The Playboy Mansion Midsummer Night’s Dream 2016

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Every guy at some point in his life dreams of visiting the playboy Mansion. On Saturday, August 27th my opportunity to do so arrived. It was Playboy’s 2016 Midsummer Night’s Dream party, and I got invited by a friend who had access to one of the promoters, and he was able to sell us exclusive tickets that are only available to a certain network of folks.

Prior to this on Saturday, we hit up Tai Lopez’s Influencer party, and the 2 events combined gave us a glimpse of the potential for a crazy Hollywood lifestyle of the elite.

Before everything started snowballing, we had been working on our online marketing business for 2 years now. When my friend BY started, he was broke and working at an online marketing agency. I remember him coming back from work, all depressed, and I would buy him lunch and food because I had just became a bit flushed with cash from selling my Google stocks. Fast forward 3 years, and BY, the same close friend I’ve had when he was down, is now balling out at a level that very few people reach. Our journey deserves another post, but the people we’ve met along the way, I am eternally grateful for. Had we not met these 20 something, self-made internet millionaires, our lives would not have taken this trajectory.

The Playboy Party Timeline

You have to arrive before 8:30 at a designated area near the UCLA parking garage. This is where the check-in occurs. We had a hookup through a specific promoter, and we had to talk to the guy who was in charge of that. The lines move fast and before you knew it, we found ourselves on a bus to the mansion. On the way we met some former playboy promo girls, and they had a thing for my squirtle.

After a 15 minute ride, we arrive at the mansion front yard. I rushed off the use the bathroom, but I suggest taking some time here to take pictures. The area is world-famous, and iconic of the mansion’s image.

The actual midsummer night’s party is crazy. The lights are beautiful glows of purple, blue and green. The mansion itself is blocked off except the main hall, which connects the front yard to the backyard. There are rows of food being served and hor d’oeuvres being passed around and an all-you-can-eat sushi table. Open bar, of course.

As for food, I recommend eating a bit beforehand, and eating a bit when you are there. The food is great but the main reason you’re there is to meet the people.

You have access to the dance floor next to the infamous grotto, only handful of people swam into it. The zoo has parrots that the caretakers are showing, and I got to play with them, it was really fun! The game house is also available to the guests. Bathrooms are handled with 4 lines, each leading to a large bathroom. Couples go in and have sex, I presume. I pulled the squirtle blonde into the bathroom and we messed around a bit, but I didn’t finish. 3 to 4 mixed guy and girl groups were going in at once, so I assume it wasn’t just for number 1 or 2.

I was mesmerized by all the guests, and before you know it, the clock will strike 1am. The security will very politely usher everyone out to the front, where they catch a bus back to UCLA. If you can, I suggest sneaking past the games and going directly the street for an uber or lyft.

Playmates, B-list celebs and local Models were abundant. About 20% of the girls were “working”. They were dressed up as Midsummer Night creatures and paid to be there to have fun and engage with guests. About 50-70 people are actually real staff. The food servers, the parrot handler, security. These people are generally very nice, especially the girls, so treat them well. One secret I learned from fashion shows is that the “non-beautiful” people sometimes are the most important. In a world where no one pays attention to them, be the different type of person who appreciate their work. Their loyalty or preference for you will go a long way. Many models and I assume the Playboy staff will talk about you favorably, and you will get another invite in the future.

A group of girls we met have been put on “the list” that gives them access to all the parties. Basically Hef and his team manages this list, and as long as you don’t fuckup royally, you will always have access to the mansion’s day and nighttime events.

About 40% of the people were single guys, some older, some young, and some as a “couple” group. We met YouTube celebrities, Cooper, Hef’s son, and many of the guys were ballers. It was a good networking opportunity for rich businessmen.

Haters – most of the guys were super cool, but there were very few haters, like 5% (I talked to a lot of people). Most people are nice at these elite events, they don’t want to be bad mouthed, but if you do meet a hater, just leave quickly and wish them a good night.

