How to Deal with Bitches

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AKA “How To Deal With Annoying People”

If you are reading this post, chances are you are feeling a little bad about yourself due to a recent event with a girl. That, or you’re an avid reader of pick up and dating blogs which is cool too.

I want to help you address the issue of dealing with bitches in the field, but before doing so with tactical advice, let’s take a look at the real issue at hand.

First of all, this issue does not pertain to bitches alone. They pertain to other people who annoy you, or are otherwise negatively associating with you socially. To this extent, you have to learn to deal with Social Conflict (future definition for PUA Lingo). Social conflict resolution applies to every aspect of your life. Marriages, how to deal with your coworkers, how to behave in school, and how to deal with bullies and strangers who are antagonistic towards you.

First, remember that people who are angry tend to have a reason for being so. And, a bitch is being a bitch for a reason. Where there is anger, there is usually a root of source of it. Have you ever had a bad day where nothing was going well? Or a string of events that is happening to you and, before you know it, you unconsciously start taking it out on other people. Maybe it was the cashier, or the waitress, or a customer you happen to talk to. You realize you were angry about it later on, and you felt bad about treating the other person that way. But what’s done is done, and as humans we make mistakes

South park small dick skit

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Tactical vs. Strategic feedback

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Today I learned the value of strategic versus tactical feedback. I was out with a wing, Sexual Twinkie. For those of you who don’t know him, this kid is newly 21 and isn’t afraid to approach at all. In fact, he AMOGGed 3 really big, good looking black guys today for two blondes and won out!

His dance game is also solid and very tight. As I was giving him some feedback I realized that what I was saying wasn’t sinking in. “You’re opening is great, but you lose the girl because your whole vibe is not authentic enough.”

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Interviews with Professional Dating Coaches

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Just a thanks and a heads up for all the masters I have been interviewing lately. In doing so, I have learned a lot about myself and how different our perceptions of the world are. Each master has his (or her) own personal values. Among the differences in personality, there is a consistent quality of …. the definitive-ness of their beliefs about their own mastery of their experiences.

Master Interview Series Intro on PUA Lingo

Here are some recent interviews I think you’ll enjoy. Thanks to all of you out there who know who I am and take the time to read the blog 😉


  1. I interview Brad P.
  2. I interview Arash Dibazar
  3. Cool interview by Arash on not being pussies around girls


The 7 Deadly Sins of The Game

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Sin #1 – Fear


For most people, it begins with fear. We fear the unknown. We fear life itself. We fear the consequences of not doing “what we are told” and chasing after the outliers of society. And so, we stand in line like the rest of the masses, and follow the conventional wisdom.

Fear of women is often misunderstood by women. As men, we sometimes fear beautiful women. We fear their power over us, and we fear ourselves. Of what we might do in their presence, of the reflection in the mirror of our own self worth compared to her “perceived value”.

When newbies first start learning about game, something about this fear compels them to confront it. Not every hot girl is the devil, and not every one of them is mean spirited. We learn slowly that as men, we are entitled to find a girl we believe to be fully attractive and totally in love with, instead of settling for less.

Nonetheless, many do not get this opportunity, because they are plagued by the first sin in the game: FEAR. This sin takes away our time, our opportunities to meet people, and our precious mental strength just thinking about it! Our days go by unfulfilled. In order to conquer fear, one must name it. Then, face it. Over and over again. Approach Anxiety can be killed, and you can become very good at killing it.

My Verdict = Not Guilty

Sin #2 – Indifference. Sloth


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Gaming 9s and 10s Series – Part 1: Defining a “9 or 10”

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For the last month, I have been actively going out and gaming 9s and 10s. I share my secrets with you here in this “Gaming 9s and 10s” Blog Series.

First of all, What is a 9 or 10?

A 9 or 10 is usually the hottest girls in a particular area. She’s genetically gifted, and also has the style and beauty routines to match her natural looks. She knows how to flirt and leverage her natural gifts to the best of her abilities. She always looks calm and gorgeous in public places.

In the world of humans now in 2011, a 10 to me would be someone like Adriana Lima. Obviously, any Victoria’s Secret model would be in high demand. So my scale really is a little bit lower. Let’s scale it back to the average population of a major city like San Francisco.


For the most part, a 10 to me is someone who has very high replication value and long term compatibility with me. For non-girlfriend material, she just has to be easy to get along with and have an overall positive outlook on life.

So let me share with you the important game lessons I have learned gaming 9s and 10s that will help you speed up your development curve: Read more

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