How Surfing is Like Pickup

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Surfing is a lot like picking up girls in the following ways:

  • When you first hit the water your body feels a natural rush. As the first wave hit you a combined sense of excitement and fear runs through your whole body.
  • There are many waves: some are better than the others, some are great waves that have much force and power, some waves are small and gentle. When you catch a great wave you feel like just conquered the world. And then there’s always the one that got away.
  • in order to get to where the waves break you have to go under the forceful ones and over the gentle ones. Sometimes you have  get around the obstacles to get to the riding point
  • You have to ride long and hard
  • You fear the big waves, just as you fear the challenges
  • Afterward, you feel a strong sense of accomplishment
  • You have to catch the right one so that it can take you as far as you can go
  • Sometimes ,there’s that beautiful wave that got away
  • After riding a few big waves, you learn how to handle it and the task becomes easier and easier.

Hugh Hefner’s Tipping Point

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The following is from Mr. Hugh Hefner’s biography by Stephen Watts that inspired me to write this blog post. The story begins from his early days after he was married and living the conformist American life:

His various forays –the affair the bohemian apartments, the stag films, the risque parties– expressed a common desire to jettison the social conventions of postwar America.

“It was all part of the same thing. It was somehow trying to get out of that life,” he noted. “Somehow just not keep marching in lockstep to the abyss.”

Hefner’s discontent, ironically, came to a head in a moment of great joy. In December 1952, he and Jim Brophy wrote and directed the revue of stars a fund-raising variety show for the Steinmetz high school alumni Association. The old school chums serve as masters of ceremonies and perform several songs, the numbers, including a hilarious “Walking my baby back home” where Hefner serenaded Brophy, who was dressed as a woman. The crowd loved the show, and Hefner, showered with applause and laughter, was ecstatic.”

“The alumni show reinspired my faith in myself. It reminded me of a high school that’s what I truly believed I could do anything.”

This moment of euphoria quickly turned to ashes as the glow of success faded, the experience of the show only highlighted the angst that had been eveloped the rest of his life. He grew acutely despondent about his stalled career and his unhappy marriage, and the feelings almost overwhelmed him a few days later. Standing on a bridge over the Chicago River in the middle of a typically frigid winter, he looked out over the water and felt a desperate desire to recapture those warm feelings of high school life when he had been the esteemed leader of the gang, romance was in the air, and everything seemed possible.

“I stood on the bridge… and I felt as if my life was over. I put away all my dreams from childhood and I was miserable. But misery inspired decision as Hefner thought to himself, “I’ve gotta do something.”

Hefner in his early days inspecting the bunnies

Chapter 5: Prison Break (I quit my job at Google today)

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My resignation letter read as such:

Dear Google,

Breakups are never easy, and I wanted to write you a thank you letter in lieu of what I could not say to you in person. Over the past 3 and a half years you have assisted me in my continued growth both professionally and personally.

You made work easy by offering to feed me whenever I was hungry.
You gave me nice massages for a nominal fee.
When I was sick you gave me the time to stay home and recover.
You even did my laundry and washed my dirty dishes.

You showed me that work can be rewarding, and that people are by nature, good.
You showed me that it was possible to fight for a just cause, despite public opinion swaying the other way.
You showed me the kindness of those perceived strangers you call “Googlers”
Being with you also made me learn how to deal with high stress situations and achieving high goals, and I will take these lessons to heart on my journey.

Rarely, when some of your friends abused their power, (as is inevitable when you have so many friends) you consoled me with summer BBQs and teddy bears, though I know that you had no control over their day to day actions.

Most importantly I will remember all of the awesome friends you were able to introduce me to through your social circle. I met all sorts of amazing Googlers that I will continue to be friends with, even after our breakup.

I hope we can remain good friends as well, and I wish you the best in your future endeavors.


On my last day, the goodbyes were easy to make, as I started at the eyes of my co-workers, some of them felt genuinely sad but happy for me. Others hid behind a general and fake politeness that detaches from authenticity. Even others, better friends of mine actually felt sad and “a little jealous” that I have the opportunity now to do my own thing. I felt fine. I felt like this was long overdue and I have actually stayed for too long.

Playing society’s game for 6 years, I have gone to a wide eyed college graduate to a more mature young man, who is jaded at the corporate game. The social programming that society has put in place to keep things stabilized. Play the game! Work the tough job! Win money for yourself! Buy the nice car! These are all short term fixes to true self esteem and core confidence.

Tyler Durden (RSD) on social conditioning and the state of advertising in this country:

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