Social Pressure, Staying Rough, Fun and Cake Face

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Diamonds are made from intense pressure over time. Likewise, the greatest of humans are made from extraordinary circumstances. While we don’t like to feel like we’re in a predicament, those moments teach us lessons and make us make decisions that reveal who we really are to the world and to ourselves. Instead of staying “comfortable” and “safe”, make an effort to push out your comfort boundaries. That is the only way you are going to become better than you currently are. A couple of lessons over the past few weeks:

1. I was a salsa club and as usual danced and practiced my moves. On the way out I saw a guy named Leo. Leo was in a wheelchair. Despite this, he chatted me up and asked the bouncer if there was an elevator to get upstairs. “What happened?” I asked. He said, “Accident, years ago” and then changed the topic. It simply wasn’t important to him.

He proceeded to head up with a girlfriend of his. Though my encounter with him was brief, I thought to myself, “here I am worried about forgetting my steps to a routine. How selfish. At least I have legs that I can still walk on”. Then I thought about all the guys who complain about “game” being too hard, or girls being mean to them. These excuses seem lame and undoubtedly selfish when you see a guy in a wheelchair, having a better time than you. With nothing more than the strength and positivity of his thoughts. Read more

Raccoon Eyes Chick

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Makeup trick of the year: The smoky raccoon eyes. No, I’m not talking about the Coon…

My Texan roommate: “yeah she was cute. Blond girl. One of those with really white skin. And those big black raccoon eyes” Read more

RSD Hotseat San Francisco

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Re: RSD Hot Seat Event in SF

This is my first “bootcamp” experience of any kind, other than hanging out with Troy Dizon as a friend. I am not affiliated with RSD in any way, although I have been a fan of Tyler Durden’s work since the publication of the Blueprint.

Overall, the hotseat experience was amazing. The cost = $300 USD, well worth the money spent. The most insightful breakdowns happened when the videos were paused, and Tyler explained the subtleties of the pickup.

Section I: Notes I Wrote Down
1. The look. Tyler: “at a certain point we develop a social intuition for that ‘look’ girls give. Their eyes light up and you know she’s ‘popped’. She’s attracted to you. Take a look at where this happens in this video. Where is it guys? when? when?”. I’ve experienced this before and it was nice to see him break it down on footage.
2. This happens all the time, Tyler: “you have to behave as it this is a normal occurrence for you. Like it happens all the time and it is not a big deal”
3. Life is exciting. Tyler: “but notice how happy my face is when I’m spinning her around”. Life is supposed to be exciting. Picking up girls is fun and exciting. And it should be that way. No matter how many times I do it, whenever I get to this point I always feel it.
4. Logical vs. Emotional Selfs – Tyler showed us a video of a classical “good girl” and how she was asking all these logical questions. He kept on engaging her emotional side and eventually walked her home. Most of us related to girls as a FRIEND to FRIEND relationship. But, chemistry comes from relating as a MAN to a WOMAN relationship.
5. Jeffy: “Yeah I am usually like XXX (an asshole). Times 5.”
6. Accepting a girl for who she is. Not judging her for having a sexual side. Read more

Preview of Seduce With Style with DJ Fuji

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Coming Soon. To a website near you.

Here’s an appetizer page: Style advice from the one and only DJ Fuji.