The 49er (San Francisco)

Sexual Stereotype Profile: The San Francisco 49er


The 49er is perhaps a disparaging term in the Bay area that references the local football team (SF 49ers) to describe girls who think and act like they are 9s but in reality are just 4s. This numerical metric applies to both looks and personality and reasonable expectations from the dating scene.

This archetype was born from a variety of factors stemming from the great sphere known as Silicon Valley. As always, when I choose a city or location I look at 3 factors: singles gender ratio, the culture, and the style-sense and hotness of the girls (related to the culture of the city).

Factor 1: Bay Area Singles Ratio

The distribution of women to men in the Bay area is 51% men and 49% women, however if you plot out data by age from you will see a stark contrast in the male and female ratios by mating age

In New York, women out number men from 21+ onward


In San Francisco, the men outnumber women by a lot after age 25:


The only redeeming quality of the bay is that if you are into teenage or younger girls, their ratio is pretty good.

Factor 2: Bay Area Culture Read more