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God of Style

When I first purchased the domain one of my goals was to explore my fascination with men’s fashion. Overwhelmingly, this blog has been about the pickup arts and a personal diary of sorts. This section is the start of a new direction.

“Looks don’t matter”

Overwhelmingly, pickup artists or “gurus” will give you the “looks don’t matter” speech, or “it depends” answer when asked if looks are important in seduction. After some time in the seduction community, I find this statement to be slightly misleading, if not totally untrue. In PUA land, there is this idea that looks are only 30-40% of a girl’s decision criteria for a man and the rest of it is based on character and personality. More and more I find this to be untrue in my journey.

I think that looks are very important. If you are good looking, you will attract girls. If you are model good looking, girls will chase you. If you are slightly above average, girls will give less resistance during the seduction process.

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