Mastermind Alliance Philosophy

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Alliance philosophy
The purpose of our existence is to increase our survival and replication value. Everything we do in life refers back to this fundamental purpose. To deny this is to deny the very reason for our existence. People may argue about life, morals and being happy, however this is the fundamental reason on a biological level of why we are here, and we are governed by these laws of nature. Read more

FR – Bad blowouts, but I know exactly what I did wrong

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Have you ever asked someone a question to which you already know the answer to? That’s what it felt like last night as I was thinking about this. Usually, I’d get really serious and think about what went wrong, and wreck my brain over it.

As I went to sleep I realized all of the mistakes I made, but I wanted to detail them out here – just on a very logical level so this doesn’t happen again.

11:15- arrive at Ambassador. Guest list only – apparently there’s a huge private event going on. We hit Rye across the street, and Stone and I play a game of pool as we wait for Shogun. Actually the pool game was kind of a DHV, everyone else was standing around being bored and we got glances from a few girls that were interested. There was some Indian party going on, I didn’t open any sets as non of the girls were that cute. Bad excuse, should have practiced anyway.

11:40 – Shogun and my favorite maverick RockNRoll show up. We grab a round, shoot the shit and move on to Le Colonial.

This place was packed, and it was loud. I opened one dancing set, didn’t stick, was getting some AA. Lost everyone else, realized i wasn’t in the vibe for dance/physical game, left on my own. Hit up Cantina. There’s a girl in this area wearing a brown hat, who says she lost her wallet and need 20 to get back home. Talked to another guy who said the same girl chatted him up and asked him for money. For the record – don’t get fooled by her she’s just working you.

Cantina was cool, we ended up merging with an Asian group, who pretty much tagged us for the next party. I explain we have to go but they follow us to Clift hotel anyway. Clift, I open my frist sets (getting AA today). Here are my sets for the rest of the night. It was pretty obvious that AA and bad openers closed me out for the night, and there’s really no one else to blame but myself.

Set 1
Blonde milf hits my shoulder – I playfully hit her back
Me “This is not a fight you know. Although I’d win if it was”
Her: “Oh I’m sorry. It is crowded in here” turns around a little bit to disengage from the 2 guys she was talking to
Me: “Unless of course you were hitting on me”
Her: “I….. highly doubt that”
I brace myself for the rejection. Ouch. Too direct, while she was in set.

Set 2
Australian milf stops me, says hi, introduces me to aussie guy friend, who she met that night. She was testing me to see if I was more alpha than him and who to go home with. I escalate a little bit but overall the conversation was too needy and it didn’t stick

I was too needy here, should have engaged the guy friend and pushed her away a little bit to make her chase me. She lost interest soon after the yarn was no longer being dangled.

Set 3
Tall brunette milf, dances with me a little, bitchy friend. I diffuse by saying she’s loyal and I’m like that with my friends too, she warms up and then reveal they are both married and say good bye

Fun set, nothing more I could have done.

Set 4
2 asian girls, follows us to the same restaurant –
me, ‘ you guys are stalking us arent you’
hb: ‘no you’re stalking us!”
Inside restaurant, “hey stalker girl”. Get ignored and the other one gives a weak smile and goes back to eat

Set 5
2 HB8 brunettes outside
me “hi!”
HBs ignore me, one of them says hi as they are walking by into the restaurant

Body language was off, should have more forcefully stopped but it was end of the night and maybe an opinion opener would have been better

Set 6
Hb8 and HB6 at sidewalk
This is where I actually follow game
Opinion opener on my style
I kino HB8, Stone wings
She’s hold my hand behind my back
Good convo
Before we can nclose, she says her guy friend is over there and says sorry, she has to go
I wasn’t sure if this set was stoppable given the interrupt, and we lost it at that.

Lessons learned
1. Stone was a huge factor in me staying positive
2. When opening, be forceful and deliberate
3. AA happens, better to get it out early in the night rather than later
4. normal AFC openers dont work for me. Either go direct or do an opinion opener
5. Overall, AA got the best of me and a deviation from game and going with normal AFC openers cemented the night for me.

Mastermind Alliance

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The Purpose of a Master Mind Alliance

According to Napoleon Hill, “a Master Mind Alliance is the coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

We wrote down our goals in life (5 minutes), on a piece of paper of where we wanted to be in 3 years. We then wrote down where we are now from a 3rd person perspective. 1 by 1, we went around the room and each one of us gave insight into what we facing, the “walls” and “barriers” and how to over come them. In some cases, we pointed out over dreaming or “wishing” instead of planning out specific events.

It was interesting getting people’s thoughts on what they thought our barriers were as opposed to our own thoughts of what our walls are. In some cases, the answers were very different.

Our Mastermind Alliance had the following rules:

Rule 1. All members must make a commitment to improve their lives. Without this commitment, noting is possible.

Rule 2. Subjects will focus on the 3 areas of development in Wealth, Health and Love

Rule 3. No negative or nonconstructive criticisms will be allowed. Either offer a solution or do not speak at all. Negativity towards other members will not be tolerated.

