Marina Girls (San Francisco)

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Sexual Stereotype Profile: The Marina Girl

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Union, Fillmore and Chestnut Street

Unique Physical Qualities
The Marina Barbie: Blond, Skinny, High-end fashion, Young 20-30 yuppies with post graduate degrees from the east coast and other major universities. Occasionally the brunette with highlights, perky breasts, long legs and light makeup

The Maria Cougar: Same Marina Barbies, just older now and more experienced in hunting down young studs

Unique Physical Qualities

  • Daytime: Tight Yoga Jeans and tight shirts to show off their toned bodies. Louis Vuitton bags and designer shades
  • Nighttime: Classy attire and revealing dresses. Extremely high heels. Victoria’s Secret, Juicy Couture, Seven Jeans, Ugg Boots

Favorite Halloween Costume

  • Princesses, because that’s what they wanted to be as little girls
  • Peacocks, because they loved to be looked at and feel like a special bitch

Natural Male Counterpart

  • Marina Jock Guy / Ivy League Good Looking White Dude who also lives in the Marina
  • AKA Abercrombie Douchebag (from Hot chicks with Douchebags)

Personality Stereotypes

  • Marina Barbies are usually pretty nice if you have a general sense of style and they consider you somewhat around their class. By class I mean social class
  • They have a healthy, sometimes inflated sense of entitlement, generally naive and nice because people always treated them well as beautiful little girls and daddy’s little girls
  • High maintenance, wine and dine dating style. Rumor has it that some Marina girls are taken care of by older, rich San Francisco old money who pays for their expensive apartments and quality of life
  • Most Marina girls don’t work, or work in easy jobs like a receptionist, a retail store girl or other “eye candy” occupations that leverage her looks
  • Marina girls love dogs and puppies, yoga, fruit smoothies, walking, jogging, pilates, high end nail saloons and shopping at high end fashion brand stores
  • Considers extravagant waste and leisure an art form

How to Game

  • Get past the class discrimination with upscale, classy fashion sense. Proximity and logistics to close by Marina apartments helps. Game should be pretty tight although Marina girls are generally pretty nice rejecting guys because of their experience with it over the years.
  • Her disqualifying criteria will mostly be based on class and lifestyle (i.e. she’s not going to talk to a bum) so if you can get past this then it is standard pickup game.
  • For the hottest 9s and 10s, you will have to find a way to deal with AMOG Marina Frat/Jock guys and their social circle guy friends. Most of these guys are good looking but have limited game. However their physical presence can be intimidating and they are most often found in large groups. Barks louder than they bite.

Natural Enemy

Hot Asian Girls, Mission Hippie Girls, South Bay Fatties, SF Fatties

Aliases Marina Girl, LA girls in SF, Blond Barbies, Marina Blondies, Marina Barbies, SF Barbies, Yuppies, MDB (Marina Dumb Blondes)
Pop Culture Analogy Cameron Diaz in The Sweetest Thing (see video below)
Natural Habitat The Gavin Newsom Square (Matrix-Fillmore, Plumpjack Wine, Balboa Cafe, and Plumpjack Cafe)

Additional Notes about Marina Girls:

  • The Marina Safe-way market is also known as “Dateway”, given its high saturation of cougars Read more

How Surfing is Like Pickup

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Surfing is a lot like picking up girls in the following ways:

  • When you first hit the water your body feels a natural rush. As the first wave hit you a combined sense of excitement and fear runs through your whole body.
  • There are many waves: some are better than the others, some are great waves that have much force and power, some waves are small and gentle. When you catch a great wave you feel like just conquered the world. And then there’s always the one that got away.
  • in order to get to where the waves break you have to go under the forceful ones and over the gentle ones. Sometimes you have  get around the obstacles to get to the riding point
  • You have to ride long and hard
  • You fear the big waves, just as you fear the challenges
  • Afterward, you feel a strong sense of accomplishment
  • You have to catch the right one so that it can take you as far as you can go
  • Sometimes ,there’s that beautiful wave that got away
  • After riding a few big waves, you learn how to handle it and the task becomes easier and easier.

Choosing your path in life

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There are many reasons why some dating coaches maintain the attrition rate of new students in the seduction community as 95% within a 6 month period. Read more

Mission Hipsters (San Francisco)

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Sexual Stereotype Profile: The Mission Hipster

San Francisco. The city with the coldest summer in the world. Well known to most locals but unbeknown to most visitors, the the San Francisco neighborhood has its own breed of females. These two tribes hate each other, and seem to have their own stereotypes of what types of guys they go for.

The Marina Girl

The first one is the notorious Marina Girl. The stereotypical Marina Girl hangs out with ex frat-boys. They are transplants from colleges all over the US that have since moved to the upscale neighborhood. Walking around the Marina on a Saturday night, I felt like I was at Toys R Us, in the Barbie section. There were all types. Brand-whore barbie, sports barbie running back from the gym, Legally Blonde barbie walking her chuwawa, and cougar barbie walking to a charity event with free drinks and an optional $10,000 donation.

sorority girls

In a well written definition from Urban Dictionary: Read more

Is the Seduction Community becoming more maintstream?

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We often hear about students and aspiring PUAs complaining that the seduction community is becoming more mainstream, and that our methods no longer work once it is known to the general public.

There are a great many posts regarding this on the lair forums, among PUAs in the States and also all over the world. There seems to be 2 extremes of thought:

One one hand, showing the general public about MM (Mystery Method) will dilute the effectiveness of the routines, especially for newbies.

On the other, PUAs believe that this general awareness has nothing to do with game. Just like Bruce Lee made material arts famous worldwide, there is still a steep learning curve and those that are committed will travel that path regardless.

There is some general consensus, however, that public releases such as “The Game” by Strauss in 2004 and the premier of The Pickup Artist: Season 1 in August 06 of 2007 has create a general awareness of the game by the mainstream, even if only temporary. This also helps others who are searching for the Game to find it, as I did with Strauss’ book. A Google Trends analysis shows some interesting results:

Before August of 2007, the term “Pickup Artist” was a relatively secluded term on After the show’s airing, search patterns went up dramatically. It eventually lowers in Nov 2008, but at a slightly higher level than before is now maintained as the “consistent norm”. In this case, those that were originally looking and become devoted to the art probably benefited from the show’s airing, and was able to latch on to the community and its lifestyle. Meanwhile, the rest of the general public lost interest, as fads come and go.

A search for “fast seduction” shows a slowing trend

And a search for “seduction community” shows even lower searches.

It is for this reason that I believe that with The Pickup Artist, Season 2, a slow but sure incremental increase will occur for people searching for the pickup community, however general interest will wane again, as it did before in late 2007 after the show ends.