Alexander Hot Seat San Francisco 2012: Notes from AlphaWolf

December 19, 2012 by  
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Here are my notes from Saturday, organized by the concepts presented. For a general review of the Alexander RSD hotseat, please visit PUA Lingo’s review post here.

Stay in set

Without staying in set you never know what your’e missing. Want to get good? Stay in. Alex shows us a video where it seems like the girl is testing him to no end and doesn’t give him ANYTHING verbally. Yet she physically is complying, and eventually the pull happens. You just never know.

Dissipate negative energy

This is a running theme – see each test as an endurance test and brush it off. Deflect negative energy. Alex seems to do this too much as I would have told the girl off, but he seems to see some goodness in people that the average person does not. That, or he’s so into the game that he wants to prove on footage that he can pick up 9s and 10s who happen to be super bitches.

Screening logistics

This is important for same night pulls, and techniques to do this abound in his second video.

Just be with her at closing time – guard the door

“As creepy as this sounds, guarding the door is key – who she wants out of the club with is important and will play into who she goes home with. Even if you just walk her to a late meal or a cab, the number is more likely to be solid”

Approach girls while with other girls Read more