Dating 9s and 10s: Part 4

There were a couple of things I learned from attending San Diego’s Fashion Week and I am going to add this as part of the “Dating 9s and 10s” series. Here are my notes post event.

For those of you that don’t know, SD Fashion Week started a year ago with 12 designers in 2012. 3 appeared on the NY fashion week runway, and this year we are featuring 26 designers. While an emerging market, the fashion week staff has done a great job publicizing and marketing San Diego as the “emerging designer” city for fashion.

I met a lot of artists, designers, models, agency owners and other auxiliary services that cater to the whole fashion industry.

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Lessons Learned:

  1. There are SO many people who are better than me as professional “artists”. They have crafted their image, and know how to convey their personality in just ONE look.
  2. Trying to “Game” models reminded me of what it was like to be on equal footing with all the other guys and NOT have automated attraction based on my style, image or height. Basically, I experienced what it was like as as normal dude without any style because at the shows, everyone had amazing style. While the whole point of Seduce With Style was to help guys get a leg up with their image at the first “look”, if everyone is styled out you basically have to start from zero.
  3. Don’t settle – a lot of people do. There’s also this social conception that when you get married, you become LAME and boring. There were plenty of people who still have fun doing what they do, kids or no kids, and you can still feel the excitement and adrenaline rush of doing something great. Don’t give up on this, ever.
  4. Model girls are a group of randomly chosen models from different cities. Some of them live here in SD, others in LA. They are just like any other random group of demographics. There’s the nice shy girl, the party girl, and others. None of them were stereotyped other than the fact that they were tall, and had very distinct features. So from that perspective you can’t just have one method of type of “game” with model girls, since they are all human beings and you have to look at their psycho-graphics instead of their physical attributes. Read more

Fallacies of the Seduction Community #3: Hot Chicks are AWESOME!

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I used to think hot girls are awesome, worth more than anything I have in my life. This of course stems from 23 years of being a virgin and focusing only on my studies and business. I was 20 at the time, worked a management consulting gig most grads would be envious of, and lived in a nicely rented apartment in the New York city area. But I couldn’t get girls at all. So, of course, over 23 years of social conditioning I believed the 9s and 10s and hot girls were THE most important thing in life that I could attain or “possess”.

Up until very recently, I still believed that a true 9 or 10 in terms of physical looks is still the most valuable thing and I couldn’t get this thought out of my head. It started to really bother me, and unconsciously I started looking for solutions to my problem or discover my thoughts in more depth. As I am writing this I am also dating this beautiful blonde, east coast graduate from an ivy league school and knowing her personally gives me a greater understanding that just because a girl went to a good school and that she looks great, it doesn’t mean she’s socially calibrated or super interesting to be around. In fact, it could very well be the opposite.

The fact is, most people (male and female) haven’t really accomplished anything significant in life. For a lot of “club hot girls”, she hasn’t accomplished anything in life other than being hot. Because, just by being so, she is rewarded by chode guys who will spend a lot of energy and time trying to get her. In truth, though, she secretly desires the Mr. Big (Sex And The City) – a guy who is strong enough to give her the sense of security and deep attraction she needs as a woman. Here are some of the 9s and 10s that I number closed but couldn’t fully close. I sent them in an email to my coach Fuji:

hot girls alphawolf

So my  coach DJ Fuji writes back: Read more

The Game: Meeting Girls in the Bay Area (South Bay & San Jose)

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For the last few days I have gone out non-stop in the south bay. I refuse to go out to SF, because my goal is to get consistent lays here in the south bay and the logistics don’t workout when you have to drive an hour each way.

I have also been running 9 and 10 game. This is extremely difficult on its own, and even harder in the south bay, where the guy to girl ratio is close to 2:1.  Most really hot girls already have guys in their groups, and you have to disqualify heavily to open their group. Most of the time, the “guy” friend is also trying to get some. But sometimes they are cool.

US Singles Map

Single's Ratio in the US (Does not include open marriages)

Read more

Gaming 9s and 10s Series – Part 3: Dealing with Rejection from 9s and 10s

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I want to fuck hot chicks…

The truth came out. I can no longer deny my true feelings. Despite my success at the early age of 20, I was, for reasons I could not explain at the time, miserable. I had a very prestigious job at a very prestigious management consulting company, I lived in a comfortable luxury apartment, and I was young and naïve.

young hot couple

Even before I had read The Game I realized that something was missing. How can a guy like me, who followed all the rules, and did everything right, not attract girls? Something didn’t add up. The Game gave me the words to describe the feeling that I had, and this kick-started the long journey into discovering who I really was and how we truly behave as social beings.

Right now, I am still on my journey. Rejection is tough. Read more

Gaming 9s and 10s Series – Part 1: Defining a “9 or 10”

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For the last month, I have been actively going out and gaming 9s and 10s. I share my secrets with you here in this “Gaming 9s and 10s” Blog Series.

First of all, What is a 9 or 10?

A 9 or 10 is usually the hottest girls in a particular area. She’s genetically gifted, and also has the style and beauty routines to match her natural looks. She knows how to flirt and leverage her natural gifts to the best of her abilities. She always looks calm and gorgeous in public places.

In the world of humans now in 2011, a 10 to me would be someone like Adriana Lima. Obviously, any Victoria’s Secret model would be in high demand. So my scale really is a little bit lower. Let’s scale it back to the average population of a major city like San Francisco.


For the most part, a 10 to me is someone who has very high replication value and long term compatibility with me. For non-girlfriend material, she just has to be easy to get along with and have an overall positive outlook on life.

So let me share with you the important game lessons I have learned gaming 9s and 10s that will help you speed up your development curve: Read more

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