Day 10

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10. Fever hit 2 days ago, and I have been down recovering from the cold. Health, suddenly was an issue to me in my pursuit of Love and Wealth.

In 1948, in its constitution, the World Health Organization (WHO) defined health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” . The definition was updated in the 1986 WHO “Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion” to include the concept that health is a “resource for everyday life, not the objective of living”, and that “health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities.” – Wikipedia

Days 5, 6 and 7

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This weekend, we went out on Friday and Saturday. I will detail my field reports here, as well as give you an update on my experiment. Replies are posted as well on the San Francisco Lair Forums, (if you are a mbmer).

Day 5: Friday Night

Out with co workers going away party at San Jose

N-close a bunch of friends of friends. A good friend of mine, B HB8 Persian girl wings me. We open a set sets, and I say, “Wow, that was pretty good. 9 out of 10. What do you guys think?”. The girls at first looked confused, and then I said, “I am testing her wingman skills”. Laughs. From there, the set was wide open. She is actually a really good wing, a cool friend to have.

Serum comes out, and wants to go to Los Gatos. I am hesitant, but we open a few sets on the way for practice and go. When we get there, I get a 20 second makeout (literally) with a cute blonde girl, who was slightly drunk. We opened the few sets that were available at the bar, but none stuck, so we left. Back to San Jose. We open first 2 set by the bar, and it sticks. My open was, “If you could get me a glass of water, I would be forever grateful”. Afterwards, “So what are you guys celebrating?”. Set sticks, I talk to HB6 blonde. After a while, HB8 brunette switches, I actually kind of like her. We talk, I lead to bathroom, try makeout, but she’s shy. Will kiss me on cheek, neck, lets me bite her, but no makeout. We leave, on the way out, we see them off in a cab. End of night. N-closed and kiss goodbye.

Tonight actually I got the worst rejection of my life! I wanted to try the infamous RSD opener, it ended with interesting results.

HB8 blonde
Me: “Hey, how are you”
HB: blah blah
Me: “What are you doing later?
HB: Going home
Me: (Fuck it, I am alone and about to leave, have to try this at least once) So, instead of going home, how about going home with me?
HB: No!
Me: Pause. Good. I didn’t think you were that easy
HB: Laughs, and I’m in.
Unfortunately, she threw a few shit tests, and I really was not prepared to handle the material. At some point, I just blurted out, “Other than your looks, what do you have going for you?” I totally forgot to anchor with, “Ok you’re really cute, but there are a lot of cute girls here”. She got super pissed and started throwing insults at me for about 30 seconds as I walked away. On the way back from the bathroom to leave, she goes off on me again for about 1 minute. It was really interesting. I actually felt a little bad, but I remember what Jeffy said. Inner chaos, outer calm. I listened, and then walked away and shrugged. After that, I felt almost a weird sense of relief, like, “Ok, this opener does work, but you need to calibrate and back it up. I got got tore a new asshole, and it wasn’t that bad!”. I immediately open a 3 set outside smoking, and I’m in. Girl takes my phone and starts talking to Serum, “Where are you?”. Banter. I get invited to go in again, but Serum is almost here so I politely decline, k and n close. She’s from Boston, and leaving tomorrow, so I said text me next time you’re here.

Day 6 – Saturday
Was going to go easy tonight, but Serum really wanted me to go out. Fine. We hit a coworker’s friend’s bday party. We open a lot of sets. I meet HB8 Brunette, somehow she hooks and I throw a few qualifiers. I take her hand and go for drinks, bar’s too crowded. I really hate the guys at gravity. A lot of haters and aggressive dudes with too much testosterone, unlike Matrix. Dancefloor game (been taking salsa classes to improve this area of my game). We grind, I spin, within 10 minutes we are making out non-stop on the dance floor. She’s with friends, and says she can’t leave with me. (I rode with Serum too, so can’t take her). We make out again before going back. She’s like, “Wow, you’re really cool”. N-close, move on to other sets.

I didn’t n-close any other girls there, but Serum was happy, he got a HB9’s number. She was really adorable. I hope that number pans out for him. He hit Matrix, and I was actually feeling a little off. Usually, this is my back yard :). I didn’t open any sets, until Serum did. We ran into Dan from Charisma Arts. There’s a bday girl who was totally wild and we end up dancing with them. Bday girl makes me buy shots, puts in next to bar. I knew where this was going, so I said, “why should I buy you a round? We just met”. She pleads. Now, this was a tough situation. The bartender was threatening to take the drinks away. I look at Serum, he’s obviously staying far away from the bar. Heh. Thinking back, I should have stayed away from the bar too. However, if I had insisted on not paying, at that particular moment it would have been a huge DLV. Ok. I pay, but I said, “I want something in return”. After shots, girl lounges at me and makes out with me for like a full 30 seconds. Man. What is it with me and makeouts. I can get them consistently now, but the numbers flake. (This one flaked also, going back to LA tomorrow). We end up gaming the other sisters. Serum closes the cutest one there. I actually got one of her bracelets. I think it’s gold. I don’t know. Well at least I got something from that deal. Tonight was winging night for me, but I was glad I came out.

