Jeffy and Tim: Flawless Natural

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In writing the naturalization of game on PUA Lingo, I came acorss a really funny clip of Jeffy and Tim promoting Flawless Natural. There’s some great material in this product and there is no doubt that in the next few years, more models will be developed for creating more internal based game learning.

Low Lows and High Highs

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From FastSeduction, Mystery’s Archive.

Sep 21, 1998:
Mystery: “When the pain gets bad enough you will move on, and then you will get more pain from the next girl you can’t get. And then the next and the next. Finally you will get a bit numb and not let your emotions get in until after she’s your girlfriend. And then you will notice that because you don’t let them step on you emotionally you will seem like kind of an ass and attract more women. Ah, going through the same shit I went through. I thought maybe you could bypass that shit, but no you chose to go through it.” Read more

Why I like cheerleaders

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UCLA cheerleaders. Enough said.

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The unconcious is strong….

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I had a dream last night. Strange one. I was first the God of War (Kratos), riding on a ship and arriving in a village. Wow. The resolution is really high, I thought as I traveled through the village and the houses on an island. The people looked real. For a moment I thought about releasing my blades and killing people (like in the game), then decided not to for some reason. You know how you can’t control your logical thoughts in a dream sometimes? Then the thought of checking out one of the hot girls in detail occurred to me. But that thought was quickly removed by another impulse to explore the village. Read more

Volunteering to coach at DECA. Subject: Being an Entrepreneur

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Kids these days have it good. There are more opportunities awaiting them than there was for us and our parents. And we, generation Y, thought we were privileged. As I sat in the judging room awaiting my 5 high school students I looked around and saw youth, exuberance, nervousness, excitement, joy, fear, all bundled up into a whole room of creatures known as “teenagers”. Read more