Social Kinetic Energy & The Roseto Mystery (From Outliers)

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I was waiting at the pharmacy at the local market today and a thought struck me like a hard rock thrown at my head. The idea was “Social Kinetic Energy”. I define it as the level of interactivity between individuals within a community (usually a town, city, or family).


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Failing Fast

In business school, one of my professors taught me something very important. He said that the difference between a winner and a loser… is that the loser hasn’t failed enough. Winning business owners, he says, seldom achieve success on the first try. I believe this to be true.

People always ask our founders how we manage innovation at Google. Newspapers and publications will print quotes and headlines like “top 10 things Google does to foster innovation”. The truth is, put quite simply: we have a very unique culture and DNA, one that has not existed before. To truly understand this, one has to actually live on the Google campus for some time. Read more

The importance of “Play”

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When working towards a monetary goal or entrepreneurial project, it is always important to remember to play. For when we forget, we forget the very reason why we are working so hard.

I found it interesting in the professor’s studies that criminals and murderers have a history of less play at childhood, while creative genuises played more. Animals also play, as part of their development cycle when growing up, as well as developing skills that will help them later on, such as cubs play fighting in simulating a real hunt for food. Read more

Jeffy and Tim: Flawless Natural

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In writing the naturalization of game on PUA Lingo, I came acorss a really funny clip of Jeffy and Tim promoting Flawless Natural. There’s some great material in this product and there is no doubt that in the next few years, more models will be developed for creating more internal based game learning.

Low Lows and High Highs

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From FastSeduction, Mystery’s Archive.

Sep 21, 1998:
Mystery: “When the pain gets bad enough you will move on, and then you will get more pain from the next girl you can’t get. And then the next and the next. Finally you will get a bit numb and not let your emotions get in until after she’s your girlfriend. And then you will notice that because you don’t let them step on you emotionally you will seem like kind of an ass and attract more women. Ah, going through the same shit I went through. I thought maybe you could bypass that shit, but no you chose to go through it.” Read more