Seduce With Style 3.0

Seduce With Style 3.0 is a training program I have been working on for over 3 years. Its completion marks a particular moments of transition for me as a complete another level in styling and move more towards the life engineering aspect of self development and defining your own reality.

In this program, you will find the secrets of attraction fashion, and the underlying attraction principals as it relates to style. My whole thesis is based on recreating the “love at first sight” feeling.

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Seduce With Style. Version 2

You can learn about Attraction Fashion for free on the SWS site, and you can purchase the book here.

The Excerpt reads:

You’ve seen her before. The 6 foot blonde in high heels and a laugh that makes you think of the wind. Her hair shines radiantly and every strand seem to fall into place as she glides into the room in slow motion. Men look, and women stare. Any interaction with this beautiful creature is an addiction encoded into your very DNA.

Now imagine what would it be like to instantly possess this sort of charismatic charm as a man, that creates this level of intense attraction with women? Has the possibility ever occurred to you that maybe women feel this way about men that dress and look a certain way?

Seduce With Style as an insider’s guide into Attraction Fashion. The easiest, move effective way of finding love, or seducing women, is by replicating the feeling of love at first sight. Learn the secrets of the style seducer inside…

Here is a cool review I received from one of my readers:

As an avid reader and practitioner of the PUA methods pioneered by Mystery, David Deangelo, and NLP gurus of Real Social Dynamics, this book about style in relation to improving my game as a PUA, was an obvious choice for an additional read. Being familiar with the PUA community and having read and studied an extensive amount of PUA material, I hope, gives my review of this book some credibility, if you can take my word for it.  However, this also means that I have high expectations coming in, and especially since the disclaimer in the beginning reads: “This work is not to be considered professional, medical, psychological, or legal advice. It is for entertainment purposes only”. When it comes to entertainment, it’s hard to beat the amusement of watching reality shows like Beauty and the Geeks, The Pick-up Artist, and Keys to the VIP. What can this book offer to me that’s more entertaining than that? The answer, a unique and personalize account about a man’s journey into understanding the fundamentals of style. A written medium brilliantly executed to reflect the collection from years of experience and expertise of professionals in the field.

When it comes to knowledge and theory, the underlying fundamentals of style are comprehensive yet nothing ground-breaking. However, what it lacks in innovation it more than makes up for in execution and polish. This is why:
Being the revised 2.0 edition, a considerable amount of polish and additional pictures and chapters have been added to further refine the existing material. That much is obvious. What I like in particular is how the book humbly acknowledges the fact that it is limited in breadth and scope when it comes to personal style. It informs the reader to use it as a rule of thumb reference guide and not treat it like the ultimate bible-like guide to style, unlike many other self-improvement book in this genre. This book meticulously takes into account that static nature of style with all its permutations found in different cultural and geographical locations as well as types of occasions that require a different style and approach. The book also gives credit to evolutionary psychology and draws extensively from many other schools of attraction theory as listed in the credits section of the book. This focus is the result of a perfectly executed compendium of everything specifically related to style and attracting beautiful women. I think the brilliance in execution is accredited to its tight focus of topic.

To sum up my review of this book in a nutshell, this book is just like the releases of Blizzard games (with the exception of Diablo 3); an emphasis on execution and polish over innovation and cutting edge material. However, beyond the merits of polish and execution I was thoroughly impressed in how the book enlightened me in ways I didn’t expect.

The reason why I give this book a 4.5/5 stars is because it successfully diffused three of my preconceptions and doubts about the importance of style:

1. If style was so important, then how to do you explain corporate oddballs like Steve Jobs? With his terrible sense of style wearing his trademark second-hand jeans and turtleneck shirt, how does a CEO like that impress the ladies? Doesn’t that just undermine the importance of style and how it’s an important indication of success in life?

The answer is covered extensively in the book. A holistic approach into looking at different facets of attraction (including traits like elitism) and specific industry/environments gave me the answer I was looking for.

2.  Style when it comes to clothing, has always been closely associated with fashion, which to me, seems extremely superficial. I was known to be a fashion mischief, just as Mystery also admitted. I was also influenced by the interviews done by comedian Sasha Baron Cohen as he poses as a Fashionista Bruno, interviewing fashion designers and exposing the bigotry and superficiality of the fashion world. So I had my doubts about fashion. Thankfully the book did a very good job in clearing up the common misconceptions of style and fashion in the section about the “Myths of Style”.

3. I’m not part of the demographic of PUA that desire a hot supermodel woman so how does being stylish help me attract an average/below average girl (cute and chubby in my eyes) that’s good housewife material? The answer is quite simply, it doesn’t hurt to be stylish. Cultivating a sense of style consequently improves my awareness for detail, and a keen observation doesn’t hurt regardless of who you’re trying to attract. It’s better to be too good for a girl rather than not good enough.

So there you have it, my review and justification for why it deserves the score I’ve given. As an aspiring author I hope you found my review helpful! Thanks!