2 Month Challenge from The Gauntlet

I recently became part of a group of guys that are dedicated to improving their lives and riding above the fog of everyday “normal” life.

As part of this challenge we call “The Gauntlet”, I have a few goals that I have to hit in the next 2 months. If I do not, there is a monetary penalty. My goals are:

  1. Write 500 Pages A Day.  For every day missed $20.
  2. Write a Letter to Admired CEO of an Agency.  Must be done before 11:59pm September 3rd, if not $100.
  3. Exercise.  Workout 4x a week, 60 minute sessions.  $20 for each day missed.
  4. Pay It Forward.  Take out a guy or two and show them pick up skills.  2x.  $20 for each missed.
  5. Profile of your Ideal Woman.  Post to The Gauntlet Facebook page the profile of your ideal woman.  Done no later than 11:59pm August 10th.  $50 if not completed.
  6. Choose Target Locations.  After profiling ideal woman, choose 2 events where she would typically be.  Done after profile, due date August 18th.  $20 for non-completion.
  7. Brother Brunch.  Choose 4 men from current Gauntlet class and grab lunch.  Talk about life.  Bond.  $25 for each man not completed with.
  8. Asian Interviews.  Interview 4 asian pick up artists in two months.  $50 for every interview not completed.
  9. Daily Check-In.  Check in with buddy via call or text regarding daily and weekly actions.  $5 for each day missed.

Today I:

  • Went to the gym for an hour, first time after being sick for a few weeks
  • Reviewed Resume for a fellow member
  • Wrote at least 500 words for my next book


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