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Bruce Hulse’s Autobiography

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Part of my current reading includes the biography of people I admire or would like to learn more about. Among them is Bruce Hulse, one of the most successful and foremost male supermodels of our time. His book, Sex, Love, And Fashion definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities and pitfalls of the fashion industry.

young bruce hulse

A few pages captured my memories and I will share them with you here.

On Doc X, his best friend and mentor:

He and I used to laugh at the stressed-out businessmen arriving with their families on the weekends, thanking God we weren’t one of them. We never wanted anything to do with that lifestyle.

Advice on working female models and getting repeat work: Read more

Owen Cook (Tyler Durden) Talk at the SF Lair

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Back in 2007, we used to host talks from Juggler, Zan, and Badboy at the pick up 101 mansion in Chinatown. Those days are long over. Tobias arranged the talk today at the Renaissance hotel and Owen Cook showed up to give us a talk.

For those of you who don’t know who Owen is, here’s a link. His talk was intimate and he relayed some realism to the whole world of pick up. When I first walked in he was wearing sun glasses and seemed bit distant.

owen cook

As the talk progressed, he got to interact with the audience more, and explained that he had a prescription for the glasses and wasn’t trying to “be cool”. He touched upon several important topics:

1. Putting common sense and reality into pick up. What do you have to offer the girl? If you’re a male model or movie star, obviously you have some advantage. As a guy who does cold approach pick up, you will have an advantage over average guys. Pick up is not a holy grail. Guys who are good or are getting laid get lazy – they don’t have a need to go out. Only a PUA instructor constantly goes out because he needs the practice to do his job. It is unreasonable to assume someone will keep going out after he can consistently get laid or has a lifestyle that gets him laid. Therefore the cold approach skill set – very few people are good at it. At the same time, the OGs who master this, if you put them out in the field, within 1-2 weeks they will regain everything they’ve learned in their motor response. Read more

Lessons from the OG and Visiting Miami

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I had a few epiphanies while traveling to Miami this time. Here they are.

1. The closer you are to the truth, the more profitable you will be – business lesson

2. In Miami, girls are more calibrated to approaches. They act more “icy” or cool and collected. There are still bitches here too but the ones that are open are more talkative and less “deer in the headlights” – game lesson

3. Practice the consistency of putting yourself out there unapologetically – as it. “This is me”. The more you do this, the better your game gets.

4. There is a subtle (sometimes not so subtle) cultural component to long term relationships. This is based on mutual necessity and desire. Read more