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Part of the incubation period over the past few weeks involved me working on our new site: PUA Lingo. It is located at PUALingo.com. We are still in the design phases so we appreciated any feedback you have. The official launch date will happen very soon.

A lot of work went into this site as it was content driven: 300+ definitions of the PUA community in an effort to bring clarity to aspiring PUAs out there. I was lucky enough to have a great partner in this endeavor, as my partner Casual has the specific skill sets that I clearly lacked. Mainly, fast web development, SEO optimization and programming chops. This left me to do the writing, design, and strategic structure of the site and the business model around it. This is my sweet spot. “Working” on this, though tiring at times, doesn’t really feel like work. A couple of key lessons I learned during this whole process:

  1. Exemplify your passions to your social circles, and those that you need will come to you. An entrepreneur by nature is not someone who knows everything – he is one who is able to bring the required resources together: land, capital, labor and enterprise – to achieve a goal. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world lacked technical skills, but succeeded due to their ability to assimilate the needed resources to achieve a goal. Steve Jobs in an entrepreneur. Barrack Obama. Larry Ellison. Jeff Bezos. Casual and I worked great together on this site, and by focusing on our passions, our workload, though high, felt much easier than it actually was.
  2. Just do it – we have been talking about this for months, and in reality, the whole site took us close to 3 months to design and implement. Our investment was less than $300 in domain names and server space. Once things get going, it will become more exciting.
  3. Partnership agreements – make sure the legals and business agreements are in place, to protect all parties. Beyond this, however, find a partner that you can be honest with and genuinely trust.
  4. Learning new technologies is fun! We really got to specialize on this one. Casual probably learned a ton of Google products using them himself as well as a little from me. Also on SEO optimization on his own merit, and I am sure with the blogging platforms. WordPress rocks! (Sorry blogger). I was able to dive more into HTML, linking, referral programs, AdSense, Google Webmaster Tools, Custom Search Engine, Amazon Associates, and all these cool technologies that are totally useful to future projects as well. In the beginning, you feel like you have a lot to learn, but in taking them one step at a time, it began to become fun once you succeed at one product, then another, and then another.
  5. Design – this is where Casual and I perhaps differ on – design and branding. I feel very strongly about this and I do believe that SEO work is important. However, so is a very distinct sense of style and branding. That is not to say that my style or styles are better, but they we should try different color schemas, navigation structures, and logos to find the best mix. I am partially influence by many of Google’s simplistic yet powerful navigation and design paradigms, and I believe we can do this same.
  6. Seduction – we thought we knew all the PUA lingo out there, but we were mistaken. There are a lot of words! And so many more will develop in the future. The community is thriving, and the art of seduction, now leveraging the online worldwide platform, will continue to develop.
  7. Additional effort = additional reward. This is perhaps the most important mindset of anyone who has ever done anything worthwhile in life. In business, as an employee, your rewards are capped by the system of the business for the “employee”. As an owner, your efforts relate directly to reward. The more you work, the more payoff there is. This is a difficult feeling to describe with words, on a blog. It is the feeling of freedom, of controlling your own freaking life. Of the beginning glimpses of breaking away from a life of corporate servitude.
  8. Enjoy the journey – life is fun, and when you start sensing that you are becoming more skilled and more networked so that success is imminent in the future, there are moments of clarity that creep in, despite the workload or hours you are spending getting content to make sense, or the code to work. This is all part of the process.

That is about it for now. I am sure there’s more to come. Thanks for reading and be sure to tell us what you think about your new site here!

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