What Obama Barrack has taught me about Game

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Senator Obama recently came over to Google to talk about his technology initiatives and campaign. The main room was completely full, so I watched him from a live feed at one of our cafes. I was really, quite frankly, blown away by this guy. After I saw his speech, I went to this website, as well read his history. There a couple of key characteristics upon reflection, that I believe will make a better PUA and also better person. I haven’t figured it all out, and some of these characteristics may overlap with each other, but here’s a first shot at it:

Senator Obama, to me, was able to pick up the notoriously tough Google crowd with following key characteristics:

• Respect – he started the speech with a brief history of his last visit Google, and of the Internet, and the government’s involvement in it. He demonstrated clear understanding of Google’s history, as well as our founder’s stories. The Google Story.

• Honestly – I can’t figure out how he does this, but he’s very honest. You get that sense from him, that he’s transparent with you. And with tough questions, he acknowledges the difficulty and answers in a way that shows that he has thought it through before, but also is at the same time thinking about it more as he talking with you

• Body language – His body language is very warm, but also very alpha. It is slightly beta from Denzel Washington and a little more approachable.

• Charisma – this is different than just body language. At a loss for words, here is very accurate description of charisma, which Obama exudes plenty of:
“charisma is often used to describe an (elusive, even indefinable) personality trait that often includes the seemingly ‘supernatural’ or uncanny ability to lead, charm, persuade, inspire, and/or influence people. It refers especially to a quality in certain people who easily draw the attention and admiration (or even hatred if the application of such charisma is perceived to be negative) of others due to a ‘magnetic’ quality of personality and/or appearance. Similar terms/phrases related to charisma include: grace, exuberance, equanimity, mystique, positive energy, joie de vivre, extreme charm, personal magnetism, personal appeal, “electricity,” and allure, among many others. Usually many of these specific qualities must be present within a single individual for the person to be considered highly charismatic by the public and their peers.

Despite the strong emotions they so often induce in others, charismatic individuals generally project unusual calmness, confidence, assertiveness, dominance, authenticity, and focus, and almost always possess superb communication and/or oratorical skills. Although the etymology of the word (“divine gift”) might suggest that charisma can’t be acquired, and despite the persistent inability to accurately define or even fully understand the concept, it is believed that charisma can be taught and/or learned (through hypnosis for example).

• Presence – Obama had this presence about him. Maybe it was the cameras

• Tonality – Deep, powerful voice filled the room, his pauses and his pacing was perfect. I need to learn from this.

• Wit – he was quick on his feet, and wit is a form of intellectual humor. A wit is someone skilled in making witty remarks.

• Charm – “Charm” is an important characteristic. There are many definitions, including to protect through supernatural powers or charms, something believed to bring good luck, as well as “capture: attract; cause to be enamored; “She captured all the men’s hearts”.

• Ambition – He was very determined not to sit still at the status quo. Important change can be made, and there a sense of urgency, something about the time and events aligning together to pull everyone in the need for one cause.

• Vision – painting the picture of America being the leader in the world again, better future for the masses of middle-class families

• Adaptability – able to switch between genuine friendliness, to witty jokes, to serious, thought invoking conversations.

• Ability to Inspire – I noticed Obama, when doing the Q&A with Googlers, looked very interested in the person asking the question. He almost didn’t really care about Eric! And when he clapped, he seemed to be clapping not only for himself but for everyone, as if everyone was involved in making his speech a success. It really inspiring to watch.

Purity of the game

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Seduction and sex isn’t always dirty. I realized this during a Yoga class recently. During the last 10 minutes of our Monday sessions, my friend and instructor C will ask us to lie on our backs, relax and let our thoughts flow. One day, my thoughts flowed to sex! Hot, steamy sex. But it wasn’t dirty! I felt clean. It was then that I had idea of “purity of game”. That is, your game flows so well, that it was just meant to happen. And sex, is something that’s not manipulative, but rather, 2 people enjoyed. For the woman, it is pleasure to meet a guy who understands her, and can join her in a sexual journey and is full of sensation, exploration and positive energy.