Looking back, tonight was just a winging night for me. Serum thanked me for coming out. I probably could have closed another 5 numbers that night given my sets, but I was being reactive vs. proactive. You know, a year ago, if you met me, you will not recognize me now. I feel like I have changed so much, and despite the shortcomings of pickup, the influence of the community on me has been greatly positive.

Day 7 – Sunday Follow up.

There is where I can use some help guys: On flaking:

HB8 brunette from Friday. I call at 6pm on Sunday and leave a msg: “Hey, It’s Me. I am calling because I said I would. Oh, also, I wanted to mentioned that I love girls who take initiative. Pause. XXX XXX XXXX. Alright, talk to you later.”

No response as of yet.

HB8 brunette from Saturday
Text: (Kind of AFC): It was good meeting you
Reply back: It was good meeting you too. I had fun.

This is classic AFC, and yes, I am working on my text game.

HBBday girl:
Text: “It was good meeting you tonight”
Reply back: “Who is this?”
Text:” X. You forgot me already?”
No response.

Yep. I need to work on my phone follow up game. Carlo form Charima Arts made a good point to me today: for a guy who gets this many makeouts, I suck at following up. A good pickup doesn’t necessarily involve make outs, As a matter of fact, it would work against you in buyer’s remorse. I need to start getting more solid day 2s.

Note to other guys thinking of doing this: Making out and not getting laid when on this project will make you really horny, have a lot of energy and be unable to sleep soundly.

Sarging at Work FR Notes

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Excluding my FR because it has references to work, here was an interesting post on 1.17.08 of my Field Notes:

1. In a Fortune 500 company, the women will have moments where they let their guards down. This usually happens at night, during dinner/lunch and when drinking. They will flirt, and be open to seduction. However, just because I got kino and attraction, the next day, they may re-adjust and become totally professional. This is a strange “work-status” effect I noticed, from 2 HBs who I KNEW if I saw a a bar, would be down to fuck.

2. Manager status matters – the women I noticed respond to managers, out of respect, brown nosing or even just the “power” status. You really have to balance when a set is open for professional work purposes or for social purposes and to recognize these events. Note the indicators of a “work” and “social” conversation. However, when the social opening is there, lead! They will follow. You just have to recognize when it is a social game and when it is “work game”. These are 2 very different vibes between 2 or a group of people.

3. Overall, I would say, don’t game coworkers, even at a retreat/conference. The risks are too high. If you game, pull girls from outside of your work group.

4. If you can’t help yourself (like me), try to do it in a way that reassures the girl that you will be discrete. This is very hard to do, as it requires a very high level of trust.

5. Not masturbating/having sex with a FB for a whole week really ups your energy and forces to step out of your comfort zone. I learned a lot in the past 3 days!

6. Sarging in a new city really helps. You have nothing to lose. The numbers you get are all you have. I have really upped my game. Your group / guy game will improve as you make new friends, and befriending the warm alpha guys really helps, you recognize them by their style and the HBs they bring in to the club. Don’t waste time with cool guys who are cool, take up a lot of your time talking, but bring you no female bounty/trade as status.

7. This is more of a question/challenge that is in my head.
Let’s for a moment believe in the idea that pickup has no boundaries. Then, by theory, you should be able to pick up girls at work.

However, there is a strong limitation from the “wealth” sector, as it permeates your financial status and work status. So the trade off is severe. However, if you are able to be in a position where you don’t care about it, or if you have enough money to retire (some of the people here this week do), then you should be able to portray the non-reliance on your job, and be able to just have a totally social connection with a HB. Talking to many, many people this week, I believe that most people, while they may say they “like their jobs”, all have dreams to become something more. The corporate 9-5 work until you retire at 60 model is no longer valid, and we need to challenge this status quo. Women can talk work game, and portray their skills in a positive light, but when you turn the conversation into a fun mood, they always follow. The only exception is when a boss/manager is around.

Casanova was in many ways “free”. In other words, he was not limited by his status or money in a seduction situation, he always found a way to prevail. Perhaps there is a way to seduce HB at work. In our minds, if we are already free, then we are not chained to the financial burdens of a “job”.

The only 2 ways I see now of achieving this freedom, is 1. In your mind, really, sincerely not care about your job or finances to be happy. Or, more realistically, 2. Master finance by having enough money not to worry about a paycheck – then everything you do will be free of financial worry.

As you guys can tell, I am grateful for this experience and the stuff I have learned here. However, I am a little frustrated, because normally in a situation like this, I would have gotten laid by now if this wasn’t a work environment. It is also hard to let go such classy, talented HBs from this company’s high status culture that is frustrating me. It is like the forbidden fruit you cannot eat.

Our minds are chained to this world of corporate work and status quo. We need to free our minds of these constraints, and the rest will follow. Pickup is more than just about fucks or girls, I believe it is about freedom. Being “Free” to be means breaking through all of the boundaries that prevent you from reaching happiness. Now the question to Morpheus is, “ok. Free our minds. But how?”

Day 4

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Constant Boners. Seems to have more energy, but also feel more irritated. More proactive at work.

Getting more aggressive at girls I usually go out with. Em, my salsa dancing partner (who I slept with already) is also turning me on today, even though we agreed to just be friends.

Day 3

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Today was extremely, extremely hard for me. For one, I started browsing porn online. The urges were itching and I did not go to the gym (more energy). I am going to sleep early.