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A few days ago I was in a depression. My definition of depression is: “a state of being where you feel trapped, restricted, lost, and/or otherwise not living up to your full potential”.

Part of this is due to Accutane. 60 mg a day does takes it toll on the body. For the most part, the drug was considered a miracle drug when introduced over 2 decades ago, as the only “cure” for acne breakouts. While there has been no conclusive scientific study that links depression or suicidal thoughts to the drug, many patients have acknowledged a known depression curve when on high doses of Accutane. For me, this feeling just means that if you do nothing or have nothing exciting going on in your life, you will feel a little “blue”. Thus, a normal person with a healthy social life need not worry for the most part.

The medicine, at best, is a slight influence on how I feel. It tends to enhance any negative thoughts that you currently have. Behavior and conscious thought is still personal choice, as we deliberately control and direct them. Read more


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A “foundation” is something that cannot be taken away from you very easily or quickly (within a few days). In history, great empires have fallen, seemingly “over night”. But usually, things with foundations see waves of change long before the event happens. The Berlin wall, the fall of the Roman Empire, Troy, all these momentous events saw waves of change and ripples in the water before the final fall actually happened.

A personal foundation are things in your life that:

  1. Cannot be taken away by mere chance or little to medium effort by something else, such as an adversary.
  2. Is there for you, even if you leave and come back, having a sickness, “fall out” or otherwise absence for a period of time.
  3. Has potential to exist and continue to grow as its own entity without you

What are my pillars of foundations? A good foundation provides stability, but a poorly designed foundation could trap or constrain you. Therefore, build your foundations carefully.

An easy and recent example of a foundation can be found watching The Girls Next Door – every month, 3-4 girls visit the playboy mansion (19-26 years old) and test shoot for the playboy cover. Hugh Hefner goes out for a night at dinner with them, accompanied by his 3 girlfriends. Although Hef is noticeably old, he has built his empire, and Playboy Enterprises continues to grow and evolve around him.