I got an opportunity to game some really gorgeous girls. Jayde Nicole was there with a guy friend, as was Anna Kendrick (Twilight) with her date. I talked to Merissa Underwood (Miss Newport Beach) for like, 30 minutes giving her a hard time and she was super blunt. She basically talks like a guy, and if your game is weak, you will lose. Patti from The Millionaire Matchmaker was there, but I heard she was a mess.

Social Theory vs. Reality

Pokemon Theme

We decided last minute to go as a theme was pokemon pajamas. What I learned was that if you go “wack” go all the way. If you own it, it’s funny. I had a squirtle backpack on, and we had a snap with all the girls shouting “Vince we want to squeeze your squirtle!”

One of the guys bailed, and if the group fails, you lose the group effect. Also, if you stop having fun and owning the costume, you lose state. So it’s a group dynamic energy and if you go all in or not.

I noticed that 20% of the girls loved Pokemon, and one of them stuck really well. I actually had a date with her the next day. 80% of the girls thought it was kind of wack when we separated ways (there were 3 of us), and we lost the group effect. So keep that in mind when you decide to do a “funny” outfit.

High ratio of 9s and 10s

Because of the incredible abundance of beautiful women, 9s and 10s start acting like normal girls. The same girl will own a club because she will be the hottest one there, she’s actually super nice and friendly. The girls go into this state like “ok I’ll follow what you have in mind”. Even super hotties. I realized this is because she doesn’t know who’s who – anyone she pisses off could be very important, or really rich, and high on the social hierarchy. This, combined with the high percentage of hot girls, makes her extremely impressionable. I saw older rich dudes pull complete 10+ stunners. You just have to be dominant, persistent, and lead.

I ended up pulling a blonde milf into the bathrooms just by picking her up and saying “ok we’re going”. The vibe that’s created by a party of this nature really makes it easy to lay 9s and 10s.


This was the last party that’s organized by Hef’s internal staff. Going forward, the parties will be hosted by another events company. Hefner is a legend to me, someone who championed women’s right, the sexual revolution, and the freedom of choice. Despite his haters and his flaws (as all human beings have), he changed the world for the better.

The playboy mansion used to host A-list celebrities, back in its heyday. Today, it was host to B-list celebrities and people who can afford the connections to get in. Just getting a glimpse of how these parties are thrown, gives me insight into how to host parties like this in the future.

This is the last “Hefner” in house team party, after this one, an event planning company is taking over all the events, and also the estate will be sold eventually to Hef’s neighbor. That said, the Playboy parties will likely continue as long as Hef is alive and residing in the current Playboy Mansion. While far from its heyday glory, it was still interesting to see how these parties were setup and how it can be replicated for a younger generation.

Hugh Hefner on Reinventing Yourself

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Excerpt from Everyone Loves You When You’re Dead by Neil Strauss

In the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, Hugh Hefner, age seventy-two, sat in the library in his second skin: a red smoking jacket and black silk pajamas…

How would you feel if Kimberly (former wife) started dating twin brothers?

Hefner: We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But, actually, I think the fact that I am seeing there ladies rather than one probably does make it easier for her. If I were seeing only one person continually, then it would be a much closer comparison to the marriage and that would be, by its nature, more difficult.

What about plastic surgery? Do you think people have taken it too far?

Hefner: I think it’s like medicine. Anything that makes you feel better about yourself is perfectly appropriate. Why should one be required to stay in a box that was handed to them by either nature or by their parents or peers? Why not create yourself? Why not be the person you want to be? Read more

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If there was one thing that you could achieve in this lifetime that would make you feel like life was worth living, what would it be? If you died tomorrow, what would be the one thing that regretted not being able to do?

This is an important question to answer for any man who chooses to travel in a path of his own choosing. As I started asking my friends this question, I realized that most people haven’t really even thought about it.


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