Rule 4. Respect and a general level of confidentiality is required for all group members

Rule 5. The group will remain small, with less than 12 people to stay focused and to build trust among its members

Rule 6. Please do not talk about other member’s lives outside of this group. Details discussed outside of the confine of this alliance can only be disclosed with the expressed permission of the originator.

Rule 7. This is an experiment. In the event that this does work, we will support other groups like ours to the extent possible. If this fails, we have lost nothing but a moment of our time.

8 and final rule. If a member permanently leaves the group, he must have a statement of what he has gained while being a member, and outline his new path and how s/he will continue to develop himself/herself. If this is your first night at the alliance meeting, you have to share your life goals with the team

Rekomendasi dalam Permainan Dewapoker dan Panduan Cepat

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Rekomendasi dalam Permainan Dewapoker dan Panduan Cepat! Tidaklah mudah untuk memilih yang benar-benar tergantung pada web terpercaya dalam bermain permainan dewapoker. Anda tak perlu banyak uang tunai, untuk memulai karena dengan memakai web dewapoker Online. Pemain cuma perlu mendaftar di web taruhan tertentu, dan mereka memiliki kecakapan untuk memulai perjalanan mereka.
Ini terang yakni permainan judi dewapoker online terbaik untuk Anda. Namun, Anda bisa memanfaatkan perangkat riwayat masa lalu untuk mendapatkan asumsi yang sesuai. Penting bagi gamer untuk mendaftar sebagai gamer yang mendaftar ke web online Dewapoker yang andal dan otentik jikalau mereka semestinya mendapatkan jalan masuk dan merasakan harga game online.
Kamar poker memiliki banyak opsi yang baik dalam bermain permainan dewapoker. Poker tak dipilih sebagai perwakilan untuk berpartisipasi dalam perjudian online. Namun dipilih oleh banyak orang yang lebih suka menjadi representatif dan membuka web web mereka sendiri. Disarankan untuk mendaftar dengan kasino web tepercaya di Indonesia.
Keselamatan dan keamanan yakni sesuatu yang penting dikala Anda merasakan taruhan online di Dewapoker yang yakni alasan bahwa, Anda telah memahami sistem-sistem untuk mempertahankan dalam bermain supaya terlindungi dan aman untuk Anda. Menemukan permainan dewapoker online yang bisa diandalkan atau pun perwakilan poker online yakni usaha yang cukup besar. Pedoman yang telah disediakan dalam strip kasino orisinil tak boleh mengenai game web.
Permainan game online salah satu skor penting yang perlu Anda cari yakni jenis izin. Dalam hal promosi tak berfungsi atau lazimnya tersebar luas dengan memakai web web. Meski kebenaran mudah yang ada banyak dari mereka untuk memilih dari ini mungkin benar-benar memprihatinkan.
Bagaimana Sistem Bermain Game Dewapoker Online?
Ada Daftar di dunia online untuk memilih dari hari-hari seperti ini dalam orderan pembelian yang benar-benar tak mengarah ke masalah besar. Tak ada yang bisa dibohongi, rumah taruhan mungkin tak secara metodis, dan berdebar bendung lama
Hal khusus pertama yang ditambahkan dalam permainan dewapoker di dunia online Anda yang menarik yakni pelaksana secara multinasional selain dari menjaga. Manfaat yang benar-benar besar bagi para gamer web yakni mereka mendapatkan kemungkinan untuk merasakan kecakapan mengikuti keadaan dalam taruhan.

For Business or Love Part 4

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You guys know I had this challenge for a long time. Matador was able to shed some light onto this. Whenever I start writing a business plan, I go back to reading pickup material or rattling my brain over girls. Why? Life is so short. What is it all for in the end?

Matador, on day 1 of bootcamp:

“I was a loner. I didn’t think I needed anybody. I didn’t think I needed any friends. At the same time I had a very strong father, who was very disciplined and who I thought brought me up very well. I went to school, I studied computer science, I went to business school after that… and then I worked for some top tiered consulting firms that were internationally known. So I had a good career. I had my health, wealth fully intact by age 23. My first job was 30k a year and I built myself up. To be fair, I built up in the dot come boom so it was easier, but that’s where I started.

Over time, it got worse and worse, because I did focus on the relationship part of my life, and it started to suck to motivation out of me from even working harder, because what is it all for? Thoughts like that started creeping into my mind.

What did I do this for, dad? I’ve been cheated. Fuck you telling me to stay out of trouble of these years. I didn’t sign up for this! I was miserable. From 16-26 were the dark periods of my life. Not to get too personal, but I was a depressed person. 26, I started stumbling into this thing.

C&F worked a little, but it didn’t work …. I made millions of blunders, I did some stupid shit…

But man, I am going to make statements to you today and I can back it up 100 and fucking 10%. By understanding what I am about to teach you, which you will now get, you will get a night and day difference over these 3 days by believing that in the pure mastery of this WILL make you feel like you have superpowers. Do you guys believe that?

It is going to require CHANGES. It is going to require EVOLVING… I feel… AWARE. That is all I can promise you, a moment of awareness. (To go the rest of the way)