of becoming a gentleman… throughout this whole process, you may not be able to survive without coming out alive and finding out what’s really important. Good friends. Family. A strong sense of self esteem and self respect that you learn from actually BEING alone. Yes, I mean, being ok and courageous enough to be alone and still go after what you want in life. After all, not everyone is going to share your dream.

The juice is usually worth the squeeze. Sometimes it just hurts when you’re squeezing.

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