How to Deal with Bitches

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AKA “How To Deal With Annoying People”

If you are reading this post, chances are you are feeling a little bad about yourself due to a recent event with a girl. That, or you’re an avid reader of pick up and dating blogs which is cool too.

I want to help you address the issue of dealing with bitches in the field, but before doing so with tactical advice, let’s take a look at the real issue at hand.

First of all, this issue does not pertain to bitches alone. They pertain to other people who annoy you, or are otherwise negatively associating with you socially. To this extent, you have to learn to deal with Social Conflict (future definition for PUA Lingo). Social conflict resolution applies to every aspect of your life. Marriages, how to deal with your coworkers, how to behave in school, and how to deal with bullies and strangers who are antagonistic towards you.

First, remember that people who are angry tend to have a reason for being so. And, a bitch is being a bitch for a reason. Where there is anger, there is usually a root of source of it. Have you ever had a bad day where nothing was going well? Or a string of events that is happening to you and, before you know it, you unconsciously start taking it out on other people. Maybe it was the cashier, or the waitress, or a customer you happen to talk to. You realize you were angry about it later on, and you felt bad about treating the other person that way. But what’s done is done, and as humans we make mistakes

South park small dick skit

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Tactical vs. Strategic feedback

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Today I learned the value of strategic versus tactical feedback. I was out with a wing, Sexual Twinkie. For those of you who don’t know him, this kid is newly 21 and isn’t afraid to approach at all. In fact, he AMOGGed 3 really big, good looking black guys today for two blondes and won out!

His dance game is also solid and very tight. As I was giving him some feedback I realized that what I was saying wasn’t sinking in. “You’re opening is great, but you lose the girl because your whole vibe is not authentic enough.”

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Interviews with Professional Dating Coaches

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Just a thanks and a heads up for all the masters I have been interviewing lately. In doing so, I have learned a lot about myself and how different our perceptions of the world are. Each master has his (or her) own personal values. Among the differences in personality, there is a consistent quality of …. the definitive-ness of their beliefs about their own mastery of their experiences.

Master Interview Series Intro on PUA Lingo

Here are some recent interviews I think you’ll enjoy. Thanks to all of you out there who know who I am and take the time to read the blog 😉


  1. I interview Brad P.
  2. I interview Arash Dibazar
  3. Cool interview by Arash on not being pussies around girls


August 2011 Income Report

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August ~$1600 / 2 = $800.45 + 747.55 = $1548 – 345.46 = $1202.54

ACP Business (I have 1 partner who owns 50% equity) – $1600 / 2

  • 8/31/11 – $250.00 – direct ad revenue
  • 8/31/11 – $72.25 – clickbank
  • 8/19/11 – $128.30 – affiliate sales
  • 8/17/11 – $62.57 – clickbank
  • 8/17/11 – $16 – affiliate sales
  • 8/4/11 – $492.25 – affiliate sales
  • 8/3/11 – $186.04 – clickbank
  • 8/3/11 – $34.00 – affiliate sales
  • 8/2/11 – $359.50 – affiliate sales
Honeyplex Business – $747.55 (I own 100% equity)
  • 8/31/11 – $155.21 – Ebook sales
  • 8/18/11 – $309.21 – Ebook sales
  • 8/3/11 – $283.13 – Ebook sales
Expenses: $345.46 – All my expenses related to the business
  • 8/28/11 – $59.13 elance work
  • 8/23/11 – $28.50 elance work
  • 8/16/11 – $20 – server hosting (faster server)
  • 8/14/11 – $44.94 – elance work
  • 8/2/11 – $46.03 – elance work
  • 8/2/11 – $193.80 aweber – 1 year prepaid
  1. Good business partners are hard to find as they are. Furthermore, you need to find someone who can put into the business the same effort as you do. If this criteria is not met, it can be the source of much frustration and arguments. Furthermore, you need to find someone who has a different skill set than you. Unless the partnership can add more value than the two combined, (more than 50% each), eventually one of the partners will start feeling like he or she can make more on their own. Therefore, find good partners and do it on a trial basis to begin with.
  2. Setup a bank account early and learn to funnel your money effectively into that channel. A good control on cashflow ensures business flexibility and fluidity.
  3. There were a lot more expenses now that I do not have a tech partner, which means I need to outsouce my work. I also signed up for a separate aweber account and that costs a lot because it was prepaid for 12 months.
  4. Overall though, the expenses are far less than the total 50% cost of the equity ownership in the previous agreement.

The Game: Meeting Girls in the Bay Area (South Bay & San Jose)

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For the last few days I have gone out non-stop in the south bay. I refuse to go out to SF, because my goal is to get consistent lays here in the south bay and the logistics don’t workout when you have to drive an hour each way.

I have also been running 9 and 10 game. This is extremely difficult on its own, and even harder in the south bay, where the guy to girl ratio is close to 2:1.  Most really hot girls already have guys in their groups, and you have to disqualify heavily to open their group. Most of the time, the “guy” friend is also trying to get some. But sometimes they are cool.

US Singles Map

Single's Ratio in the US (Does not include open marriages)

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