Why Opinion Openers work

When genuinely curious, opinion openers work great. See 29:00 onward on why that is (Sean Stephenson explains):

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    5 Responses to “Why Opinion Openers work”
    1. http://www.sorethumbsblog.com/ says:

      GRATTIS grattis grattis!! Det låter som härliga firarplaner!Själv packar jag väskan och åker till goda vänner i Hälsingsland, men först en eller två filmer på bion. Ha en underbar födelsedag och helg!

    1. http://www.skymanager.ru/ says:

      Norman F, Knish stated that it did.Didn't you read the article at all?Yes Knish, Obama is one of them, a Muslim himself. Of course this unAmerican Muslim wants Jews out of Israel.

    1. http://travisjamesband.com/ says:

      That's a sharp way of thinking about it.

    1. http://y-god.com/ says:

      That's cleared my thoughts. Thanks for contributing.

    1. Time to face the music armed with this great inamooftirn.

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