May 2011 Income Report

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May Net Income: $869.28

Revenue: $1787.56

  • 5/25/11 – 112.92 – product
  • 5/25/11 – $155.83 – product
  • 5/20/11 – $91.30 – affiliate
  • 5/13/11 – $268.19 – product
  • 5/12/11 – $250 -direct ad
  • 5/11/11 – $190.32 – product
  • 5/2/11 – $405.00 – direct ad
  • 5/2/11 – $178.00 – affiliate
  • 5/1/11 – $136.00 – affiliate

Expenses:  – $49

  • 5/38/11 – $49 – Aweber


  1. We have optimized affiliate products quite well to our mailing list and this is starting to pay off. More product sales to come as we add more traffic and develop a better converting page.
  2. The cool thing about online businesses is that expenses are low. Minus our aweber email program and hosting, we don’t have a lot of other expenses. However, moving to a dedicated server will cost us more but this is necessary to maintain the traffic growth from PUA Lingo.
  3. Again, my focus is PASSIVE INCOME – this means that we are NOT taking on client work and time intensive projects which are not scale-able.

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What Is You Gift?

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What is Your Gift?

One of the key business lessons I learned was to focus on your strengths, and try to neutralize your weaknesses in the most efficient way possible. Spending life worrying about what you’re not good at is just painful and not much fun.

Ironically, that’s what school teaches us to do. Raise your grades! Be good at everything. Stay quiet and behave. In the real business world, leaders are born from leveraging their strengths and being able to see the strengths in other team members.


Instead, school puts social pressure on us to become best students. When I was in undergraduate business school, the best kids who started their own businesses didn’t have the highest GPAs. They maintained average Bs while they worked on their side businesses. A close friend of mine to this day, EH made and sold a website about student ringtones for $50,000 his junior year. His GPA was around 2.8 / 4.0.

So how to do find out what we are good at? Many management consultants have tried, and business books such as Strength Finder 2.0 and personality tests attempt to answer the question via large scale surveys and measurements. Read more