More recently, I came across listings for Bay area Tantric massages, as well as the book “The Multi-Orgasmic Man”. Don Diego probably knows more about this, but I plan to explore these avenues of Taoism / ancient Chinese Sex kong-fu. This door to a pure kind of sexual enjoyment is very interesting.

LL Cool J

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Actually stands for “Ladies Love Cool James”. In his single, Loungin’ (Who Do You Love Remix) there were pieces of wisdom as it relates to pick up. See if you figure it out by listening to the lyrics again. It is story about a true player / ladies man knows how to please a woman. He doesn’t compensate for his other lack of qualities with money. The moral of the story? A woman needs love:

[LL Cool J]
Jew-als and Cristal gotta mack a phony style
He ain’t watchin you he rather watch his money pile
Can’t protect treasures when its in a glass house
Soon as he turn the corner I’ma turn that ass out
Full blown, frontin in the 6 wit the chrome
Yo B, why you leave your honey all alone wit me
Just because you blessed wit cash
doesn’t mean your honey won’t let me finesse that ass
So see the moral of the story is a woman need love
The kind you so-called players never dreamed of
You gotta try love, can’t buy love
If you play your hand then it’s bye-bye love


[LL Cool J]
So what you got the cash flow and escro, damn
But your honey ran away like presto, ala-kazam
Man made the money, money never made the man
You still fakin jacks throwin rocks on her hand
See, you put your mack down now you Nino Brown
Rock roller wit’ so much ice your cap’s polar
I got em smokin beanies, modelin bikinis
Pushin ya whip on the freeway to see me
I keep it steamy, I make it burn when it’s my turn
Teachin shorty all the tools that you neva learned
Don’t get it twisted, gettin money ain’t wrong
But she wanna make love all night long, I’m gone


“Let’s just be friends” – no, really!

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I never really understood why some of my friends, in the past, have gotten angry or distant from me when I started gaming their friends. Questions like, “are your friends cute?” seem harmless, but they pack a certain punch if that is what you are asking a girl when she is inviting you out with her friends.

The realization came when Serum started gaming my roommate like it was another target. I realized immediately the pure inequality in the equation.

Roommate Friend = 6.5HB Asian girl
Serum = PUA
Risk of alienating me if relationship becomes more than friends: High
Risk of relationship not working out and being weird: High
Potential conflict of “whose house guest is this?”: Medium
Reward for full closing a HB6.5 Asian girl: relatively low
Weirdness of Serum sleeping in his old room overnight with roommate: High
Risk of jealously from best friend (Me) while gaming roommate: High

And to be honest, when I thought about this I just got really angry. Why risk a good friendship over a mediocre 6.5? IF she was a SHB10 Blonde, sure, got for it, I would be gaming her too but this is a case where the rewards do not justify the means.

Thinking more on this, I realized that most of my female friends (and I only have a few, as I do not easily make female friends and maintain relationships consciously) I introduce Serum to, he has somehow gamed. By gamed I mean, actively pursued 1 on 1 date like activities and attraction building (on purpose /i.e. consciously). And it is this feeling that I have that, when you have a PUA friend, they tend to game any other friend like a “target” that really pissed me off. This anger also made me realize what my other friends must think of me when I think of every girl as a potential target.

This event has made me realize that I don’t want to be that guy who is labeled “a player” and games every girl he sees. This is a DLV both in my co-worker circle as well as in other social circles. I want to be that cool guy that everyone meets, that the girls fall for over time without even thinking about it because of my charisma. And I want to be a man who appreciates his friends, and just because I have pick up skills, it does not mean I have to use them all the time. Having the mastery means having a choice: the choice between respecting friendships and sexual relationships, and being able to convey both and calibrate depending on the timing and circumstances.