Preview of Seduce With Style with DJ Fuji

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Coming Soon. To a website near you.

Here’s an appetizer page: Style advice from the one and only DJ Fuji.

Way of Attraction

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Certain personalities have greater effect on a character’s style and the way they move about life. We call this the way of attraction. Including his style, the characters use it in conjunction to their core personalities. I noticed the Way of Attraction when I was trying to decipher what made men stylish.

As I wrote down notes on the way clothes fit on the body, I realized at a salsa conference that there was something else that MADE people more attractive. This both extends beyond style as well as coordinates with it.

Being difficult to describe in words or on a blog post, I call it the “way of attraction.” It is the combination of a person’s appearance and the way they move through life that gives them this vibe and energy. Some examples that come to mind:

The way Ari Gold wipes his fingers across his mouth before he says something important, the way he adjusts his suit jacket, the way he moves his hands while he talks all signify dominance, and the power suit further enhances this message. The cell phone, his watch and his tie are his props. Even when the character Ari Gold is being dominated by others, he still holds a strong frame whether he is wrong or not.

Let’s take different example. The character Dr. House is a medical genius. He’s dominant, but in a weird, unconventional way. His cane and his medicine are his props. He likes to challenge the system and is bit quirky despite his intelligence. Read more

Do Your Looks Really Matter?

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This is a very common question among the mass media as well as amongst the pickup artist community.

A well thought out answer I once heard from a master is that “looks matter to the same extent that strength matters in martial arts…”

Think about that for a second…

Does strength matter in fighting?

Absolutely. But, is it the only thing that matters?

Neo vs. Morpheus fight:
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Crazy Makeup Girl And Understanding True Beauty

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In the story of crazy makeup and girls, you have probably come across this viral video of Jenna Marbles:

She’s actually a professional go-go dancer and is extremely “hot” by all Boston standards. However, notice how artificial a lot of the really pretty features are.

Here’s another video of  an Asian Girl’s half of face with makeup and the other half without:

Warning: SCARY! Read more

The Rockstar CEO

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At my previous management consulting firm:

“Mark, why do the partners work so hard?”

Mark: “Because R, the more money people make, the more they spend. People’s lifestyles go up in expenses, and the more they need to work.”

Me: “Why don’t they just retire and save up some money?”

Mark: “That’s a good question. Easy to talk about, hard to do. You’ve seen Gary’s house and his boat. Those toys don’t come cheap!”

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