The San Francisco Lair

The San Francisco Lair was started by a few guys who originally was part of the Project SF network. If I recall correctly, sometime in late 2007 the forums were launched. Since then, it has been one of the most localized and well maintained forums that I am aware of that exists. Unlike ASF, Stylelife or MM or Venusian Art Forums, the information here dates back only a few months, and has been tremendously valuable in local Bay area content as well as secrets to San Francisco’s most well hidden locations.

For those of you in the Bay Area, sign up and post an introduction. Currently, only verified members (you need to be physically seen and introduced to an existing member) can view the whole Forum.

Pros of SF Lair

  • Localized
  • You have seen or know a lot of the posters
  • Easy to post events and look for wings in your area
  • Feels like a network of real world friends, as opposed to mystical PUAs from far away lands
  • If you pay attention, key secret dates / PU areas and advice on the best venues for different types of game (Lounge, Dance, Day, Direct, Indirect, Park, Mall, Dog, etc)

Cons of SF Lair

  • You can’t get in unless you live in the area and you need to be verified (i.e. are you a real person?)
  • Fewer members than other WW forums – advice can range from newbie to PUA depending on poster. I have received more diverse and more experience views from FRs from the MM forums.

Another aspect is not whether a pro or con, rather, there is a PU101 influence for this forum – as naturally there would be, given that many of the people who run this also have a network with Lance and the PU101 guys. This gives the forum a slightly direct game/day game slant, with less emphasis of breaking down the whole MM mechanics of game.

Feel free to post a message and join us. Newer members means more intellectual material into the lifestream and potential future mPUAs.

Update: the new SF lair is here, started by guys who had some issues with the old lair’s administration methods:

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